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Jumping from the point A, the sniper was chased by cold blood and affection all the way, but failed to escape into the channel B, so the club I won this round and gained the leading position again, while the female team S never took the lead and kept catching up, and finally equalized the score after the first round of halftime, but fell behind again in the second round.

In the third round, Ye Qing was familiar with the map enough, so he redeployed his offensive tactics and went directly to two people in the middle of the road. One person went to point A to harass the opponent’s defenders through the back channel, so that the other two people did not dare to leave their positions without permission, while the other two went to point B through channel B.
Ye Qing walked in the middle with the meteor. He covered the meteor and rushed directly to the middle. Pearl Krabs also arranged a machine gunner to defend the middle this round. When he saw the other two men rushing over, the machine gunner immediately showed his counterattack and reported the situation to Pearl Krabs.
Pearl Krabs immediately sent a machine gunner to the middle of the road to support. At this time, there were two people left at point A to defend. A sniper and a Pearl Krabs man had not reached the middle of the road before the reinforcements arrived. Ye Qing and Meteor had already pushed to the outside of the defender base. The machine gunner of the S female team retreated to point A, and killed back after the reinforcements joined up on the road.
Ye Qing has ambushed the meteor in the defender base, while he is waiting for the other person to fight at point B at the gate of the defender base. At this time, he has also started a cold-blooded and emotional battle, which has held back the other two defenders and made the point B method give support to the middle road.
As soon as the man in the middle of the road appeared, one of them was fully prepared. The remaining one shot at the meteor and then flashed behind the wall. Although it was calm, Pearl Krabs shouldn’t go to the middle of the road for support, because the other person didn’t show up. As soon as she left, the gunner of the other side was likely to enter the A point. It was a very dangerous thing that the sniper lost his cover.
"Great psychological tactics!" Pearl Krabs sighed in his mind that the other party was arranged outside point A, and people would never show up, which made Pearl Krabs dare not move at point A. He could watch the middle people isolate and help while point B was held back by the other party. Obviously, the other party’s plan was very thorough
The gunner in the middle of the road flashed out again and exchanged fire with the meteor. Ye Ye suddenly appeared. When she raised her hand on the right side, she shot her head. The defense line in the middle of the S female team completely collapsed. Ye Ye Ye and the meteor can choose to support one point at will, and both will have an advantage in the number of people, while the S female team will completely lose its active performance and be passively beaten.
Chapter 16 Match Point
After the S female team suffered a big loss in the middle road, there were three people left. Pearl Krabs and the sniper were at point A and point B. That person didn’t last long in cold blood and emotional attack, so he sacrificed point B and fell into the hands of the I club.
Play blasting mode, but if one blasting point falls into the enemy, the other blasting point will be meaningless, and there is no need to defend it, because the other side needs to wrap it in one blasting point. Pearl Krabs and the sniper have to leave their original positions and run towards point B.
At this time, I have been at point A, andao Dong Laoer rushed out and followed Pearl Krabs to point B. Ye Qing and Meteor ambushed in the road leading to point B. One of them covered the other.
Club I arranged this round very well. Pearl Krabs and the sniper were ambushed in the middle of the road, and Dong Laoer pursued them. Soon, the army was annihilated between Scylla and Charybdis, and Club I scored another point, leading the total score by six to four.
Seeing that the balance of victory gradually tilted towards Club I, Pearl Krabs finally showed a little worried expression. She didn’t expect that the opponent was such a tenacious and resilient team and the other party’s command was really fierce. One person held them off outside point A, and then the superior forces occupied point B, forcing them to give up point A and rush to point B, but they were ambushed in the road. It can be said that every step was calculated by the other party.
"This terracotta warriors really have two! But I am not a vegetarian! " Pearl Krabs said in his mind that in the fourth round of the half-court, Pearl Krabs arranged the sniper in the middle of the road. The tunnel at point A arranged a machine gunner to be ready to take the initiative at any time, and also arranged a machine gunner at the entrance from point A to point B, which was considered as two lines of defense.
At point B, a machine gunner was arranged to ambush the B bridge in the bar. She personally monitored the other side. If she came in through the B door, she would be noticed at the first time and could also give an effective blow. The attack route of Ye Qing has also been adjusted. a3b2 routine does not care about the middle road.
People who are familiar with this map should know that coming out of The Infiltrator base to point A will definitely pass through the intersection and pass by the people’s department and fall into the sniper’s field of vision in the middle of the S women’s team. She decisively shot and killed one of the machine gunners in the I club. The id is Dong Laoer, the unlucky guy.
"I depend! What festival is still closed today! " Dong Laoer was very depressed. He was a passer-by and was killed by a sniper. The other two people rushed to the entrance of Square A at a high speed. The meteor tried to return to the sniper with the other side, but it was stopped by Ye Qing. If it failed to be attacked by a sniper, it would be quite unfavorable for them to attack point A.
"I was careless and didn’t guard against the sniper in the middle!" Ye Qing self-review tunnel
"Eldest brother, we had a hard time leading by two points. You made a faint move and estimated that the horse would be recovered by the other side! I finally think that the middle road can’t be ignored. Although the map is big, there are three main points in general: ab two points and a player who has participated in the UEFA Cup in the middle road. I can tell you responsibly that if the blasting mode map is a point that cannot be ignored! " Dong Laoer probably complained about his dissatisfaction with but before he could conquer, he was dead’s experience.
Ye Qing snorted and ignored him. His tactical thought is that Dong Laoer won’t take the middle road, which can’t be ignored, but it’s not necessary to pay too much attention to it. After all, there are two points to compete for, ab and ab. There was a saying in the S world that bandits can win in the middle road. It can be seen that the middle road is a very important point for The Infiltrator, and the offensive selectivity is very great. Attacking AB with two points and one point can pose a huge threat.
Ye Qing thinks that the middle road in this map is not so important. Although the next round won the game by occupying the middle road and setting an ambush, you can’t repeat the same trick. The other side must have taken precautions in the middle road. Going to the middle road is the most important thing. The terrain of this map is too complicated. Even if you occupy the middle road to support the road, you may be ambushed by the other side. If you don’t attack, it is of little significance to attack the middle road because you must ensure that at least one of ab two points is attacked, so that the other side can go to that point to support, so that you can be ambushed.
Too much force in the middle will lead to two weak points. Once two points attack one, there is no point in ambush in the middle. The consideration of leaf inclination is still very reasonable, but he does ignore that the other side may arrange a sniper to close the road in the middle.
In Square A, Ye Qing and Meteor respectively felt the meteor outside Gate A from both sides and directly entered the middle road from the right channel to check. This time, Ye Qing was allowed, but Ye Qing stayed put. He wanted the meteor to explore the middle road before planning.
A tactic can’t be implemented all the time from the moment it is formulated, and it will definitely be adjusted according to the situation. Because Dong Laoer was killed, the Ye Qing tactic has to be adjusted. It is not enough for the meteor to check the middle road. Once the sniper of the other side withdraws from the middle road, they can choose to go to the middle road.
The women’s team S dare not move at point A because the sniper in the middle clearly saw two other people entering the A Square when he was being killed by Dong Laoer. The defenders at point A must guard against those two people.
It was based on this that Ye Qing thought of changing to the middle road. The meteor entered the middle road and scanned it. He didn’t find an enemy sniper on the opposite side, so he quickly informed Ye Qing that he moved to the middle road and then they rushed toward the opposite side together.
When he arrived outside the Defender’s base, Ye Qing suddenly saw a figure flashing on the high sniper platform. He quickly raised his gun and said to the meteor, "Pay attention to the high position!"
Ye Qing’s voice just fell and the sniper on the high sniper platform moved to the edge position, just to see the two of them. Ye Qing shot the sniper decisively, which seemed a little flustered. It was difficult to move when Ye Qing shot some. At this time, the meteor responded quickly and the mirror was a shot. The sniper on the high sniper platform was killed by the meteor just after the mirror!
"Captain! They are coming to the middle road! " The sniper shouted at once when he was killed, Pearl Krabs was surprised. So there was no one outside point A. She quickly adjusted the line of defense. One machine gunner blocked the road of barbed wire gate, and the other blocked the road leading to point B. There is no need to defend the other side outside the gate A. It is unlikely that the other side will go back from the middle. When it is so rough,
Point B defense is also under great pressure. Two machine gunners from Club I rushed out of Gate B, and Pearl Krabs of Bridge B could see very clearly. Because the other side came in at a very fast speed, there was no trace of sloppiness, so Pearl Krabs fired several shots and did not cause much damage.
After exposing the position, Pearl Krabs had to retreat to the B-point bar, and the gunner soon waited for the business to be cold-blooded and affectionate, but they rushed in together, but they were also very cautious. First, they checked behind a bar and found that the other gunner was hiding in the bar, so the two sides fought fiercely.
The ambush machine gunner was killed in cold blood, but after all, he was outnumbered and finally solved by the situation. It was not a loss that the offensive power of the I club was greatly weakened. A person was not sure that he could get the B point, but he also found confidence after the special training during this period. He felt that he should perform in the game and have a few bright spots. He could not keep playing soy sauce in such obscurity.
Love the footsteps out of the bar and then very carefully move to the package point. Pearl Krabs is behind the package point at this time. Ye Qing and Meteor also came to point B to support the situation at this time. They didn’t go to point A because their positions have been exposed. Point A will definitely be strictly guarded, and although point B will also arouse vigilance, they can double-team with love and occupy point B with much higher success rate.
Ye Qing and the meteor came to the package point from the B channel, but the situation also carefully walked to the package point slope. After the three people joined together, they walked towards the package point and reached the platform. The three people quickly scattered the meteor on the slope frame, and Ye Qing left the box and the situation was directly behind the box.
This double-decker Pearl Krabs has a way to go. She just rushed out and shot at Ye Qing’s gun. Ye Qing immediately shot back at the meteor mirror and quickly moved the center of sight to lock Pearl Krabs to kill him. At this time, the situation attacked Pearl Krabs from behind the box and killed Pearl Krabs with a bullet.
"So small!" Ye Qing praised, hey hey, smiled and touched his head. At this time, point B had fallen into their hands, and point A suddenly became meaningless. At point A, two machine gunners had to go to point B. In view of the ambush in the road in the next round, both of them walked very carefully to eliminate the dangers behind those bunkers one by one, so that although they could ensure that they would not be killed by yin, they had a lot of waves. When they arrived at point B, it became very urgent to get the tone.
There are still three people left in the I club, two machine gunners and a sniper. The firepower of the S female team is very good. These two machine gunners are quite difficult to fight. When they arrived at the package point, they threw a flash bomb and then rushed away.
I club sniper meteor was not at the package point, but at the door of the bar. He flashed out of the mirror and killed one of the machine gunners. The other machine gunner was boxed as soon as he rushed to the platform. Ye Qing and Qing joined hands to kill I club, which expanded the advantage again. The total score was seven to four, leading the opponent by more than three points, and he had already got the match point. Ye Qing turned his head and looked at Dong Laoer. It was awesome to tunnel, "Who did you just say was stupid?"
"Who said that? Did I say such a thing? Impossible, boss, you must have misheard! " Dong Laoer played heels. He didn’t expect Ye Qing to win this round if they died alone first.
Chapter 17 suspense overlapping life
The sky suddenly darkened, and the wind suddenly blew in the long street, swaying the flowers and plants in the green belt. A large dark cloud floated from the northwest of the stadium. People in OCT Park Square started to run. They knew that the horse was going to rain, and if they ran slowly, they might be drenched.
The temperature also dropped suddenly, and the whistling wind brought the raindrops to the ground, which was clearly visible. Gradually, the raindrops became denser and denser, and a heavy rain suddenly appeared outside the stadium, which was very deserted.
Participating in the competition in the gymnasium, the team is still in the competition. No one knows that it is raining heavily outside, so many people feel a little cold. The S female team is all dressed in short-sleeved T-shirts. Pearl Krabs shrinks her hands and feels that her arms are a little cold.
"Captain, we can’t lose again! This round is the last fight! " A female player nodded to Pearl Krabs Dao Pearl Krabs in frustration. "Of course I know I can’t lose again, but the other team is not an amateur team. You can win if you want to win. Be quiet and let me think about how to defend."
"Don’t want to! They are estimated to have attacked! "
"Then you will give us back! Fight hard with them to see who is powerful! " Pearl Krabs bite a tooth, saying that she is no longer calm before. After all, this time, whether the team can enter a round, she doesn’t want to be eliminated in the first round.
"Against! ? Captain, are you serious? " A female player consternation tunnel
"Nonsense! Do I still have the heart to joke now? Hurry up! Attacking the three roads together will definitely surprise them! " Pearl Krabs firmly tunnel
"good!" The players were ordered to go to their respective points and then attacked from their respective points. The sniper attacked from the middle. Pearl Krabs and a machine gunner attacked from point B, while the other two machine gunners attacked from point A.
Ye Qing’s round was divided into two ways: attacking point A all the way and attacking middle road all the way. After point B, he ignored the point A people who had just arrived outside gate A and had not yet figured out how to attack the other side. They were really surprised that they were caught off guard and two machine gunners were swept to death.
The sniper left killed the other side, and a machine gunner retreated to the bunker. The left machine gunner of the S female team also flashed to the bunker, and the sniper of the S female team rushed to the middle and met the other side. Two machine gunners appeared in the middle and were outnumbered. Instantly killed.
As soon as the middle road was broken, Ye Qing and Dong Laoer went straight to point A. At this time, Pearl Krabs and another gunner had arrived at the middle road from point B. When they saw Ye Qing and Dong Laoer entering the defender base and preparing to go to point A, they immediately accelerated their speed. At the same time, Pearl Krabs ordered the gunner outside point A to return to point A to ambush.
The gunner outside point A fired a few shots at the place where the meteor was located, and then he returned to Gate A. The meteor flashed out and saw her disappear in front of Gate A. So he immediately asked Ye Yeqing to let him enter the tunnel and stand by. Don’t make a rash move and wait for them to attack Point A before playing it by ear.
Ye Qing is mainly afraid that the meteor will blindly enter the A-point meeting and ambush the other party. After all, the sniper’s melee is not dominant, and it is easy for the gunner to finish the explosion. After the meteor enters the tunnel and stands by, Ye Qing and Dong Laoer have quickly entered the A-point package.
After a tour of the package point, the two men did not find the enemy’s leaf inclination to judge each other. The gunner should be obscene at the package point. Instead of checking it, he asked Dong Laoer to package him and cover him at the barbed wire door.
Ye Qing just arrived at the door of the barbed wire and saw Pearl Krabs and a machine gunner blunt come over. Ye Qing was surprised by the fire. Pearl Krabs and the machine gunner also responded quickly. Because of the number advantage, Pearl Krabs’s firepower was much stronger. Ye Qing instantly became red and the blood was pressed back.
"Meteor come in! !” Ye Qing hurried to the meteor path, and the meteor horse rushed out from the back channel. At this time, the gunner on the package floor just went to the stairs to support Pearl Krabs, and their meteor quickly dumped a shot in the mirror. This shot hit the gunner’s leg and failed to kill him.
The gunner rushed to the package point, and then dropped four packages that were being killed by Bao Dong’s second child to the ground and turned around. It was a single point that shot the gunner’s head beautifully. Unfortunately, Pearl Krabs rushed in from the barbed wire door and died directly.
The meteor just appeared at the package point stairs at this time and just saw the scene where Ye dumped. He had to quickly mirror a shot at Pearl Krabs, which was too hasty. The root didn’t hit the target, so he jumped directly before Pearl Krabs shot it.
Pearl Krabs and the machine gunner kept four bags instead of chasing them, which made the meteor very resistant. Even if he picked up a machine gun to fight, he couldn’t get it back. The other party needed to ambush around four, and he would die if he went to get the bag!
Dong Laoer looked at the brain screen and teased, "Meteor, if I were you, I would choose a moral way to end this round!"
"You mean from thunder?"
"You can also understand the palace!"
"it’s an insult to a sniper to rely on a sniper who died in battle and didn’t commit suicide!" Meteor is not gas tunnel.
"That’s right meteor I support you! Go and kill them. You will become a hero of the rescue team. Now it depends on your ability to deal with the endgame. You must know that your idol’s ability to deal with the endgame ranks first in the world, and you should also look at him! " Leaf inclined to meteor way with a smile
The meteor nodded, then walked slowly up the stairs with a sniper rifle. When he reached the mouth of the bag, he deliberately stepped and ran for two steps, then quickly stopped to aim at the outside of a box in front of him.
He did this in order to draw the other side out, but how could Pearl Krabs not flash out and shoot when she had to wait until the other side came to pick it up? This is the safest way. This round is too important for them to be sloppy.
When the meteor saw the other party improperly switching to the sand eagle, he moved towards the bunker and turned a corner and saw a gunner behind the bunker, but the gunner was not Pearl Krabs. The meteor shot several times in a row and actually killed the gunner. But at that moment, there was a meteor sand eagle in Pearl Krabs, and there were only two or three bullets left in it. Suddenly, he was afraid to fight. He quickly rushed to the edge of the package and wanted to jump, but Pearl Krabs even shot several times and finally hit the meteor in the back of the head and directly took him away.
Seven to five! The S women’s team pulled back a point in a thrilling way, which made the game suspenseful and made people dare not easily conclude. Pearl Krabs breathed a sigh of relief, gently brushed her hair and said to the players, "There is still hope if we don’t give up the game, isn’t there?"