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Ghost thunder
Rarity 5
Extremely sharp
Leineng 1/1
Special effects have high hand speed.
Additional skills flash storm over the devil
Lightning storm summons lightning to attack all enemy targets within 3 yards for 5 seconds and consumes 1 point of lightning energy.
(Thunder can restore 1 point every second, which can speed up the recovery.)
The sharpness of the weapon will be increased when the demon is killed (passive).
(Hunter Set 2/2)
Suit effect demon nemesis
Demon nemesis’s fighting ability continues to increase when fighting demons, and the attack comes with paralysis effect.
Mosaic hole 1
Remarks addicted teenagers, you need treatment.
"Shout … shout …"
After reading the properties of the two weapons, Feng took a deep breath for several times before finally calming down. Although he guessed that it must be a rarity 5 weapon, he didn’t expect it to be the top weapon in rarity 5! Two weapons with extremely high sharpness and rarity 5! What else can he cut at this stage!
Moreover, these two weapons also let Feng see that there is a suit in this game, and the properties of the suit are quite good, and the combat capability continues to rise without saying what the limit is! Although it can only be effective when fighting demons, it is also very good. After all, Feng has dealt with demons quite a lot.
The dark crystal effect is really worthy of its name, that is, the devil is dying, and the other flash property of the two weapons should be the cyan ore that Brad took out.
The slayer should be the dark crystal’s main cyan ore, and the powerful skill of enslaving the devil appears. From the skill description, there should be no time limit, that is to say, catching it means calling one more beast. This is going to be tested in actual combat when it is stronger than the lightning strike effect, but since the word high is added, it should not be bad.
Ghost Thunder’s main skill, flash storm, is also very tough. Group damage magic skills can be known from the mage’s settings. However, a weapon actually comes with a group attack magic skill. This is definitely Brad’s exquisite skill to a state. In addition, the skill of killing magic is also very good. Ghost Thunder has been extremely sharp. If you continue to raise your voice, you can play a rare level 6 weapon power, which can be said to be quite positive.
In the end, these two weapons were even accompanied by a mosaic hole in such a strong situation that Feng didn’t know what to say. He was so excited that he walked up to Brad and sincerely said, "Master, I will cherish them as my own children."
"It’s a little strange, but I can see that you like them very much." Brad smiled.
"It can’t be better. I admire you so much," said Feng excitedly.
This sentence doesn’t have the slightest flattery. It’s true that Feng was really folded by these two weapons. He also believes that it is difficult to find a better weapon than them at this stage.
"I hope you can make them help more people, so I will be very pleased."
"Rest assured that I will" maple solemnly nods.
"Well, I’ll go to rest. It’s really tiring to play these two weapons overnight."
"The master, you are quick to rest and I will go first." Maple said and waved to Brad and then walked out of the blacksmith’s shop.
"What about weapons?" As early as at the gate of the blacksmith’s shop, waiting for the right way to see the maple coming out, he immediately asked
"Perfect" maple answered.
"Congratulations, congratulations. Then I’ll do something first. There’s something wrong with the wall."
"Well, come on, I should be able to bring another group of people here in two days."
"I am looking forward to it!" With that, I trotted towards the south.
After the heart is in the right direction and the wild runs away, Feng hits the friend bar to find the old dream of the city and sends a message. "How about being the warlock now?" Packaged "
The original maple was thinking about what she wasn’t doing before she went to wipe out the famine plain, but now she has got two magic weapons, and it’s really itchy, so she immediately remembered the old dream of the city, and the warlock hasn’t done it yet
"Hey, I was just about to ask you to do this, Coco. Then I’ll pull you into the team."
"The old dream of Player City wants to invite you to join his team. Do you agree?"
After the choice, I agreed that Feng entered the team and the horse saw the supporting role, and all the ten sides were also included.
Team Channel City Old Dream "There is no chance to quit this time."
It’s just a supporting role in the team channel. "Don’t worry, I’ve been promoted a lot recently."
Team Channel City’s old dream, "Okay, okay, you’re all good. I’ll hold my thighs."
Team channel Yan returns "where to close?"
Team channel city old dream "just once in that canyon"
Team channel Yan returns "good horse arrives"
A minute later, Feng rode Torres to the canyon, but he found that the supporting role was already there. It was probably done nearby just now.
When Feng turned the horse’s back, the old dream of the city whistled, "The new weapon looks very high-end. This workmanship is not mentioned."
"Want to see it?" Maple laughed
"Forget it, I’m afraid that spicy eyes will lose their motivation to play." The old dream of the city waved decisively.
"Not so exaggerated"
"I really don’t watch it." The old dream of the city is still firmly shaking its head and then taking out a blue fruit and throwing it to Feng Dao to "taste it."