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Yin Mo pondered and sat there watching the drama with a cool face. Ye Fan took a sip of his lips in silence until Ye Bokang was tired of scolding and turned and walked into the room without speaking again.

A little Ye Fan turned to look at Yin Mo’s frustration and asked, "Am I very stupid?"
He doesn’t know what to choose between his father and his wife
Ye is important, but once there is such a thing as a surrogate mother, there will be cracks in his relationship with Mu Wanqing. What’s the point then?
"You’re not very bad. You’re very bad."
Yin Mo spoke his mind.
"Ye Fan, no matter who hurts you, you and Wan Qing can’t always escape from this problem. This is Ye’s family affairs, yes, but in public, this is the most important thing in the media. Do you think Wan Qing can stand such a big pressure?"
Ye Fan turned white.
That’s right. Recently, whether online or outside, there are news that the wealthy and wealthy family Mu Wanqing suffers from infertility. Although this is true, Ye’s Mu family strongly denies that even Yin Mo is helping to suppress the media.
Don’t say that the gossip in the mouths of those people outside is enough to eat a pot.
There was a bitter silence in Ye Fan.
The banging in the kitchen is endless.
Li Re-xi is trying to splash the chicken in his hand smoothly. The shredded chicken in the porridge is cooked in advance according to Mu Wan Qing Xing Yin Mo in the hot pot.
The same is true for vegetables. Throw the chicken first, then the vegetables, and then get them five minutes later.
Heart tightly will this sentence over and over silently.
With trembling hands, she quietly held a piece of chicken and walked over to the wall of the pot to slide it off. Once heated, the iron wall of the pot quickly stuck the chicken firmly.
"Wan Qing Wan Qing this how to do?"
Li Re precious little chopsticks poked the chicken, which was glued firmly. Mu Wan Qing was chopping vegetables. At the sight of her stupid attempt to grab the chicken, I couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat and quickly dragged her back.
"Li Re cherishes your life. This is a very hot spoon."
Mu Wanqing dipped the spoon in the oil pan and then gently peeled the chicken and threw it into the boiling water. "Just stay here for a while."
"Vegetables, vegetables, mu Wan Qing, don’t fire first." Li Rexi quickly threw the chopping board vegetables into the pot and let out a scream.
"Aye, I haven’t finished cutting that yet."
"Hey, Wan Qing, hurry up. What’s the matter? Cut it after cooking."
"How can this work?"
Mu Wanqing took a pair of chopsticks and tried to clip out those vegetables. Li Rexi patted off her hand and said, "Come on, this kind of thing is called green vegetables. You bring a pair of scissors."
"What do you want scissors for?" Mu Wanqing wondered and frowned.
Li Re pity turned supercilious look very confident and urged, "You care so much, go and get it."
Mu Wanqing resigned, turned and ran to the cupboard with a sigh and took a pair of delicate silver scissors. Li Rexi nodded and suddenly said, "This thing is not afraid of rust, right?"
"Of course not. It’s pure silver. What are you going to do to the scissors later? Bah, bah, I mean, what are you going to do to my vegetables?"
Li Re pity humming a little song smiled and stretched out his hand and scissors to cut those dishes into pieces.
"So you’re done."
Mu Wanqing stared at her hands shaking. This is scissors, not a kitchen knife. You will wear them out if you do this.
"This is food and not firewood" Li Re precious little glanced at her.
"oh, my god"
Mu wan Qing nai patted his forehead and lowered his eyes, but he saw that the chicken in the basin had not been torn into silk and he couldn’t help picking up a piece of way with chopsticks.
"If the chicken is cooked, it should be shredded, but it can be torn by hand. I’ll get the rice now, you tear the chicken, and we’ll divide the work."
Li Re precious little nod Mu Wan Qing turned around and suddenly seemed to think of something. Generally, the scissors were taken back. "I confiscated this thing and I absolutely can’t cut it with scissors."
"Come on, come on."
Li Re precious little nodded and rubbed his hands to pinch the chicken in his fingers and tear it bit by bit.
in half an hour
Mu Wanqing and Li Rexi each took a spoon and took a sip to taste. Mu Wanqing licked his lips. "It doesn’t seem so sticky. It’s very sticky to sell porridge outside."
"What should I do?" Li Re looked at Li Re with a frown, a gentle smile and a little remorse. "It seems like a failure. I’m sorry if I didn’t help."
"Forget it, I still don’t learn." Li Re sighed and let go of the spoon in his hand.
Maybe Mo Shaoju is right. He will give Yin Mo trouble. If he wants to help, he will try his best to make a bowl of porridge, but the result is not so good.
Can cook such a small thing, even Yin Mo, the chairman of Yin’s chaebol, will be her good hand and good foot.
We are all human beings. The gap is not so big, is it?
Depressed out of the kitchen Li Re precious little pushed the door and looked at Ye Fan and Yin Mo light mouth "I want to go back"
Then he got up and started walking towards the outside.
Ye Fan got up and looked at Li Re with some doubts and picked his eyebrows from his back. He looked at Mu Wan Qing again. "If you cherish, why do you look so decadent?"
He asked and poked his head in the kitchen. "What were you two doing in the kitchen just now?"
Yin Mo got up. "I’ll go back first. Just now, think about it yourself. It’s not good for anyone to drag on."
Mu Wanqing held Ye Fan’s ear and snorted. Instead of answering, he looked curiously at Yin Mo. "What were you two talking about when we went to the kitchen just now?"
V Chapter two hundred and four Work hard to learn to cook! ()
Before, she vaguely heard a big quarrel in the kitchen, but it didn’t sound like ink with the person who quarreled with Ye Fan.