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"I don’t care about consolidating this castle, but we should pay attention to the confidentiality measures. Although I can’t guarantee it, maybe when it will become a place for us to avoid disasters." Chufei wanted to think or wake up ikiss and stare at many of them. Don’t let the cat out of the bag.

"Don’t worry, this time, I must be careful to contact many former friends to help them. They are completely credible because I gradually inserted them in. Because you can shelter them from imprisonment in Lugoin, everyone doesn’t seem to like it," ikiss assured.
"Since you are so sure that I naturally believe you," ikiss reported this matter to Chufei. In those days, ikiss and his collaborators also had many talented people. Chufei decided to approve this matter directly to ikiss without considering the issue of loyalty for the time being. I didn’t expect them to make good results.
"There are still a lot of magic traps here. Those who should pay attention to protection can close those houses and come back to solve those troublesome things when I have leisure." Chufei gave instructions while leading ikiss around, and he was still very satisfied with this palace.
"But are you really a pair of wings behind you?" After all, ikiss couldn’t hold back in the afternoon. When Chufei fell from the sky, he had been holding back his wings and was still like an angel’s wings, which made his heart struggle for a long time.
"It’s not true, but it’s just a imitation that works in accordance with the spirit. By the way, I haven’t asked you yet. What career would you choose if you changed your job? You’re still a paladin, aren’t you? After all, you’re trained as a paladin in Dezakaram’s belief? " Chufei smiled and introduced some wings behind him, which are real angel wings, but you can’t tell him the truth directly, otherwise it will be unacceptable to him.
"Paladin? No, actually, I prefer to be a necromancer or a druid. I don’t like to charge ahead when I come to the desert. If I become an auxiliary paladin, I don’t like to combine with other people or recruit my younger brother again. It’s really not good to transfer to a barbarian warrior. "Unexpectedly, ikiss didn’t want to transfer to a paladin.
"When you change your job, it does happen by chance, but most of you still look at the qualifications. The sacred ice and fire power of your body is likely to prompt you to change your job as a necromancer and druid by a paladin. You should give up." ikiss’s personality is very suitable for being a necromancer, but his energy body is incompatible with this. The biggest possibility is that he is a paladin.
"Everything depends on people. I’d like to try some methods to see if it can work." ikiss smiled mysteriously. The robber head seems to have some secrets, although some of them are otherwise, but ChuFei decided to tell him one thing.
"ikiss, if you are really confident, you should change your job later. A new professional witch doctor is about to be released. There are also names like Prophet. This profession is similar to necromancer, but the advantages are not small. You might as well wait a few days and try to change your job to a new one." Since you don’t want to follow the old path and like novelty, I will tell you this news. It depends on your own decision if you are interested.
"Witch doctor sounds really good. It seems that you have got a lot of news. Can you introduce me in person? I’m still interested." ikiss asked with great interest. Chufei felt that the wild witch doctor was suitable for the former robber leader
Oh, it seems a little too busy these two days. I returned to Lugoin the day before yesterday. First, I went to the palace to find Jayhein, and then the Mages Association applied for a transfer to the altar magic circle. At the end of the day, I went to Batulu and Si Tong learned that ikiss had better prepare. Then I immediately returned to Kurast. This time, I need to contact Bilaise and the sisters Hector and Lafite to change jobs. The trouble is that the materials are purchased and the application for the magic circle map is now ready, so it is very convenient to build them. Now I’d better recall them. It’s been nearly five months since I said goodbye.
The door slowly unfolds in the middle, with the door coming out first, then the mage, then the Helafei sisters, and finally Bliss and another assassin. This is a very standard team return mode. It seems that during this period, Bliss and others have become accustomed to the life of ordinary job-changers.
Without saying anything, the two sisters of Hemenglou jumped on him and hung directly on him. Speaking of which, the two little girls have never been away from themselves for such a long time. Prissy is also very happy. Although she didn’t jump on her face, she laughed and cried. When did I become a lover? You are so exaggerated, but it feels good. "Mr. Chu Fei has not seen you for a long time. Have you been there this time?" Mages and assassins came to Jianli. When they were hired, they were confined to the time when Chu flew away, but now they are very satisfied with this leveling team.
"Hello, this time, I want to thank you for your help. Next day, you should take a rest first, and then I need to consider some things. No matter what, I will inform you and give you an answer." Chufei thought about it and said that his level is much higher than that of Bliss. If the sacrifice method is high, it would be better for them to continue to form a team with the assassin mage.
"Thank you, then we’ll be leaving for the time being." The two women saluted and left Beatrice and Lafite sisters holding their hands and sending them out far away. It seems that the relationship has been very good.
"It’s been so many days since you left this guy. I’ve been promoted to two levels in a row, and Hector and Monroe have been promoted to three levels in a row." Bilaise complained at Chufei sleeve.
"Ha ha ha ha, you don’t have to complain about the day. You all follow me back to Lugao because there are surprises waiting for you." Chufei held the three of them in his arms and comforted them with laughter.
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The third chapter ninety-six The establishment of the altar of changing jobs
No wonder if you want to be the king, you should first ask a strategist. Because it is really happy to have a super-capable genus, it takes 73 kinds of materials to build an altar, and the weight of each kind is very strict. When Chufei returned to Lugoin from Kurast with Bilaise and Lafite sisters, ikiss had already handled all the red tape and set up a fence in the territory to surround the altar where the preparatory construction was transferred. The robber’s head was far more rugged and delicate, which made Chufei very satisfied with Bilaise, and Chufei returned to Lugoin by sending troops.
Chu Fei didn’t expect that the president of the Mages’ Association was actually out this time. When the altar was built, it was controlled by the mages. Naturally, the speed of the president was much higher. At the same time, Chu Fei also had to bleed a lot, and added a few precious stones. However, it is also worth building a transfer altar in Lugaoin because there is no other territory to let the president of the Mages’ Association personally.
When I came to Batulus, Chufei unexpectedly found that many people were watching around, including the guys in Lanruos’ territory. They didn’t expect Chufei to build a new altar just after he was able to run in the territory. Lugao hasn’t built a new altar for decades, so most people are still curious. Some wretched and gloomy guys may be cursing the altar construction failure. Faced with this situation, Chufei didn’t hesitate to drive them away, leaving a few important members to watch blindly. ikiss chose this place on three sides, and it is a mountain wall. You need to be on this side to prevent others from peeking.
When the mage’s president summoned the magic array diagram of the altar for changing jobs from the object box; Chu Fei didn’t understand why the mage association was responsible for driving this array; but it was so expensive. The super-large magic scroll that emerged about 40 meters long was really shocking. The most common magic scroll was sheepskin or cowhide to make magic liquid; soak it and air dry it; and then write the magic pattern. The best leather scroll for all kinds for Warcraft skin history is the dragon skin; which is super powerful. However, compared with the magic circle in front of us, this magic scroll is impressively woven with magic fine gold and magic mithril, and it is also inlaid with many energy crystals and gems. Just after the gorgeous light is displayed, it shines in the eyes of some people in the place.
Pure gold and mithril are the world’s super-precious metal enchantments. These two metals are even more precious materials. Weaving them into a magic circle. Fine lines can be said to be unparalleled in terms of material and technology. It is not too much to say that this magic circle is the first treasure in the human world. It seems that the whole human world has four magic circle figures suspended in the middle of 50 meters under the control of wizards, and then a huge triple magic circle emerges in the magic circle and the other five-color light shines on Chu Fei. The materials they prepared automatically fly into the magic circle.
"It’s great to say that Tara Xia, which was originally decided to make it, is really unparalleled. It is only according to this magic circle that human beings can support it." In the face of this gorgeous shocking scene, even ikiss, a gloomy guy, can’t help sighing. He didn’t want to change his job and chose another road of strength, but now he wants to give up his previous choice and try to become a new one. He can’t help but sigh.
"It’s true that Tara Xia was not only able to sacrifice himself but also laid the foundation for human resistance and revival when human beings died. This kind of figure is really great." Chu Fei looked at the magic circle and projected an ancient altar on the surface. All kinds of magical materials were automatically filled in, and soon the foundation of the altar of changing jobs was formed. I couldn’t help but sigh with emotion that Tara Xia led the organization of Horatim that year, which was a savior of mankind, but now it is all gone.
"ChuFei adult, it’s not that I don’t believe you, but Rhine is only ten years old. Isn’t it a little early to change your job now? Will there be any problems? " Bevis came to this situation, and she was both pleasantly surprised and sad. Chu Fei thought about Rhine when he built the altar for changing jobs. At the same time, he was worried that if he failed, ordinary people would naturally have a chance to change jobs for the second time, while big noble had his own full-time altar at home and tried to change jobs as a child. However, after the first failure, the probability of the second failure would increase.
"You don’t have to worry about this. Rhine is really ten years old, but he is different from other children, as you can see. Now his body is definitely not as good as that of those fifteen or sixteen-year-old boys after he took my medicine. The mental foundation has reached the peak of this body. If you continue to go, there will be more opportunities for you to change your job at the age of ten, but this is still up to your mother to decide and I will not interfere." Chufei explained that this little guy Leon is Chufei’s younger brother because of this layer. Interests of the little guy to look at his eyes is also worship and surprise, but more importantly, Chu enclave potion effect is too good, if you don’t change your job, it is likely to bite his body, which ChuFei didn’t expect.
"Cousin, you are too worried. Chufei never talks, and everyone knows that Leon is famous as his younger brother. How can natural joy hurt Leon when he is ten years old? Cousin, think about it. The earliest record of changing jobs in history is thirteen. Cousin, you didn’t change jobs until you were twenty years old. You should know that the earlier the importance, the greater the chance of changing jobs." Beatrice also leaned in to persuade.
"Well," Bevis finally agreed. In fact, she was also white. This is a good opportunity because a mother didn’t want her child to have an accident and was flustered. She didn’t change her job until she was twenty, but she didn’t break through the level 30 before she was forty. Now that she has such a good opportunity, she should give it a try. If she succeeds, she should simply give the whole territory to Chufei. The most important thing is to be able to break through the level 30, which means having a bright future. Otherwise, she will be able to grow old slowly before she is forty. This is really a way to endure
"Leon, I seem to have forgotten to ask you about your wishes. The medicine and training method are the most suitable for the people trained in this way. Indeed, it is the necromancer. Are you willing to become a necromancer?" ChuFei will meet this brother called to the side not more than a finger and then stroked his property asked.
"Teacher, I’ve always wanted to be a necromancer. It would be great if I could cultivate a mutant skeleton like a teacher." The little guy immediately got excited and his eyes sparkled. At the beginning, the mutant skeleton in Chu enclave left a deep impression on him, and then he became a necromancer after his brother accepted his cultivation method.
"Very well, since I am going to cultivate you as your teacher, I am a necromancer. If you don’t want to be a necromancer, then our master and pupil will be in name only." Chufei’s kindly touching this kid is one of his experiments, but after all, he is still very careful. If he succeeds, the little fellow can gain a lot of power, which is also a kind of compensation.
"Of course, Leon, the necromancer, will be able to inherit the master’s name." Bevis is delighted to see your son worship you as a teacher, but he took a fancy to your generation of necromancers who are equipped with ordinary equipment, but the equipment eliminated by Chufei can make Leon one of the most powerful people at the same level.
Potions, mental training methods If successful this time, then Chu Fei has mastered a method with high development potential and high chance of changing jobs. Now, although there is nothing, Chu Fei has another plan. He hopes to form a team of necromancers. The best part is summoning. People often say that Chu Fei is going to do the same.
Even if the president of the Arihoshi Association personally stepped out to build the altar of changing jobs, he waited for more than two hours. These two hours Chufei could not be there honestly, but he ran to the back to enjoy herbal tea and cakes. Speaking of this, she had to wear Bilise, although she was careless and looked far less careful than Helai, but just now she ordered the maid here to prepare some desserts and the best black tea that women like. These were of course for the Mages Association. Everyone except Bilise was attracted by the magnificent scene in front of her.
The primitive simplicity can be said to be murderous and ferocious. Compared with the altar, the surface has finally been built. This is a fierce beast with a big mouth. This is also the unique idea of the design master at that time. Since the job is changed, it is necessary to have the courage to charge the monster’s mouth. This is the job-changer’s quality protection against the monster. Looking at the last two rubies inlaid, it seems that a monster wakes up from a deep sleep. Chu Feibai’s job-changing altar horse is about to be completed.
The third chapter ninety-seven ikiss changed his job.
After the completion of the transfer altar, Chu Fei first arranged for Bilise to accompany the president of the Mages Association and several elders to rest. Now, the number of people who changed jobs is ten times more than that before the invasion of hell, but the strength is far less than that of them. Such a magic circle diagram consumes a lot. They are still quite satisfied with Chu Fei’s arrangement. They are all women. Naturally, Bilise greeted Chu Fei, but they stayed where they were and then blocked the transfer altar with ikiss. This important building should be blocked. Chu Fei didn’t have a celebration ceremony. Immediately after the completion of the project, the oversized tent was surrounded, which didn’t make people feel strange, but it was strange to many people. No one can say anything about Chu Fei. Although he is no longer a territory for most of the time, his name is very loud, especially the identity of the angel wings and the preparatory officer of the headquarters of Kurast Association for job changers. These two days, the strength of the whole camp has been broadcast, especially the powerful job changers.
Ordered Beatrice and them to entertain the president of the Mages Association, and then covered the altar of changing jobs in his tent, so that all eyes were focused on Beatrice, and Chufei took the opportunity to prepare to control the altar of changing jobs at once. The first experiment was of course ikiss ikiss, an old guy who said it was nice to listen at first, and wanted to be romantic. Chufei was cheated by him at that time and recommended him to change jobs as a witch doctor, but not two days later, this bastard turned to him and decided to change jobs to become a paladin.
This bastard ChuFei condescension to ikiss this guy severely compared with the middle finger. He came to accept Sakaram’s belief and inherit the strength from heaven. The main fighting methods are the two facts of the flame and the holy ice. The paladin who changed his job is also transformed from the paladin who inherited the strength from heaven. For ikiss, if he changes his job as a paladin, he will go further in mastering the strength and maybe he can avoid the experience limitation and directly hit a certain level.
Ikiss walked into the transfer altar, and his face turned a little pale in two rows of teeth. The robber’s head was also tense. Chu Fei was not in the mood to comfort him at this time. He put the precious stones and energy crystals he needed to sacrifice on the sacrificial altar, and then immediately started the transfer altar. Whether it was successful or not depends on the fact that ikiss was lucky. He started the altar directly without waking up. Once the light lit up at the altar.
The idea of peeping at the law has been with Chu Fei for a long time. Naturally, he won’t give up this idea when he personally helps people to change jobs. It’s a pity that the power of the law is revealed in an instant without snooping, and the energy flow in the altar is very smooth and there is a remarkable core. This means that ikiss, a former robber, is right. He can change jobs and as expected, he can change jobs directly and become a paladin.
"If your current level and skills are the same as those of those who change jobs?" Chufei looked at ikiss coming out from the inside, full of strength, ten years younger and more. Then he lacked an eye and grew back. He was shiny, bald and blond, and his speed grew. There is no doubt that this guy changed his job very successfully and can be evaluated perfectly.
"It’s great. I never thought that I could grow back after losing my eyes and hair, and this young body really changed jobs, which could break through the limits of my body. From today, I don’t have to wear a mask to hide my identity. From today, I want this face to appear openly." This pervert excitedly stroked his body, and a strong man gently stroked his chest and buttocks, and his voice was still shaking with excitement. This situation almost made Chufei vomit.
"Of course I saw your superficial changes. I asked if there were any problems with your attributes and skills?" Chufei immediately interrupted ikiss’s narcissism. The change of appearance is not important. The key is skills and attributes. These are the most important things.
"I am now a 39-level paladin skill point, 39 attribute points and 195 paladin combat skills, offensive aura and defensive aura. There is no other problem after waiting for the bonus." ikiss checked his attributes and skills column and reported with joy.
"Well, now we can announce that our first experimental job transfer has been successful. You don’t need me to teach you about skill points and attribute points. As you like to choose skills and specialization, the advantages and disadvantages of this profession of paladins are very obvious. You should be mentally prepared." Chufei is very direct and sure enough, after changing jobs, it will be included in ikiss. It is already very good to have 35 levels of strength
"Well, don’t worry, I have carefully studied every professional job-changing paladin, and I know it very well. I prefer the double-hot or charge paladin’s place or choose the offensive aura. I still need your support in terms of equipment. I have searched some these days, but it’s really good, but not much." ikiss was excited to stretch and was very happy to be reborn.
"Equipment? Paladins are specially equipped. I don’t seem to have left much. What are you going to do? Stay in Lugaoin or follow me to Kurast. The monsters here seem to be the method to meet your needs for leveling. "Chufei wanted to ask about the strength of this guy at level 39 ikiss. No wonder it was very strong at the beginning. Now Lugaoin monsters are not suitable for him. Even if the monsters in Tara’s ancient tomb give too little experience, going to Kurast here is a wise choice.
"It is inevitable to leave Lugaoin; but first; I will help you handle some things here; at the same time; I also need of master my body and strength. Finally, I think it will take two months to kill Duriel before leaving Lugaoin. "ikiss calculated that it is inevitable to leave Lugaoin, but he can’t leave Lugaoin immediately.
Super sacred small shield
Defense 12
55% chance of blocking
Durability 5151
Paladin only
Need strength points 4
Level limit 41 is required.
+15% defense enhancement
All resistance +45