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Although it is said that at this time, the number one and the number two are still relatively suppressing Shihan, so Shihan does not mean that the situation is really played at this time.

But at this time, it is almost impossible for the number one and number two to say that they want to give Shihan the words, because Shihan is already in the position of number three at this time.
At this time, Shi Han already knew how to be a third-in-command in Yang Di dialect. Even if he doesn’t play a good game now, this is a very good thing no matter how things are.
This is true. Many people express such an attitude, that is to say, it is your own mind.
And Shi Han’s three-handed attitude at this time means that I am not in a hurry. Although I am here to gild, you two probably don’t want this position to move.
Is it necessary for everyone to make progress? This is a rule of officialdom. Although you are trying to suppress me, I just don’t believe that you two are willing to stay with me in a place like this.
If it means that you two are willing to accompany me at this time, then what’s the big deal if such a situation is true?
Anyway, I’m younger than you two. If you think you can afford to wait, then I can afford to wait alone.
Therefore, in such a process, Shi Han felt anxious for a time, which was a sign that Shi Han himself was not very mature.
But at this time, Han really believes in the rules of officialdom. If he believes this, then he will become mature and steady. If you two are not in a hurry, I am even more anxious to see who will be more anxious than the last sentence.
This is a good thing at such a time. This is a good thing. This is a good thing. Even if Shihan points back and meets two leng leng, he just compares with him. Then it will not be a big deal for Shihan at this time.
After all, it means that he is a young man himself, so he has an age advantage at this time. I have time to wait for you two to decide
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Chapter four hundred and thirty-six Than shrewd
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If you two are not in a hurry, then I am not in a hurry at this time. Anyway, it is not wrong for me to come to gild at this time. At this time, I hope to be able to do something that requires political achievements, but at this time, you two also come to gild and need political achievements. It does not mean that you are thinking about a generation, but you must mean that such a place will not come out.
Therefore, at this time, the implementation of Han is patient enough to wait for the number one and number two to decide. He knows such a situation. This is not to say that all people will have such an anxious mood, but Shi Han also knows one thing in his heart, that is to say, the number one and number two will definitely have an anxious mood.
Therefore, such a condition has such a result no matter what the matter is.
That is to say, to see who can’t help it first, if it is said that it can’t help it first, it is impossible for such a situation to have a serious chance to save it no matter what happens.
If you say who will make the first move, then at this time, it means that this person has fallen off the wind.
Therefore, although it is said that Shi Han has not really made a situation at this time, he is not very anxious about such a situation. Although he himself very much hopes that he can make a situation, the actual situation means that he himself is talking about how to look at such a confrontational situation.
If the present situation is said to be very beneficial to oneself, then there is nothing impossible about such a situation, so it is enough to implement it at this time.
In particular, at this time, the key is to see who can’t hold his breath first, and at this time, it seems that Shi Han’s self-restraint kung fu has really become better
Compared with when I first debuted, it was already quite high.
Therefore, although it is said that it is impossible for him to really fight the situation at this time, such a situation is true. Anyway, he feels that he can’t worry.
Moreover, he can’t worry himself. At this time, he feels that the number one and the number two should be more anxious than himself. Because at this time, if it is said that the economic development is not good, who will bear the responsibility?
Or is it that such a situation, such a correct understanding of this point, such a thing is still more realistic
If it is said that the local economic development is not so good, then the real responsibility at this time is the problem of the number one and the number two. Generally speaking, it is rare to directly investigate the number three after this.
Therefore, at this time, no matter how things are, Shi Han has already got his own confidence in his heart, and he knows what he should do in such a situation.
If he doesn’t do anything himself, that’s the best way to fight back. If he doesn’t do anything, that’s the best way to fight back. This is also a common technique in officialdom.
In fact, no matter how things are, if the advantages of both sides are clearly analyzed, then at this time, no matter how things are said, Shi Han does have a certain advantage, so he should not worry himself
But if he is not in a hurry, then at this time, someone is in a hurry.
After all, it means that at this time, the local economy will be developed no matter what, and it is also a top leader and a second-in-command who must do one thing, so at this time, it was more anxious than Shihan, that is to say, the local top leader and second-in-command
The two people really want to calculate Shihan, and if it weren’t for saying that Shihan is as background as himself and wants to take Shihan directly, it would be very difficult at this time no matter what happens, then they would have taken Shihan long ago.
Since it is said that it is very difficult to take Shihan at this time, it means that it is necessary to illuminate Shihan at this time, that is to say, to exclude him. Therefore, Shihan was actually not as big before this incident, which is also a place that makes Shihan feel very unhappy.
But at this time, Shihan also knows that what he needs is an opportunity, an opportunity to turn himself over. Therefore, although Shihan said that he didn’t feel very good at this time, he had a lot of problems with the top leader and suppressed himself, but he just didn’t express such feelings at this time.
That’s how everyone tries to see who can afford it. In fact, the truth of such a thing depends on how shrewd this person is. If this time, whoever is more shrewd will be able to win the final victory.
But if it’s just that it’s shrewd, then no matter how this thing is, Shihan is better than the second in command, and how the two of them are better than Shihan’s experience as an official when he entered the officialdom earlier.
Therefore, if it is said that they are shrewd, that is to say, the two of them should be very shrewd at this time. This fact also says such a problem.
Shi Han is likely to fail. After all, he is a young man. If he can’t get his head down first, then it is possible at this time.
But at this time, I have to say that a guy like Shihan is also very lucky. In such a situation, Shihan thinks it is very correct.
That is to say, he is waiting for his own achievements and thinking of greater development, which is also the most important purpose of Shi Hanlai’s gold plating.
Therefore, it is very important to talk about such a situation in practice, no matter what the matter is.
It’s quite important to Shihan himself, which is to what extent this guy Shihan started.
He entered the officialdom at this time, and Shi Han is also the kind of person with a background. He is also more suitable for being an official himself, so what will happen to him in the future depends on what his first step in officialdom is.
If it is said that he can go better in such a situation, then he should be able to have a better future at such a time.
Therefore, at this time, Han himself is cautious, fearing that such a situation may be said to be a mistake. At this time, he does things but thinks about it for fear that there will be any unexpected accidents.
After all, it is said that if the first step of officialdom is to do very good things, it will give a good impression to the leaders, and be recognized by the leaders as Shi Han. In this way, his own name will enter the leadership’s sight.
In this case, with the help of his family, it is very difficult for Shihan to make progress at this time.