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"I depend! You use an suv as a sports car! " Being flashed by a Yang Feng, he immediately swore, saying that he quickly pulled Ann and brought him, but he had seen the driving skills of dry elder brother, and he didn’t want to make fun of his own life.

At this time, those punks at the entrance of the Internet cafe still didn’t come into the house to see a luxury car for a while and a police car for a while. When they saw a bargain in Yang Feng’s Audi No.5, they immediately pointed to the Audi a6 and shouted, "Look, look, look, the mayor’s car East b5. Fuck, this is awesome!"
Chen Hu and the remaining ten brothers ignored this group of kids who gave birth to melons and eggs. When they saw Brother Gan, they all withdrew and asked for a car, but Xiaowu ran cheerfully. "Brother Hu, are you leaving now?"
"Don’t worry, brother Gan never keeps his word. I’ll let people pick you up later. You have officially joined the Loyalty Hall Command, but whether you can pass the examination depends on yourself, don’t you understand? Be prepared these days! " Chen Hu stepped into the Land Rover car and looked at the clever Xiaowu with a smile and ordered that he saw through this little idea at a glance.
"Hey hey, my white tiger brother, don’t worry, I won’t let Brother Gan and you down!" Xiao Wuyi listened to his heart and patted his thin chest to ensure that he was killed and died.
"Ha-ha, it’s good that you are so energetic. See you later at the loyalty hall special training base!" Chen Hu touched the small five heads and started the car with a laugh. The high-powered engine roared and left some black smoke behind the avenue, and several Zhongyitang chariots followed closely.
Small five at this time the mood that call a cool, silly happily there nao nao just touched by Chen Hu turned around and walked towards the Internet cafe, day showdown with the boss to resign as a small network management have a penis future, want to do big things have to follow dry elder brother thinking of bull to coax, walked towards the Internet cafe.
These punks also knew Xiao Wu before, but few of them took him seriously. Because ordinary punks are almost all in good family conditions, they stole money from their parents, while Xiao Wu’s parents were all facing the loess and facing the sky. He dropped out of school at the age of 15 or 16 to make a living in society. He also knew that he couldn’t afford to play with those punks. A while ago, he found a loyalty hall member as a big brother, so no one dared to bully him.
"Brother Xiaowu smokes a cigarette … Brother Xiaowu ……" When Xiao Wu walked to the door of the Internet cafe, no one called "Brother Xiaowu" back and forth. Instead, they all accompanied a smiling face with a flattering smile. A punk took out a cigarette and handed it to Xiao Wu to be called "Brother Xiaowu" in an instant.
Xiaowu didn’t pick it up, but waved his hand and said, "I don’t smoke. Put it away and go to the net quickly. I just stopped and caused inconvenience to everyone. Xiaowu compensated one person for a bottle of coke. Count me in!"
"No, no, little brother Wu, that battle was much better than those false shadows in his head. By the way, little brother Wu, what big shots were those just now?" The little punk walked away from his cigarette and quickly took the lead in motioning with his hand. He also gathered around Xiaowu, echoing and eagerly looking at Xiaowu, waiting for Xiaowu to explain to them.
Xiao Wuyi heard a snort of anger and asked angrily, "Do you know who just abolished the gunman?"
"Who is it?" Twenty or thirty small bludger’s attention department was attracted by Xiaowu. At ordinary times, noisy Internet cafes all turned their eyes to Xiaowu with a snort.
"Who? Say it and scare you to death! He is my eldest brother, the eldest brother of Zhongyitang! " Small five this small kui didn’t go to comment on this road, otherwise he would be alive to Dan Tianfang grieve to see him talking, picking up the mouse at hand and patting the bar really surprised the onlookers.
At this time, a small bludger wondered, "Isn’t the Lord of the loyalty hall of Brother Xiaowu a tiger? Has the tiger been abolished?" Didn’t you hear that there is such a thing? "
"Road flyover also said you are you! Do I know or do you know? Brother Biao has not been abolished. Now he has retired to the second line. Now Brother Gan is responsible for everything in Loyalty Hall! " Xiao Wu was angry when he heard that someone questioned him. He now thinks of himself as a special warfare player of Loyalty Hall. Whoever dares to speak ill of Loyalty Hall is his enemy.
Onlookers gangsters suddenly made a wake-up call, and someone continued to inquire, "Who was that police car just now?" Audi police car is an official at first glance. Those general articles are rotten Changhe bread, which is better, that is, Pu Sang hangs a police car license Audi. This is the first time I have seen it … "
"Come on, come on, ask so many questions. Why not ask? Don’t ask. It’s not good for you to know more. Go online and play. One person and one bottle of coke will get it later. My little five keeps his word!" Small five also learn to Chen Hu tone answered just now will be a bunch of small bludger sent back to their respective kung fu Internet cafe for a few minutes and restore my old hustle and bustle.
Brother Gan just parked his car in the square at the entrance of the hospital and knocked on the door to get a car. Suddenly, his cell phone rang in his pocket. Brother Gan just took a shot at his forehead. The tunnel is not good. At this point, he called himself. Because the little witch called him four or five times, but Brother Gan didn’t dare to answer it. Because he didn’t know how to explain to the little witch, he planned to clean up the gangster and give her a reply. This busy work actually forgot to take out his cell phone quickly.
At this time, in the large villa, the little witch and Jie are restless and sit on the sofa in the living room, constantly calling the elder brother. Two little girls, Aly and Hu Xiaoling, have been arranged to sleep. Looking at the words, the little witch and Jie are worried and asked, "I still can’t get through Xiao Xuan’s sister. 589 Qin Zhonghao regrets.
She didn’t finish her words. The little witch was just about to hang up. There came a guilty voice from Brother Gan. "Baby, why haven’t you slept yet?"
"How can you answer the phone, you son of a bitch? You and Sister Xiaowan didn’t come back so late. People are worried about how to sleep!" I was worried for a night when I heard the dry elder brother’s return. The little witch suddenly wronged and sobbed.
What I can’t stand most is that a woman is crying. I quickly comforted and admitted my mistake. "I was wrong, baby. I was wrong. I really had something just now, otherwise I wouldn’t dare to answer your words …"
"Hum will speak well, so why don’t you tell me what’s so important that you didn’t even answer the words?" The little witch girl snorted at the bottom of her mouth, and then she remembered something that seemed to exclaim, "Oh … you’re a big bad guy, aren’t you?" How dare you steal food from me and see if I come back and don’t tidy up you! "
"Hey hey, I just want to eat and don’t steal to eat. Would it not be better to ask this expert to guide Xiao Wan? Don’t you have the heart to watch your good sister being ravaged by me? The first time, it was very painful … "Brother Gan was almost knocked down by this little witch. What time is this? What’s going on in her little head? But since she’s a big man, she can’t stand back. Men have to press the key at all times!
To make fun of a man is ok. If you really want to play up your face, where is the thin and tender face of the little syren? The opponent of the dry elder brother immediately calls a Chen way, "You roll for me, you big * *! Tell me what the hell you two did? "
"I … I’m going to say don’t worry, okay?" Dry elder brother really worried that the little witch can’t stand Qin Xiaowan’s serious injury, and she woke up from a bolt from the blue carefully.
"Oh, what’s the matter with you all the time? I don’t care if you eat her! " The little witch’s appetite was hung by the elder brother, and she couldn’t wait to know the answer.
"Small wan … small wan she was stabbed by a gangster in the late execution, but don’t worry that she is out of danger …" Brother Gan said gently and gently as far as possible, but despite this, she didn’t reduce the little witch girl’s shock. Listen to the little witch girl exclaim "? ! Little … Little Bowl Sister, is she … is she awake? " With these words, she began to cry. Jie hurried to hold the body trembling before Ke Mengxuan.
"I just caught the gangster and went back to the hospital. It’s estimated that I won’t wake up until tomorrow. Don’t worry, baby, I’m here at the hospital. Have a good rest at your home. Don’t think so much!" Dry elder brother and Yang Feng walked to the hospital emergency room and answered.
Dry elder brother a listen to dry elder brother went to catch the murderer immediately white just now what he hasn’t been answered immediately wiped her tears gnashing way "did you catch the big bad guy? Teach him a lesson. Don’t dare to stab me, little sister Wan. If you don’t hit me, let my third brother take the army to fight! "
"Ha ha, your man is the kind of person who has been enemies and doesn’t report it. Don’t worry, it’s no trouble. Third brother, I’ve already abandoned those small arms and handed them over to the public security bureau. Are you all right?" Brother Gan replied with a smile, thinking that something really happened to the little witch with a soft face, so my sisters were going to move the army!
The little witch replied with a vicious curl of her mouth, "It’s okay. A fart is okay. If I break his legs, let him run and see how he runs!" Hey! "
"Come on, baby, I’m going to the ward. Go to sleep quickly!" Brother Gan has a cold sweat on his head. This little witch is as violent as a little police flower. I’d better get out of here, or I don’t know what this little bitch can say later!