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In front of the front, the magic hands are all holding an odd shield. The shield material looks like a special kind of wood.

Lin Yu frowned and felt a little uneasy. "Is it possible that this wooden shield can block the spar energy cannon with a shield in hand?"
Lin Yu paid a little attention to the fact that he wanted to verify whether his guess was correct, so he shouted, "The gunner is going to aim the single gun at the magic shield hand and the second gun at the troops behind the shield hand to wait for orders."
Lin Yu ordered the gunners to get ready immediately, just waiting for these magic people to enter their attack area and give them a head-on blow.
Looking at the Lin Yu City Wall spar energy cannon waiting for the magic, I was secretly proud. "Lin Yu and you will know that these heavy cannons are a pile of scrap iron for our troops!"
Lin Yuke no matter what the devil thinks less, his eyes are tightly fixed on the marching speed of the inferno and he calculates when they can enter his gun range.
When Lin Yu pondered that the inferno army had entered the range of the spar gun, he immediately shouted "Single artillery!"
Boom boom …
Hundreds of spar energy shells spewed from the muzzle and flew to the inferno army with gorgeous purple tracks.
Mo Shao was so focused on his troops that he didn’t even notice that half of the artillery fire from the Lin Yu city wall blew out.
When the real spar energy is bombarded, smoke comes straight out, and these cannons are not far away. If you don’t pay special attention to the roots, you won’t see which spar cannon is smoking.
I immediately laughed when I heard that the cannon demon was less. "Lin Yu, Lin Yu, you are really just that! Yuan Mudun defense!"
The magic less than a call to drink ten thousand armed with wooden shield inferno soldiers immediately raised their shields to the top of their heads and arranged into a huge square shield array.
The hundreds of spar shells hit the square shield from the height.
After a violent shaking, the spars exploded into clouds of purple vitality ripples and quickly spread.
And hide from the square shield array those inferno fighters no one was hit by SPAR energy shells!
"It’s amazing that this wooden shield can really block the spar energy cannon!" Lin Yu secretly said in his heart, "When this team is destroyed, these wooden shields must be collected to equip my elite troops."
Mo Shao never imagined that Lin Yu was still in the mood to plot his own Yuan Mu Shield. Lin Yu’s first attack was stopped by his own soldiers. Mo Shao was in a very good mood. "Haha, it will take some time to continue attacking their spar guns to fill energy!"
The inferno army continued to advance rapidly when the demon heard the gun again.
Boom boom …
Mo Shao also had tinnitus himself, but when he saw that hundreds of purple shells crossed the "beautiful" arc and fell towards his troops, the whole person was shocked at once.
"Defensive fast pendulum yuan wooden shield array!" Magic less yelling in front of the shield hand immediately and the previous arrangement into a huge square shield array.
But this time, the shells did not come towards the shield hand, but fell into the crowd of soldiers behind the shield hand.
Boom … Boom … Boom …
Fire mixed with bellow magic little ear rings his wait for a while in situ looked at his eyes a large warrior purple light into red mutilated meat.
This round of artillery bombardment wiped out more than 15 thousand people in the magic team in one breath!
"Damn it!" Mo Shao’s face muscles twitched like cramps, and his teeth were almost bitten by himself.
He heard all day that this guy Lin Yu was "cunning and slippery", but he never thought it was Magic Seven Little who could deliberately exaggerate.
Today, this negligence has finally suffered.
Fifty thousand people were wiped out in one breath, nearly a third of them, and the pain was like a broken egg.
"Shield hand cover gunner ready to give me the gate! Others are waiting in place! " Magic less hysterically roar loud more than one hundred and thirty thousand magic soldiers hold the shield hold the shield in situ on standby. Finally, thousands of people immediately took out parts from the ring and quickly assembled siege artillery.
In less than two minutes, hundreds of magic crystal guns were assembled, and the gunners adjusted the muzzle direction while filling the fire magic crystal energy.
The cannon is more than 1000 meters away from the city gate and the city wall, so close. If these cannons were a fire, they would be enough to collapse the whole city wall of Huaning City!