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And Jun Yi Han was really angry, but he was short of breath and smiled back, and then gently pinched her jaw.

"Sister Huang can’t rob the palace, do you believe it?"
The corners of the mouth smile gradually became evil and blurred, and the dark eyes locked her eyes. "Come back, huh?"
Gu Xi Xi gritted his teeth and stared at him but refused to speak.
The man smiled in a low voice, "Sister Huang can give you a palace, but Sister Huang can’t give you a palace or can give you a place to stay in Yushuge."
This time he didn’t ask her for an answer, as if he was sure that she would go back with him.
Put the eunuch hat in his hand on her head and he hooked his lips. "It’s so ugly."
It took Gu Xi Xi half a ring to react. What did he say that was ugly? Ugly?
You have to kiss her for a long time if she is angry and ugly!
Smiling, I want to refute, but there are only men left in front of me, and they leave gracefully with their backs and postures.
Gu Xi Xi snapped scolded 1.
The original calm was almost cold, but his inexplicable words turned into a pool of disturbed spring water.
Gu Xi Xi had a long time to find out the case, but I didn’t expect the news from the East Palace early the next morning to tell her that the real killer had been found and that she was innocent.
She was surprised. "Who is the real murderer?"
It’s a coincidence that Moxi is trying to frame her. Can we really find a so-called real murderer?
"On that day, I invited Taidian to punish your girl Lotus in public."
The little eunuch looked back and looked back, and Jun Fengwen looked at each other and read different meanings from each other’s eyes
"This thing is really not quite right, but now that the so-called real killer has been found, it will definitely not make sense to continue to pursue it." Jun Fengwen pinched the eyebrows. "Even if someone really wants to frame you, he can’t find anything."
"I know the wind warm elder sister" Gu Xixi nodded "I already knew when the man came just now"
This ending is better than expected.
"What are you going to do? Still going back to the East Palace? "
"Yes, of course." If she doesn’t go back to the East Palace, then she doesn’t have to stay in the palace. It is better to go home directly. "Sister Feng Wen can rest assured that I will be careful not to let myself have an accident easily."
"Well," you warm wind nodded his head.
Gu Xi Xi suddenly gave her a strange look. "Sister Feng Wen, what’s wrong with your eyes? Chapter 1479 This matter has nothing to do with me.
"What’s wrong?" Jun Feng Wen looked up and gave her a casual look.
"Why is it swollen like this?" Gu Xixi just wanted to ask, but someone came to the East Palace before he came.
"I don’t know if I was bitten by some bug."
Jun Fengwen stretched out his hand and rubbed it. It was very sour and there was a faint tingling sensation. It was really like being stung by a bee.
"Really?" Gu Xixi didn’t quite believe it. "Or what did Dr. Lin do to you?"
"How is that possible?" Jun Feng Wen picked an eyebrow.