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Liu Jin also smiled Yin is extremely extremely "gnome male-"….. "

A group of people don’t feel good. It’s more funny than weird
The rich man looked at him as if he had found something. Suddenly he tore his clothes and finally found a square metal thing hanging on his chest, and the screen showed that it was countdown.
No one spoke again this time. Everyone turned around and ran like crazy.
One second later, there was a "bang", and the whole forest was swallowed up by a light wave.
From high school, there was a mass of orange energy on the outskirts of Luoning town, which spread on the ground for a moment and then dispersed into a scorched earth. This energy bomb took away all the bodies, all the guns, all the grievances, love and hate, and all went up in smoke.
At the moment, a crude transport ship has been Masu Nozomi’s fist with this group of light waves, and Chou also feels his blood rushing straight to his forehead.
Lu Jin once again refreshed Xiao Zhou’s understanding of the concept of police. The real police never ask right or wrong and ask right or wrong.
Zhou Xiaogang wanted to say something. Li Dalong sounded in the cockpit. "There are people behind us."
Two people rushed in, and then looked at the back of the screen. There was also a spaceship. Although it was also a small boat, the shape of the cutting-edge bird’s head said that it had a weapon system.
Three hearts are sinking at the same time.
The small boat won’t be detected and scanned by the police ship, but it won’t be further discovered by Ai Ruowei if Tianlong troops plant a boat here. This operation was also carefully planned by Tianlong troops.
"What should I do?" Xiao Zhou is finally anxious.
Li Dalong slammed the joystick. "There is an asteroid called Baizhi Star nearby. I have a humble foothold there and I have to make an emergency landing."
As soon as the voice falls, a low hoarse voice comes from the intercom. "Listen, I’m the leader in front of the ship. You’d better cooperate and turn around and fly at once. Listen to our command. I guarantee your lives. I’ll give you a minute or I’ll get angry …"
Uncle immediately picked up the phone. "What are your conditions?"
The leader replied coldly, "Wang Feng, don’t play your game. Don’t delay. I’ll time it now …"
Uncle immediately turned to Li Dalong and shook his head. "If you don’t come in a minute, go to the escape pod. I’ll be right there."
His judgment was indeed correct. A minute later, the ship behind him suddenly spewed out a cloud of foggy substances, and the dense fog swayed and hit the bottom of the transport ship. The transport ship was like a violent shock. When many steel plates fell off for ten seconds, the tail caught fire, and the fire became bigger and bigger. Finally, "Bang" was a few shiny fragments in the depth.
Almost at the same time, the escape capsule flew out of the debris and went straight to the white star.
The leader sneered, "Chase!"
Although the white star is covered with all kinds of strange dark green plants, the planet hardly sees sunshine for a few days in a year. The escape capsule crashed into a dense forest and caught fire. Li Dalong stumbled and ran out
Li Dalong seems to be familiar with it here. "It’s not far ahead. I still have weapons there, but it’s a little crude. I hope there are not many people on that boat."
He was wrong again. The leader did not bring more than a dozen people, but it was not enough for the three of them to cope.
Go to a small hill behind the bushes there was a hurried footsteps.
"His mother is really fast!" Xiao Zhou shoots with an old gun.
Li Dalong also knows that this is a matter of life and death. He raised his light gun and hit it deep in the grass. Now it is dark and can shoot where there is light.
At the foot of the mountain, a burst of energy and lasers flew wildly, causing the vegetation to break one after another.
"Come on, grandchildren!" Chou’s courage was stimulated to rush into the grass with a pike and shoot wildly.
His gun is still a little advanced and has many shooting modes. As he shoots all the bullets out in a flash, the grass is like a big fireworks explosion, and the opposite tree plops down a lot.
"Look out!" Uncle threw him down before he exclaimed a swoop.
Li Dalong saw very clearly that a cold light flew out of the grass next to him. It was definitely a dagger or an army stab. That thing could be used to put down Chou, but it was blocked by Uncle.
He rushed over and saw that it was indeed an army thorn that had been inserted into Uncle Li’s teeth, and his forehead was as sweaty as beans. It seems that he was holding back.
Li Dalong was in a hurry. "There is a cave 4 meters ahead along the road with medical equipment!"
Chou also dare not bravado. He picked up his uncle and ran forward. As soon as he was together, a black shadow rushed from the side and flew up and swept it in Li Dalong. At the same time, he didn’t sell his bare gun and box. The black shadow fell to the ground, and the other leg conveniently swept it back. This foot was even sharper. Li Dalong was not only swept directly, but also felt his head buzzing. This must be a master of Tianlong troops, not an ordinary mercenary.
When I got up again, I saw that the masked leader had come over and there was a straight and discerning army thorn in his hand.
Li Dalong also drew his dagger.
Both sharp weapons glow with strong light cold into bone marrow on a cold night.