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I just remembered that I have a zombie dog with corpse eyes. This guy is very strong and has become a foreign body, and I suspect that the zombies in the town are all dead and the players are all dead.

He’s the only one who came to us and said that this guy is probably the Fighter Destroyer of the Flying Tigers Guild.
Of course, it is unlikely to be killed by a novice like me, but he is really strong and will be enough for them to eat a pot when he is summoned
I also saw that the Russians from the North Ice Bear Association also leaned over and Ike smiled at us.
We also nodded our heads and made great strides forward.
Chapter 1 Zombie Imperial City
We came to the side of Sasaki Kojiro and Ying Aixiang, and there were about 30 people in the auxiliary armed forces back and forth. Lin Weiwei, the crying girl and the Korean girl Loli Youxi were also dragged.
When the meat shield attracts the enemy
We’re all here. We’re all ready.
However, to our surprise, the crazy Flying Tiger guild player was also dragged along with three girls, shouting "Not me, not me"
Now that we are members of the Flying Tigers Association, we also asked, "Did he also use to make meat shields?"
Sasaki nodded directly. "Being robbed and suffering a great mental attack is already dead, even if it’s a waste, don’t be a stranger. This is the market."
A wave of his hand stunned the man and carried him on his shoulder like a dead man.
Sasaki said, "This time, the novice deputy is prepared for some abnormal gains, but you can rest assured that I have brought the novice deputy twice. Although some novices died in the future, most of them can be completed. This time, there are some differences, loopholes and zombie dogs with corpse eyes. Everyone should be extra careful, and we have done all the precautions and preparations. Now there are more than 30 people, so it should be no big problem. Let’s follow suit and finish it together."
With a wave of his hand, he didn’t say much and led the way directly ahead.
Went to the man’s exit direction behind this hill.
Everyone else is very nervous with their weapons.
Beibingxiong people also came together with us.
Ike leaned in my ear and said, "They just look at it. Those who swear to achieve their goals must be careful."
That’s true
We nodded again and again. "Don’t worry, let’s advance and retreat together for a while. Let’s let them go in first in the back."
This is exactly what Ike meant. Naturally, there is nothing to say.
Go ahead like this, all with their own weapons.
Ike, we have seen this guy and followed us wholeheartedly for a while. If we can’t get in after a fight, say they framed me for trying to grab my equipment and points.
Messed up
There is a chance to escape.
Sasaki and Ying Aixiang didn’t care. When we led the team to the back of the mountain at the front, we saw a huge field, which seemed to be cleaned up.
The man who was in charge of looking for a place just now also pointed to it.
Sasaki nodded and took out a scroll and threw it directly into the middle school. Suddenly, the scroll flew there, emitting light according to the land.
This is to start the second stage.
Ike introduced to us that after the completion of the first phase of the deputy team leader, the system will set up and give a scroll to start the second phase as expected.
We need to find a place suitable for the assistant to play.
This is because the novice pair is incoherent, which can give players a rest. Second, it will make everyone adapt to getting rid of the novice, which is not the case.
But at the beginning, all the players present can join a guild, and they can also be linked, that is, they say that the association will see your performance and give you a score later.
If you behave well, you can pass, although it is not the original deputy
But for me and Zhu Yeqing, it is a fatal problem. We are not players, we are awakening people, although we are given many restrictions.
But there are still many differences between us. At this moment, we can’t help but retreat. If we can’t, we have to evacuate quickly.
It’s not that we are cruel and don’t save three girls, but that so many players will die.
At this time, I dared to come over and fight for my life.
It is also a glimmer of hope to see how the system will handle it, but I don’t understand the feeling. It seems that there is still a chance.
There we were, with our weapons in our hands, our hearts thumping, and we were very upset and ready to escape.
And the second-stage auxiliary reel over there suddenly dispersed and the ground shook, and the whole hill responded.
Especially when I’m near, I’m trembling
For example, a small-scale earthquake, of course, suddenly struck the ground in this area, and a staircase appeared, which was as dark and solemn as an accessible palace.
And this moment
It should be that all the people present got a sign
It is important to note that if friends can’t type the old domain name, they can access it by visiting the backup domain name.
I also got it with Zhu Yeqing.
There are many words in front of our ears. "The snake pill guild led the novice assistant in the second stage,’ Zombie Imperial City’. Seventy-two branches started to kill the second stage boss flying zombies, one and several skeleton generals, and the loss of zombie mutation belong to collaborative completion.
Indicates that a novice belongs to the secondary generation resource.
Second, this deputy will enter the corner of Zombie Imperial City, and the ability of optical players will be weakened, and scientific and technological equipment is not allowed to be carried.
The third novice assistant prohibits players from fighting privately. If there is a private fight, they will be severely punished once they violate the rules. "
Actually, we all have the opportunity to participate, which makes us breathe a sigh of relief and smile. Great, we can’t tell the details. The latter can’t tell who is the player and the awakened one.
Because the map display is all green, players have to argue about what is specific, which may be part of the game, making it more difficult for players, but anyway.
It’s all a false alarm. We can participate.
We were relieved, and we breathed a sigh of relief and smiled. The next step was to go in and pit the king’s eggs and save the three women.
At this time, Sasaki Kojiro also said, "I have shown here that you have joined in and returned to the second stage of evaluation by the General Assembly after completion."
A huge staircase occupies most of the land, which is very solemn, quiet and a little scary. I don’t know how many meters it extends.
Black, scary, full of unknowns
What is the zombie imperial city seventy-two points one?
They were also prepared to take out the torch. It was the player who caught three women’s days who took the lead. He was Sasaki’s hardcore and took Tatsu Yamashiro and the torch to step forward.
The next three Japanese players should also be veterans, dragging a girl as a human shield. If you have anything to do, prepare to push them out first.
In case of emergency
As a result, South Korea’s little loli Youxi chuckled and muttered, "Ernie Youxi is afraid it’s so dark and scary inside."
On that day, the Wangs picked up the knife. "Dare to cry and dare to come out. I’ll kill you with one knife now." I’m really ready to go.