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"poof! !” In a coma, Cole suddenly woke up and spit out one mouthful blood, then looked blankly at Lilina and took back his little fist …

Lilina looked at the little fist blood with a face of nausea and ran off to wash it.
Yang Ye greeted him with a smile and said, "Mr. Cole?"
Cole listened to someone shout wooden nodded.
Yang Ye continued with a smile, "Mr. Cole, I need your father’s help, but I know that your father is eager to find a place to help me when you didn’t have it, so I rescued you. Are you waiting for me to call your father here or will you follow me back to the rain?"
As soon as I heard it, Cole’s eyes suddenly popped out of his eyes, shaking. "I’m a hero of Cole’s warriors. Please take me back to Rainfall. I don’t want to stay here any longer … I’m physically injured. Only my father can save me. Take me back!"
[you have made new progress in killing the evil eye of the abyss! Get the new 1 escort Cole to go home. Please send Cole ‘an back to Master cleo Caswell in rainy city to reward Master cleo Caswell with a thank-you gift-abyss seam expansion scroll]
Give people trouble again.
Lilina!’ Yang Ye shouted and heard Lilina say "Let’s go!"
By the time Yang Ye returned to rainy city with two np’s, it was already more than two hours later. He had dinner before returning to the line and rushed to cleo Kaswell’s residence directly with sick Cole.
Just arrived at the door was stopped by two guards-
"Come and stop. This is Caswell House. Do you have an invitation? If you have nothing to say, please go! " You sound a little arrogant. That’s enough. You’re just cannon fodder. What are you proud of?
Yang Ye is too lazy to say more and pointed to the shoulder. Cole said, "You little master, I saved it. If you don’t let him, you’ll have to hang up."
They were surprised, young master, but they knew how to find it, but they couldn’t find it. Master cleo was angry more than once and sent a huge amount of manpower. I don’t even know how much reward was posted on the reward list. Every time, the reward was higher, but it was always fruitful. Now someone is carrying a dress and tattered. A dying person says it’s Master Cole! But we have to look at everything. If it’s not a direct arrest, but if it’s …
Before the two guards frowned, they lifted Cole’s smelly and knotted hair.
It’s really master cole! !
Suddenly, one of them rushed into the mansion in ecstasy and stumbled and shouted, "Sir! !”
While the other welcomed several people from Yang Ye into the mansion.
Cleo Caswell was sitting in Cole’s room, sighing and thinking back to Cole’s happy time, and he heard screaming outside and screaming at random, "What’s your name?" ! Master, I’m not dead! Not dead yet! !” Looking at burst a kneeling guard cleo airway "if you can’t say anything, I’ll cut you directly! !”
When the guard heard this, his cold sweat was cold, and he trembled and said, "The old … master Cole came back and was saved …"
"What? ? ! ! Where is it! " Cleo struck the table directly and looked excited.
"In … outside" guard warbled.
Cleo excited a kiss xiu people disappear directly.
When Yang Ye was chatting in this Caswell mansion, there was a wave and a figure came out.
Lying in the trough is good! This is the ultimate crack, okay? We have to find a way to get it
Chapter 55 The first family
Cleo out of the eyes from the presence of a few people face quickly swept finally saw sitting in a chair, angry into didn’t gas out cole career up immediately "cole! What’s wrong with you? Don’t scare dad! Wake up! " Shout and shake
On the one hand, Yang Ye looked up the cleo attribute-
Cleo Caswell
hp? /?
It is said that Master cleo Caswell has great respect for Master cleo Caswell, and he has his own unique views on making scrolls since he was a child.
(Hiding to bring cleo’s child Cole back can get cleo’s thank-you gift)
Yang Ye looked at cleo’s attributes here. cleo, the stupid old man, is still shaking Cole
I really can’t watch it. Yang Ye said before he left, "Don’t get excited, Mr. cleo. Cole is fine for the time being. He has been poisoned by the flower demon, a pollen poison that is chronic. He said that you can save him and let me bring it back."
When you listen to Yang Ye, cleo is calm. Come to Yang Ye and watch the language. Aren’t you awesome and np? Why is it so …
Cleo calmed down to restore his usual seriousness, but the excitement in his eyes was hard to hide. When his right hand stretched out to Cole, a surge of energy tilted to Cole …
The energy tilted for a while before cleo turned pale and stopped. On the other hand, Cole’s color was much better.