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Hearing the fierce gun platform, Ye Qing and Dong Laoer both stepped up their pace and rushed straight to the slope. Then they saw Luo still fighting Zhao Xiayang. I didn’t expect Zhao Xiayang to drag Luo for so long after making efforts, but he was already a spent force and had some blood. If he was shot by Luo, he would die.

When Ye Qing appeared behind Luo, Zhao Xiayang seemed to see a glimmer of hope. He immediately flashed to the right and then prepared to jump to the platform. Who knows if Luo spelled a few bullets behind Ye Qing or killed him?
He was very depressed and patted a table to Ye Qing. "What are you doing? You didn’t shoot him in the head from behind and I died."
Ye Qing sighed. "Is it so easy for you to blow your head off? People are also gun gods! " Speaking, he has fired several shots and killed Luo before he turned around.
Dream misty rain point B two people have just arrived at the defender base at this time. Ye Qing and Dong Laoer have completely occupied point A. He squatted and installed 4 Dong Laoer to cover the sniper Thomas behind him or took aim at the slope in W.
At this time, the number advantage of club I is not obvious. There is only one more person than the other party. If the dreamer plays well, it is not impossible to make a comeback. After all, there are two snipers in club I on the platform. If they jump off the platform directly, Thomas root has no vision and it will be beyond his reach.
In the end, the two men didn’t choose the box jumping platform because they were worried that someone would jump on the defensive path and be easily shot in the head. They chose the slope platform where they knew that when they first arrived at the slope, they heard a sniper rifle in the W direction, and one of the machine gunners fell to the ground.
Dong Laoer heard the sniper rifle immediately jump to the edge and shoot at another machine gun pistol from face to face. The headshot rate is much higher. Besides, Dong Laoer’s marksmanship has made great progress recently, and this shot will sweep the gunner to death.
Dream misty rain lost another round, and Luo almost went crazy. The whole person was like a manic patient. He couldn’t wait to punch through the brain screen without taking the opportunity to taunt him, but didn’t say a word, which made Luo feel even worse.
He typed to Ye Qing. "Dare to keep walking along Avenue A and fight with me? What is the matter of sneak attack? Old Guanglei landed on the platform and waited for you. You came out from the middle door to kill old teammates and sneak attack me from behind. Is it shameful? "
Ye Qing still ignored the words he typed, but Pearl Krabs couldn’t see the past. Typing said to him, "What’s wrong with this tactic?" Are you dissatisfied with my tactics? This is a game, not a one-on-one fight between the two of you. He just arranged it from my tactics. If you are unhappy, just come at me! "
When Luo saw Pearl Krabs typing, it was like a deflated ball. "I didn’t mean that. It was your arrangement. It was really a misunderstanding. I just wanted to compete with him fairly. Will you let him come to Avenue A this round?"
"Luo, you are still so arrogant. Do you want to know that the world is so big that you can’t find a few people who are worse than you? Keep a low profile outside the castle peak building outside the mountain. Are you going to die? I know your strength. To be honest, you are not Ye Qing’s opponent. There is no need to compete again. You’d better arrange a tactic well and play a game with us with your overall strength, okay? " Pearl Krabs to longly type way
Luo was even more angry when he saw these words, because Pearl Krabs actually said that he was no match for Ye Qing. Nothing hurt his self-esteem more than this sentence. He hated his teeth itch, but he was afraid to get angry with Pearl Krabs. He clenched his fist and punched the table.
"Cheer up for me! If you lose this game, you won’t play the Qi Lele Cup. Get out! " Luo shouted hysterically at his teammates, and those players all nodded their heads. They are all used to Luo’s attitude. Who let people be one of the top five gun gods?
In the third round, Luo adjusted his tactics and transferred the sniper to the platform to defend Avenue A, while he and a machine gunner defended on the trail. The other two machine gunners defended outside the B gate and in the B dog hole. If the other side did not attack Point B, the two men could immediately support Point A and guard the middle road.
Pearl Krabs expected that Luo should know something about this round, and she would never be so stupid again. She also adjusted her tactics. Yuzryha and Dong Laoer went to attack point B. She and Zhao Xiayang attacked the middle door sniper and still went to W outside A.
Dong Laoer and Ye Qing quickly entered the B hole and then lost two flash bombs to point B. They just rushed in. When they entered point B, they saw each other in the dog hole. They immediately showed their posture and shot at the man. When outsiders heard the gun, they immediately rushed in.
At this time, Pearl Krabs and Zhao Xiayang rushed out of the middle door and directly killed the man squatting in the dog hole. As a result, the gunner rushed into the point B from the door B and became a turtle in the jar. Pearl Krabs and Zhao Xiayang rushed to the door B and killed them non-stop. Ye Qing and Dong Laoer were beaten into a hornet’s nest as soon as they attacked the gunner.
Chapter 56 Luo Fawei
Dream misty rain team point B line of defense in Pearl Krabs Ye Qing and others joined forces to attack and quickly collapsed. Luo was very angry when he saw the death information in the right corner of the screen. He didn’t expect that Pearl Krabs would attack point B in this round, which made his arrangement at point A useless.
Dream misty rain sniper and W of Thomas to a gun but missed and Thomas also failed to kill him by two people is a stalemate, roars a "also make a fart, the somebody else all package at point B! Forget the sniper in W and go straight to point B. "
At point A, the three men quickly tied together and then rushed to point B. Thomas saw that the sniper of the other side had withdrawn, so he also rushed from the middle of W and quickly rushed to the platform.
Ye Qing, they have installed four packages from the ground at point B, waiting for Luo and others to come to the trap. The dog holes on both sides of gate B and the hole B are guarded. Wherever they come from, they will be found at the first time and then dealt a fatal blow.
Luo took a machine gunner and a sniper to the middle gate and dispersed directly. He didn’t dare to attack the B gate with the middle force, which would easily be caught in the net. Besides, there is a sniper chasing them behind. If they attack the B gate, the sniper behind them will definitely keep shooting cold shots.
Moreover, the enemy in the dog hole has seen them send several bullets to force the man in the dog hole back, and then ordered his teammates to disperse snipers to stay in the right box mirror and aim at the dog hole, waiting for the man in the dog hole to reappear, while he and another machine gunner went to the B hole.
When he arrived at the B hole floor, Luo met Dong Laoer, who was guarding the B hole. Dong Laoer informed Ye Qing at the first time, and at the same time, he stepped back while pointing, because he knew that he was no match for Luo. If he recklessly, he would definitely be dead. It would be better to protect his strength and help Ye Qing defend point B.
ROM. See Dong Laoer a cliff back, can’t help but despise Dong Laoer line. He and the machine gunner beside him quickly chased Dong Laoer back to point B and then entered Pearl Krabs to arrange crossfire, which can be said to be Chian.
Luo Yi turned around and took a look at the situation at point B, but he didn’t dare to rush in. He knew that the other person’s department was at point B, except the sniper. He threw a flash bomb at point B, and then let the machine gunner next to him rush in first. This pendulum was designed to let this guy be cannon fodder to help him attract fire.
His teammates are very nai, but they dare not go against Luo’s wishes. After all, he is far less powerful than Luo. It is impossible for Luo to help him attract fire, right?
The gunner rushed into point B and was immediately attacked by fire from several directions. He was immediately smashed into a sieve and didn’t even have a chance to fight back. Everyone saw a man coming out from behind the blasting box.
At the moment when the machine gunner fell to the ground, Luo rushed in. He fired two shots directly in the direction of the blasting box. The machine gunner next to aug’s unique sound box should brush out a death message in the right corner to see that Zhao Xiayang was killed by him.
Pearl Krabs and Ye Qing are still here. They are the adults who pose the greatest threat to him. He quickly turned the gun to look for the other two, but he actually ignored Dong Laoer’s squatting in the sunken place next to the B hole. After hearing the gun, he flashed out and found Luo close at hand.
At this time, Ye Qing and Pearl Krabs also flashed out from behind the bunker. At the same time, they shot at Luo and attracted Luo firepower. Dong Laoer shot at Luo from the ground at close range. He pressed the centering very low, and almost all the bullets were swept on Luo. When Luo reacted, the blood was red and was swept by Dong Laoer. Before he turned around, he was consumed by Dong Laoer.
"mom! Snipers eat shit! Didn’t you wait outside until someone rushed in to help? " Luo turned his head and shouted at his sniper, who was very wronged. "I want to guard against their snipers!" "
"So are their snipers here?" Luo is very angrily asked.
"No … not yet!" Dream misty rain sniper is very timid tunnel
Luo was going crazy. He bit his lip hard and said, "Why are you still there when you didn’t come?" No wonder our team’s record is always poor. How can we play well with pig teammates like you? Please use your brains, okay? Your heads are not here to eat, but to pretend to be smart, okay? "
The sniper was scolded so badly that he rushed to point B from the middle door, but at this time point B 4 was about to explode. Club I sniper Thomas did not rush from the defender base, but took the platform path, then entered the B hole and then entered the B point, avoiding the enemy sniper outside the middle door, which also made the sniper afraid to make a move.
From this point of view, Thomas’ consciousness is still very good. Now the sniper of the other side is fighting alone. There is no hope of turning over. Ye Qing and Pearl Krabs are in no hurry anyway. 4 is about to explode. Even if the sniper of the other side can miraculously kill both of them, there is no time to unpack.
In order to avoid being scolded by Luo again, the sniper chose to rush into point B to talk to Ye Qing, but when he rushed in, the gunner killed him in a few moments.
Three machine gunners weave a barrage, but it’s still very fierce. Thomas hasn’t even come yet.
Meng Yanyu lost another round, which is the third round. Luo, the gun god, felt embarrassed, but he quickly comforted himself that it was all because Pearl Krabs’s tactics were well arranged and Pearl Krabs knew him too well. Otherwise, how could those guys beat him?
In the fourth round, Luo felt that he should subvert the unification and couldn’t arrange tactics according to his own ideas, because it would be easy for Pearl Krabs to guess. The best way for him to abandon his own ideas is to fight indiscriminately!
The so-called indiscriminate fighting is to let the players play freely, just like Ye Qing’s continuous misjudgment led to the team’s backwardness. Instead, this method was adopted. Instead, it received a miraculous effect. Luo Rang’s teammates played freely and didn’t listen to his orders. Just play their own strengths
Dream misty rain people can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when they hear Luo’s words, and they feel that their physical pressure has been reduced a lot. To a great extent, Luo has put much more pressure on them than their opponents. Without Luo’s restraint, they can fight as they please, so that they can exert their real strength.
Dong Lao Er killed Luo in this round and couldn’t help but feel refreshed and gave a full bite. He was very disdainful of tunnel "Gun God?" But this is not the case! "
Ye Qing looked at Dong Laoer’s smugness and said, "Don’t take it lightly, Laoer, he can become one of the five gun gods. It is definitely not simple. I expect that he will be serious this round. Everyone should cheer up and not neglect that we must severely humiliate that arrogant guy."
"Don’t worry, we all want to teach that guy a lesson, so he won’t give him a chance to get revenge." Zhao Xiayang and others said the same thing
In the fourth round, Luo rushed directly from the middle road, and his teammates were also scattered. No one went with him all the way, for fear that he was suddenly killed and they were blamed for coming to Pearl Krabs. The layout tactic of this round was to storm Point A and everyone took Gate A. She did not expect Luo to rush from the middle door.
After Luo Chong went there, he saw that there were still two people who didn’t enter the A gate, so he immediately fired a gun and smelled him in the mirror. He was as powerful as a sniper rifle after seeing the mirror, but sure enough, he quickly fired two shots and failed to enter the A gate. Two machine gunners were shot in the head, namely Zhao Xiayang and Dong Laoer.
"I depend! Come in the middle! " Dong Laoer and Zhao Xiayang both yelled together after they were killed. Ye Qing had already rushed to the A door at this time and heard the gun and immediately turned around to wait for Luo’s arrival.
Pearl Krabs, on the other hand, continued to rush forward. She believed that Ye Qing could cope with Thomas alone. Of course, he followed Pearl Krabs. He jumped into W to cover Pearl Krabs’s attack on Avenue A. At this time, there was a dream of misty rain on Avenue A, and two machine gunners were also rushing forward. They just had a positive encounter with Pearl Krabs and the distance was quite close.
Pearl Krabs didn’t expect the other person to dare to come to this front, and he was a little caught off guard. Fortunately, Thomas was quick to jump into W and immediately took a shot in the mirror, which turned one of the gunners into a residual blood.
"bang!" After Thomas was shot, another sniper rifle sounded, which was a little far away. Before Thomas could react, he fell to the W slope. It turned out that the sniper in the dream rain was also on the platform at point A. This shot played expect the unexpected, which made Thomas unable to escape.
Pearl Krabs shot a few times and killed the machine gunner who was hacked into a residual blood by Thomas, but another machine gunner swept it into red blood and the second shot of the other sniper was buffered and flashed out again. She had to step back a few steps to block the line of sight of the other sniper, but it was this retreat that made her posture flawed and was seized by the other machine gunner to blow her head off.
At this time, Ye Qing was left alone in the I club, which was almost a moment. Ye Qing didn’t react, and the team members died. When he saw that Luo didn’t rush into the A door to sneak attack them, he immediately rushed out of the A hole, just to see that the Pearl Krabs gunner who had just killed rushed out. Two people immediately made a fire.
Chapter 569 Pick three hits
Ye Qing is not the first time to fall into this lonely situation. He has experienced this situation many times, but he is not flustered. Moreover, his self-confidence in marksmanship is ten times stronger than before. More than that, he is very calm.
The machine gunner at the entrance of Avenue A shot twice, and he had a hunch that Luo should take the opportunity to rush out. He immediately flashed to the right so that Luo could not see him when he rushed out. He could take advantage of this to kill the machine gunner at the entrance of Avenue A first.
The machine gunner at the entrance of Avenue A obviously knew what he was thinking. Before Ye Qing killed him, he retreated. Where would Ye Qing let him go? If he didn’t kill him, he would be caught between Scylla and Charybdis, so it would be difficult to fight.
Ye Qing jumped directly into W, and then headed for Avenue A, where the retreating machine gunner fired several shots to blow his head off. At this time, Luo had rushed out of Hole A, and Ye Qing knew that Luo would definitely jump in and fight with him. He directly retreated behind the most square box to prevent the other party from throwing a flash.