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The great pioneers who are afraid of the lost souls 2 said that you have reached the Hills war zone, which belongs to the common territory of mankind and the abyss. Here is a place you are unfamiliar with. You urgently need someone to guide you. You recall that when you came, Lilina once had you been here, and there was a great war. The famous human war general Ai Ze fell here, but it seems that the situation has changed for the better. His soul is still in Ai Ze, hoping to pay homage to him. The dead soldiers have been collecting the souls of the soldiers. He is a great demand to find Ai Ze’s reward.

As soon as Yang Ye arrived here, he didn’t even come to take a look at the surrounding environment. A few pieces of information directly attracted Yang Ye’s attention
Hills war zone should be the name of this place. The battle lines between the two sides should be very long. On the human side, the Dragon City shield axis resists the invasion of the abyss into the abyss, so I don’t know. The strength should be very strong. At present, it is not for the players to know.
Yang Ye has one title, but this does not conflict. Now he is afraid of the explorer with two titles on his head. The movement speed bonus of this title is actually not high, but the field of vision is quite high, which is still relatively large here.
What Yang Ye has to do now is to find his target in this marginal Hills war zone-to be honest, this is very difficult because Yang Ye is not familiar with this place at all, and maybe a monster will come out and swallow Yang Ye in one bite without taking two steps.
Of course, this is all based on the fact that there is no miner’s hat in Yang Ye.
The fact is; A clear dotted line above Yang Ye’s head leads to the far north, but there is an abyss territory …
But if you want to go,
Make up your mind. Yang Ye moved his eyes from the column to the surrounding area and took a closer look at the surrounding environment.
This is really a war zone.
And it is a very dangerous and terrorist war zone.
The light in the Hills war zone is extremely dim, and the night is different. Yang Ye is sure that when he comes in the game, it belongs to the day, but it seems that the root here is the night, or it is near the night and dusk. Looking north, it is a rich black as if the sun is not willing to care; Looking back is the direction of Liuzhou. It’s too far here to even see the outline of Liuzhou, but it’s much brighter there.
It’s very flat here. At least the land was flat. Looking at the horizon, I feel that it will never reach the edge of the world. The soil on the ground is burnt black. This is the trace after the fire. There are many armor and arrow weapons buried in the soil, and even Bai Sensen’s bones can be seen, which is not like human bones.
There must be human remains deeper or somewhere else
Most of the trees here are yellow, or they are simply rotten wood or scorched like charcoal. Both the soil and the trees give off a strong bloody smell. If you carefully identify them, you can see that the leaves of the yellow trees are cut in the trunk with bloody lines, and the trunk is not white or yellowish but blood red.
These are all trees that suck blood and grow up
There are no other sounds here except the wind. Even the wind is not warm wind or weak wind, but some cold wind. According to the progress of the game, it is divided into summer to feel the wind. It can be clearly felt that the cold wind is blowing from the north with a pungent smell, smoke and blood.
Wind energy covers up a large number of predators’ careless sounds, causing people to die all the time along this boundary line in the war zone. They eat each other’s bodies-others don’t eat the abyss.
Inadvertently walking here is a big taboo. At present, most of the players here come from np, but it is not difficult to imagine that they will definitely be occupied by players.
Yang Ye find the right direction and move forward along the direction indicated by the dotted line.
Along the way, Yang Ye didn’t meet a human being, even a np belonging to the human side, or a large number of abyss race monsters haunted by creatures.
The abyss seems to be more inclusive of monsters. Although the attack on Yang Ye is a small-scale monster, all kinds of Yang Ye have been seen.
For example, a monster with long hair and a huge body like three elephants is called a dragon beast. It is quite big and scary, but the scene of being hacked to death by Yang Ye is still very spectacular. Think about how many monsters are in front of you, as big as adding a living room to yourself, and you are so small, and then you rush over with a sword like a hair … The result is a knife and a scratching piece. This is much more refreshing than a unified mowing game!
There is another kind of monster, which is very strange. It will pretend to be human weapons and armor samples, waiting for silly players to pick up equipment and then attack in groups. Well, it is very small for this kind of monster. They are all tens of thousands together, but their tens of thousands of attacks and injuries add up to be worse than that of Yang Ye. The worse the casualties are, the lower the damage is, but it is also very dangerous. Yang Ye has seen millions of these guys disguised as a set of equipment! Millions! Whoever picks it up will die!
Not all monsters are as scary as these two kinds. Some powerful hate circles are scary. Yang Ye hasn’t seen anyone yet. Hate is already in front of him. There is such a big hate circle. Generally speaking, monsters have the concept of "territory". This kind of monster must not be provoked. At least now, it must not be provoked as if there was a monster passing by a lake in Yang Ye before. The monster’s strength is absolutely strong and its level is detached-level 1! Scared Yang Ye hurriedly detour.
Some lose more walk more let Yang Ye shocked.
The abyss is so different from what he thought.
Many funny monsters worry Yang Ye a little. "The journey brings a lot of fun and danger, and Yang Ye also gains good equipment and experience."
There seems to be a bonus to monster experience here.
Pull the battle and show it. Sure enough-
[Extra experience of killing monsters with abyss attributes +1%]
This bonus is added to the original experience. The original experience has 1 monster, which becomes 11 after getting this attribute. For Yang Ye, the experience bonus of this store is very important.
He didn’t come to do a lot of things because of his previous career, and his level rose slowly. At present, Yang Ye has fallen to the ninth and tenth place in the ranking list, and he can catch up with it in two steps.
I originally planned to make the backpack extension character quickly after the happy family thing, but I didn’t do it again and again. I have to do anything when this Lilina is done.
After walking around the Hills war zone for several times more than walking in a straight line, I finally got close to this goal NP-Azer.