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Eight chains are scattered around in the position of gossip, turning the essence of heaven and earth into aura, slowly rushing to the Emerald Lingshan like a river, and firmly fixing the Emerald Lingshan on the earth.

You can see that there are countless seal symbols on the Emerald Lingshan, and the aura of the whole Lingshan is banned in the mountains. If this mountain really suppresses a red demon, Bai Meng can really imagine how strong this demon is!
In other words, I think that if this mountain suppresses myself, I can’t escape, not to mention that the other party is a demon who tortures Lingshan with the essence of heaven and earth. I am afraid that even if there is an immortal body after thousands of years, it will turn into ashes.
"Zhenjun, you are finally here!"
On the Emerald Lingshan, it suddenly occurred to me that a fairy family was shaking and drinking, and its sound went straight through the sky like a poem and slowly fell in the ear, but it sounded so comfortable.
Suddenly, Bai Meng felt that the sound was familiar, and the pictures flashed in my mind. When I saw strange scenes, countless people flocked to me and left, just like a movie, all the pictures flashed like fast forward.
Some people say that when a person dies, everything he has experienced in his life will come to his eyes in an instant.
Unforgettable memories, lost images can be replayed at this moment. "It’s like a silent movie.
The feeling of this agent is almost the same as this, except that all the pictures can’t be coherent, confused and confused, and even can’t tell whether the vertebrae are self-sufficient, just endless chaos.
It is in this mess and silence that only one person’s voice can appear, just like the voice just heard. I think it is a pot of fine wine that makes people a little drunk.
Yes, that’s him!
Bai Meng can finally be sure. It’s the man in the purple ribbon cassock-Ziyang is him.
At this time, a purple fairy cloud in the sky gradually floated up, and a real person floated in through the clouds. The real person was graceful and elegant, with fine eyes and long eyebrows, and his temples were as long as clouds. Blackpool is as bright as silk and covered with purple clouds.
Pure sunlight, purple light, like fog and smoke, keeps spilling from his body, and there is a gold inlaid jade hanging in his arms to dust. There is a purple gourd tied around the waist, and the color of this gourd is more pure and purple.
"I haven’t seen you for two thousand years. I didn’t expect you to be so young and envious!" Ziyang real step Yunfei to Bai Meng front with a quiet smile.
Bai Meng smiled and replied, "A few years ago. We have already met. Are you so forgetful? "
Ziyang real person smiled faintly and said, "I have indeed seen it, but it’s a pity that I gave you several magic weapons and you ruined them for me!" "
Bai Meng burst out laughing and sat cross-legged "Thank you indeed," he said. If it weren’t for the Lingbao Fairy Hall, I wouldn’t have today’s luck! "
Ziyang reality gently stepped on the foot and the floating clouds turned into a purple lotus throne and sat down cross-legged. Tao: "Yuan Jun, the mysterious ghost of the Arctic, said that you could rush to heaven in this life, so that you could shield me from Yin and Yang and send me to the lower world to help you. In the past, you helped me break the bat demon, but I should come to help Zhenjun today, so don’t mind. "
Bai Meng sighed: "I said how the Lingbao Fairy Hall got into my hands so easily. It turned out to be a shame for real people to help. I didn’t know that I was really sorry for taking the fairyland of Zi Xia School!"
Ziyang real person stroked his beard and said with a long smile: "Those are just trivial things that are not worth hurting my friendship with Zhenjun for these trivial things. It is also his accumulated merit that Zi Xia can leave Zhenjun a fairyland. It will be rewarded to leave him a leisure post when he goes to heaven one day!"
Bai Meng acquiesced in the proposal of Ziyang real person slightly. He looked down at the emerald Lingshan under him and sighed and asked Ziyang real person, "How many years will this Lingshan be used to suppress that mysterious snake?"
Ziyang replied with a pinch of fingers: "It will take another hundred years for Lingshan to be serious, and the strength of Xuan snake is also extraordinary. Only Lingshan can suppress it. Even if it is suppressed, it may not be able to grind him to death!
Bai Meng couldn’t help frowning and asked, "What should Scorpio do? Do you still have to suppress it with Lingshan?"
The real Ziyang sighed, "I’m afraid it’s the only way. The three demons, the mysterious snake, the Scorpio and the peacock, are all ordered by the Queen Mother of the West, and all of them are immortal. You can’t suppress them without such a treasure of heaven and earth. The method of using the lamp of Yan Wang can also be used on peacocks, but it can only be used on peacocks, and even after three thousand years, peacocks may not be completely eliminated! "
A thought flashed through Bai Meng’s mind and asked, "I just don’t know why I have to be enemies with them. If I can soar to Kunlun, why bother with them? They have already passed the soaring period, so why bother with me?"
The real Ziyang sighed and stroked his left temples, saying, "In order to avoid the suffering of his disciples, the True King was defeated, and the Jade Emperor vowed that he would rather destroy himself and repair the foundation by falling back into Chixian County. After the true king fell into the mortal world, the Queen Mother of the West specially sent these three demons down and let the Quartet gods keep the road and drop the decree. There is only one pulse for the three demons and the true king to cross the Tongtian Avenue. If you really want to cross the Tongtian Avenue, you must get rid of these three demons. There is no other way! "
Bai Meng gasped and sighed: "The most poisonous woman’s heart, this queen mother of the West is so heartless!"
Ziyang said with a smile, "The Queen Mother of the West has indeed done a lot of heartless things over the years. You really don’t have to worry about her. As long as you can go back to heaven and make a bet with the Jade Emperor, you can continue to be your Western Tai Chi Xuan Emperor. Besides, your old staff is still in love, and even Sanqing will leave you a book. As long as you don’t mess with the Queen Mother of the West and the Jade Emperor, they won’t take the initiative to come to your trouble! "
Bai Meng sneered noncommittally and said, "It’s true that the tiger fell to Pingyang and was bullied by dogs. The three little demons that I didn’t care about in the past have now become a big worry to me!"
Clear voice, a real person in Ziyang, replied with a smile: "These are reincarnation. The Jade Emperor goes back and forth in the sky and the Xuan Emperor goes against the sky, but it’s just a reincarnation. You don’t have to worry about it. When you return to heaven one day, don’t say that those three little demons will be called Xuandi even if they meet you. "
Bai Meng bowed his head and thought for a moment, and then a wry smile said, "Let’s talk about it when I get back. Now. Scorpio is really a big problem in my heart! "
Ziyang reality shook his head and said, "Why should a true gentleman worry about the fact that there are Shaoyang Emperor and Xiaoxian here in en, and Shang Yang Emperor and Guigu Emperor here in xin?". Besides, two of the three demons have been killed, so it is not difficult to kill Scorpio. It’s the Tongtian Avenue that Zhenjun should be thinking about now. I heard when I came, and the Jade Emperor knew that your momentum was too strong to stop, so he would not stop you from entering Kunlun Mountain. But in Kunlun wonderland, some people were sent, most of whom were in astrology and magic religion. Although Sanqing explained that he was not in charge of this matter, you offended Guang Chengzi and them when you were practicing Buddhism, and they may not be able to let you go back! "
Bai Meng was somewhat surprised and asked, "Who is the Emperor of Ghost Valley?"
The real Ziyang smiled and said, "He is the one who can save the green snake. Guiguzi was Warawako named flower girl under the seat of the True King. Accidentally ate Zhenjun’s Xuan Huang Jing Shu. Got 13 phase to soul mouth true gentleman sent off Chixian he followed after one thousand years. After arriving in Chixian County, he followed the true gentleman to cultivate enlightenment. He also has some friendship with the green snake. The green snake gave him a Zhu Guo to help him fly. After he ascended, he was taken in by the father-in-law of Zhong Huang, and was given the title of "Ghost Valley Emperor". When he saw that it was difficult for the Green Snake to come down to enlighten him in this life, of course, he also wanted to fight for an official position again with the true gentleman. "