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"Oh, Brother Feng, my name is Mei Hu."

Zhang Chongxuan thought about the weakness of fox-kissing, and said to the weathered cloud, "Huayun, since you two know each other, it’s all right. From today on, you will teach your school sister some skills. In addition, you will take some time every day to practice with your school sister, so you don’t have to spare any effort, so as not to be dishonest with me."
"Yes, master." Weathered clouds should be Tao.
"Then you take your school sister back to Xingcheng, and introduce her to several of your school sisters. Remember, after returning to Xingcheng, don’t make trouble for me. If you let me know that something is wrong, think about the consequences yourself." Zhang Zhongxuan said, but he didn’t move his body, and the whole person disappeared into the air.
"Hey, I didn’t expect the master to disappear for three days. It’s really amazing that a cultivation has become so mysterious." Looking at the empty sky, the weathered cloud shook his head and said with emotion.
The charming fox on the side laughed and said, "Brother Feng, master is really scattered now."
"Really scattered fairy?" Weathering cloud doubt way, hurriedly many asked Zhang Zhongxuan did these three days.
Mei Fox naturally told Zhang Chongxuan about his entry into the underworld. As a result, he heard that the weathered cloud was amazing. It’s no wonder that Zhang Chongxuan was so powerful. It turned out to be a celestial pick.

Chapter two hundred and eighteen Battle against the top of Kunlun Mountain
Chapter two hundred and eighteen Battle against the top of Kunlun Mountain
The wind in the morning is cold, in contrast, the wind on the top of the mountain is biting.
Zhang Zhongxuan’s hands are indifferent in the top of the mountain, overlooking all the scenery below, letting the biting cold wind beat against him.
"Master, Qingyang real person brought it." There was a sound, and Zhao Zifeng had come behind Zhang Chongxuan with Qingyang reality.
"Hey." Qingyang reality showed stunned color. He was shocked not because Zhao Zifeng called Master Zhang Chongxuan, but by Zhang Chongxuan at this moment. With his cultivation, it is natural to see that Zhang Chongxuan at this time has a little more dust than before. Obviously, in just three days, Zhang Chongxuan has broken through the soaring period.
When Qingyang real person was surprised, Zhang Zhongxuan turned around, smiled faintly and said, "Qingyang real person, long time no see."
Qingyang real person did not return the gift, but sighed: "It’s really the third day of farewell, so be impressed."
"If you know my master’s true identity and purpose, it will be no big deal to him." Zhao Zifeng, who was already standing behind Zhang Zhongxuan, felt a moment of silence for Qingyang as an enemy of Zhang Zhongxuan.
"On that day, I said I would give you a result in three days. Now, I think you know the result." Really scattered fairy and will be afraid of a scattered fairy, the answer is naturally not.
Qingyang real person suddenly burst into laughter and said, "Well, I don’t know if you dare to challenge in three days, so I’ll try it with you." With a tactic in his hand, a palm thunder came at Zhang Chongxuan.
This palm thunder is extremely strange in shape. In front of the palm thunder, like a stone, the whole is surrounded by thunder, and behind it, a thunder tail is dragged, which looks a bit like a meteorite, but compared with meteorites, the movement of the palm thunder is really too small. It’s really silent.
See the palm thunder, Zhang Zhongxuan without a panic. Reached out a hand, toward the palm ray, immediately zi zi, the palm ray Huo Ran into a few wisps of smoke disappeared in the air.
"Great!" Zhao Zifeng’s pupil couldn’t help but expand. Rao knew that Zhang Chongxuan had broken through the true scattered fairy. Zhao Zifeng saw Zhang Chongxuan in one hand, and his heart was also extremely shocked. Zhao Zifeng has seen it today. Naturally, it can be seen that the palm thunder of Qingyang reality contains the principle of meteorite landing. As long as it is touched, it is bound to explode. Judging from the silence of the palm thunder, the power contained in this thunder is absolutely earth-shattering, but it is still solved by Zhang Zhongxuan’s understatement.
"According to his grasp, at least in the late scattered fairy, may have broken through the true scattered fairy. But how did he do it? Even if you are talented or have a panacea, it is impossible to break through from the soaring period in three days. What happened? " Think impassability Qingyang reality stretched out his hand toward the void, immediately a sword like a thunderbolt, hit in his hand, it is his thunder sword.
Thunder sword name thunder. Nature has something to do with thunder. When an overseas scattered fairy settled overseas, she was interested in it once in a while. When she saw the sky thundering, she reached out and intercepted a thunder, bound it with an instrument, and then implanted it into a sword. It took 9981 years of exercise to become it, but she kept forging and shaping it. After 7749. Just decided its true identity, because the origin was made by a bolt from the blue. The overseas scattered fairy was named Thunder, and the Qingyang real person also came at the right time. Just when the scattered fairy sword was completed, he came to settle overseas, and happened to meet this scattered fairy. The scattered fairy didn’t know the geometry of his time on earth, so he wanted to go to the celestial world and saw that the Qingyang real person arrived on the day when his sword was completed, so he gave it to him conveniently.
The thunder sword is still forged by scattered immortals for many years, so it is not a general item, and it has long been included in the ranks of immortals.
Zhang Zhongxuan, who knows the goods, couldn’t help admiring the thunder sword: "What a fairy sword! The appearance is solid and not empty, but there is another dry Kun hidden inside. You can know the extraordinary products at a glance. What’s more valuable is that this sword can also absorb the aura between heaven and earth automatically. If it can be forged with the colorful sacred stone, seven-star stone and jasper sand in the celestial world, it can reach the first four products of the fairy. "
Qingyang reality snorted, apparently disdaining what Zhang Zhongxuan said, colorful magic stone! Seven star stone! Jasper sand! Don’t say that others are on earth, even if they fly to the celestial world, these celestial materials are the best that he can easily get. Saying them doesn’t mean not saying them.
Zhang Zhongxuan looked at the Thunder Sword and seemed to find it. He said, "Well, I didn’t expect that the Gankun in this sword was born of Thunder. I guess it’s called Thunder Sword."
"Yes, this sword is really a thunder sword." Seeing Zhang Chongxuan just by watching, not only can the characteristics and the name of the thunder sword be revealed, but Qingyang reality still feels impressed by Zhang Chongxuan’s wide knowledge from the bottom of my heart, so it does not hide the name of the sword.
Confirmed by Qingyang real person, Zhao Zifeng behind Zhang Chongxuan said, "Zifeng, your real purpose is to be quiet. If you give that thunder sword to you, you will get twice the result with half the effort, and its power will be several times stronger than that of the soul-sucking fan. I think you have never upgraded the soul-sucking fan. That’s good. I’ll give you this thunder sword later."
Zhao Zifeng was about to reply, but the Qingyang real person on the side came with a cold hum and said coldly, "If you want to take my thunder sword, it depends on your skill." With the sword tactic, the thunder sword turned into a bolt from the blue and hit Zhang Chongxuan.
Now Zhang Chongxuan has ascended to be a real scattered fairy, and Yamaraja has made it in hand, and will put Qingyang reality in his eyes? I saw another tactic, and a gossip pattern flew out at once. Huo Ran met the thunder sword that turned into a bolt from the blue, and only heard the voice of Zi Zi, and the thunder sword was trapped by a power grid.
Qingyang’s real face muscles moved, and his figure could not help but take a step back and took a deep breath: "tight encirclement of the celestial world."
Tight encirclement is still a medium-level magic in the celestial world. This magic is to use the air flow in the air to generate current and weave it into a power grid. Unless you have the ability to break through the power grid, you will be gradually devoured by the power grid. Like the thunder sword at this moment, after being netted by tight encirclement, the electro-optic light on your body has already begun to fade. However, the thunder sword is always extraordinary. After realizing this, the aura immediately closes and enters a state of shock and silence, making the surface of the sword no different from that of ordinary products, waiting for the call of Qingyang reality.
It’s just that the owner of the thunder sword, Qingyang Reality, has no heart to summon the thunder sword at this time, because Qingyang Reality has been shocked by Zhang Zhongxuan. Although tight encirclement is a celestial medium spell, if he doesn’t reach the realm of Jinxian. It is impossible to make it, but now Zhang Zhongxuan has made it out. This represents Zhang Zhongxuan’s already a Jin Xian-level figure, and a person who was originally in the soaring period not only broke through the soaring period within three days, but also refined into the Jin Xian realm, which is more intense than the shock brought by any advanced spell to Qingyang reality.
Zhang Chongxuan, who looked at Qingyang realistically, sneered. Stretched out his hand toward the tight encirclement to catch the thunder sword, and the thunder sword was dragged by tight encirclement to fly to Zhang Zhongxuan, and Zhang Zhongxuan pointed to poke at the thunder sword.
In the silence, the thunder sword seemed to sense danger, let out a whoop of dragons, and there was a flash of lightning on the sword. At the place where Zhang Chongxuan was going to poke, he immediately gathered powerful electricity and seemed to be going to carry Zhang Chongxuan hard.
Zhang Zhongxuan will not understand. The thunder sword listed as a fairy is not a fairy if it doesn’t block itself, but he doesn’t care. Although the current of the thunder sword is strong, he can really wear out the current of the thunder sword by using the fairy sword to defend the sword, and directly shoot his finger into it and poke it with his fingers. Originally, the whole body of thunder sword with electro-optical circulation became dim, and Zhang Zhongxuan used finger strength to force the thunder sword into the shape of closing its breath.
"Damn it." Seeing that the thunder sword was forced by Zhang Zhongxuan into the shape of breathing, Qingyang was really talented, but it was too late. Zhang Zhongxuan had already grabbed the thunder sword on tight encirclement at this time and reached out and gave it to Zhao Zifeng behind him.