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Can you bury snow in blue and white?

The answer is yes.
Even though he was mobbed by a bunch of people, his eyes didn’t see any waves, and there was still no tension at all. It seems that he is not in the most dangerous position now-he is hung up all over the body and needs a round of attack. He will definitely die if he is thin and bloody!
Corner slightly swept away the blue and white buried snow and saw that Yang Ye was blocked by fire and thunder skills. Except Yang Yeye, several others were worried about death …
"Not the kui is a promise war. What am I thinking?" Blue and white buried in the snow laughed.
Eyebrows shaking blue and white buried snow squint at being hit by a set of Longshan artillery. At this time, there is some peace of mind to Longshan artillery. I can’t guess this moment is the most dangerous, right?
Then, before the high-wind assassin "nailed" the dagger and touched his body, he launched the ninja level 4 skill-
"Upanish? Kill the shadow brake spirit attack! !”
Upanish? Killing the shadow brake, the spirit attack, the dance of a shadow, the ninja locking a target and launching the Upanishads? The spirit attack of the shadow killing brake is divided into three parts again, and at the same time, the damage caused by the sprint attack of the film festival is locked. The target method is to get rid of the spirit attack of the shadow killing brake, and this skill is also interrupted
Skills to launch an instant blue-and-white snow-burying figure again blurred and directly appeared three identical figures to separate the four corners of the Longshan cannon … Then the dagger in his hand turned forward and ran towards the Longshan cannon body …
"Grass!" The high-wind assassin here in Longshan Workshop secretly scolded this skill. Of course, he knew that the ninja’s level 4 skill was interrupted. His nailing skill was not that he could not be nailed to him, but that he could only be nailed to the middle school after the target ninja released the level 4 skill …
They can wait.
However, they are equal, and some people don’t want to wait
"whew! ! !”
A rapid breaking wind struck instantly after the blue-and-white snow burial skill was launched-
The golden rainbow bypassed the Longshan workshop, and others firmly stuck in the body of the Longshan cannon. Then the rainbow made a great effort to directly drag the Longshan cannon out of the fire and thunder skills! !
"grass! ! ! !” The rest of the Longshan workshop was shocked-
That’s a tough move! !
It’s too cruel
The golden rainbow has the ability to pull people in the past, not early or late, but at this time? Because blue and white buried snow is putting skills!
Upanish? After this skill is launched, it will follow around the target and stop behind the target after the skill is released. That is to say, even if you are in the array, a ninja must launch this skill for you, so no matter where you send it, the skill damage will still come out behind you!
While the other party this recruit points is kill two birds with one stone.
Not only saved our own people, but also pulled the Longshan cannon, the little leader here in Longshan Workshop!
"Grass!" Several people in Longshan workshop shouted and denounced and chased them back …
Although the skill of burying snow in blue and white is starting, you can still know the changes around you, and realize that the environment around you has suddenly changed at a high speed. He will know that his first cooperation with the promise war is very successful.
Although I will be controlled by the binding skill after the skill, there is no "one of our own" there.
"There are two." Blue-and-white buried in the snow, I want to make a promise to fight pk, and my heart is getting hotter. When will I fight again?
As planned, Yang Ye pinched himself and released "gravity manipulation" on time to pull the Longshan cannon, and the blue and white snow was also buried in the Longshan cannon to instantly complete the "Upanishads? Kill shadow brake spirit attack "skill release to stop yourself in Yang Ye this group of people-
"ding! ! !”
A light ring just came from Upanishads? Kill shadow brake spirit attack to get out of the blue and white buried snow was immediately flurry assassin "nail bound" skills forced control in the middle of a move.
But he has five people and three followers …
He’s done nothing to be continued.
Chapter 155 There is a way to give back to him
Longshan artillery since the blue-and-white buried snow to his hand, the in the mind just kept the whole for a while. Was there a moment when it was easy to control the blue-and-white buried snow? It came to take a break to catch my breath, but I didn’t expect the situation to change again!