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They are going south.
I don’t know if these vultures will form an S later.
Line up in b for a while
I know that after the first world war
Everything will be said.
I suddenly thought of something.
And at this point,
A line of words appeared on the screen
Dwarf Musketeer: Brother: I’m leaving.
It finally dawned on me
Colons represent the meaning of speech.
Musketeers type elder brother at a time.
Linked to his id
That is: brother
That means brother! ! ! ! !
And the last colon means to speak to us.
I finally got it.
He is really a god.
He is the incarnation of the emperor and brought me this performance.
After all, I lit a cigarette safely
Appreciate his art of final killing
We broke the other side of the road two towers ago.
The five guards may have been overwhelmed by the momentum.
I dare not go out and talk about the first world war.
The turtle is in the highlands
I laughed in my heart.
Finally arrived at the Guards Heights.
Say I’m an axe in two places
A doppelganger went straight to the highlands.
The guards were really scared by the imposing manner.
It’s time to hammer
The meteor meteor
Skills for a pair of a busy put out.
At this time, I saw that the elder brother took another member and relaxed the highland.
With the help of massive soldiers and catapults, the highland tower was quickly demolished.
At this time, the second round skill D of the guards is almost the same.
Just when I said I was sweating.
It’s dark in the sky, and it’s a vulture
Finished blocking the near satellite TV field
At the same time
All vulture enemies
It looks good.
Guards can be resisted by all.
Take a step back again
Vultures behind enemy lines