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If it’s halved, it’ll be 150 thousand

Jin Pang knew that Wang Haidong would definitely come out with a harsh condition, and it was impossible for him to be cunning and not to see that it was Hanhai auction house that wanted something from him at this time.
However, this matter is explained by the city. They want to let the businessmen of the delegation have fun and some precious antiques can’t be photographed by them.
Therefore, at this time, it seems very difficult for Jin Pang to bite his bullet and nod and say, "If Wang Zhanggui helps with this transaction, then we will charge you five percent."
Wang Haidong didn’t expect Jin Pang to promise so readily. He knew that Hanhai auction house was in a hurry to find a trustee, but he didn’t expect to find an acquaintance in such a hurry. It seems that the pressure is not small
So at this time, Wang Haidong said half jokingly, "If that’s the case, if I can solve two antiques, then I won’t take them at all?" Jin Pang’s heart seems to have been severely smoked. You are too cruel.
He hurriedly waved his hand and said, "One will become one. If Wang Zhanggui stops the 32nd auction skin and doesn’t let Hong Kong businessmen buy it, it will become the rest. Naturally, we will have arrangements."
An old auction house is a leader in the industry. Of course, this huge auction house won’t hang a tree. This is too risky, isn’t it?
The auction was held as scheduled three days later, but this time, the peers in the antique industry were not active because the limelight was robbed by the big money of the China Merchants Group.
If it comes to antique appraisal, these tycoons are certainly no match for Li Jing, but if it comes to money, Li Jing and others will be hard to catch up with at this time
The first few antiques are just warm-ups, so that is to say, a few collectors bid at most for a Qing bronze tripod furnace, which is only 23 thousand. Bronzes really don’t have much market, so the first few antiques are just tinkering around the edges.
Those rich people in the investigation group don’t even have the desire to bid.
When it came to the wooden box in Jin Sinan, the rich men were a little energetic, but they were not very knowledgeable. In the end, the Spring and Autumn Art Company Li Jing got the box for 190,000 yuan.
Those big money in a wooden box are still not at ease, so it was bought by Li Jing at a price of 190 thousand
At this time, Li Jingcai can rest assured that "an old customer has always wanted to entrust us to find such a box, and now it has finally solved this problem. Looking at this posture today, your porcelain is expected to sell for a big price."
Of course, Li Jing’s idea will not be revealed to others. Otherwise, there will always be people competing with him. Now that the things have been taken, there will be no problem in saying it.
Wang Haidong nodded at this and said, "If these businessmen don’t start work now, it is estimated that they will hold their breath until they can auction three million pieces of precious hands. If not, I won’t have much left after returning them to you."
Hundreds of thousands are a lot for the average person, but if it is an antique market, these hundreds of thousands may not be enough to buy an antique. At this time, the liquidity of Jubaoge is hundreds of thousands.
But this time is also a run on Li Jing in Wang Haidong. Li Jing walked over and said, "Haidong, who are you joking with? This money is not urgent. You can take it back to us before the end of the year and let our company account for it. There is no problem."
Li Jing, this guy is also have it both ways Jubaoge. This time, the salted fish turned over a gold-painted pastel porcelain, which made everyone regard Jubaoge with special respect and at this time, Wang Haidong had a personal seal of Emperor Qianlong in his hand.
This seal is quite expensive or even higher than that of pastel porcelain with gold thread tracing.
Therefore, at this time, Chunqiu Art Company is not afraid that Wang Haidong will not pay back the money, which is the advantage of having antiques.
Even if you borrow hundreds of thousands of words, others won’t worry. You haven’t
As it turned out, it was Wang Haidong who said that it was almost time for gold-painted pastel porcelain, and several rich men suddenly had greedy eyes. At this time, the rich had nothing to enjoy, but they were alone and others had nothing.
Money is a number for these rich people. Generally, what they are after is this kind of pastel porcelain with gold lines.
When Jin Pang finished introducing this pastel, a Hong Kong businessman spoke this Hong Kong-style Mandarin and said, "This is really a good thing. Don’t compete with me."
At this time, Guangdong businessmen are not happy. Are you Hong Kong businessmen richer than us?
Hum, a fat man curled his pie mouth and said, "It depends on who has the highest price, boss Wu. I think this thing should be left in Guangzhou."
This fat man is very confident when he speaks. Obviously, this guy is still more powerful in the delegation.
The Hong Kong businessman raised his eyebrows and said, "Boss Hai, you don’t know what porcelain is for. The sword is given to the hero. This kind of porcelain is suitable for me to take to Hong Kong."
Boss Hai didn’t even look at it and said, "I’ll pay 2 million for what I didn’t do."
Obviously, this boss Wu’s capital is relatively strong, and it’s not so good. Boss Hai immediately raised the price by 100,000. Although the people accompanied by the municipal government are willing to persuade them, it’s not easy for you to persuade them once they are fighting for real fire.
Looking at the rising price of this gold-tracing pastel porcelain, Wang Haidong felt like a flower in his heart at this time. In the end, the price of this gold-tracing pastel porcelain was fixed at 4.6 million yuan, which was taken by boss Hai, which was regarded as a new record for pastel porcelain.
The thirty-second antique is a gold pagoda, which is of little value, but for those rich people, it is the treasure of Buddhism. They should enjoy it when they are rich, and now it is time to cultivate the afterlife.
Therefore, Buddhist auctions have always been very popular.
Plus Jin Pang, this guy has a golden tongue. The price of this gold pagoda has soared to 2.3 million directly.
In addition, in Wang Haidong, the price of this pagoda was 3 million, and it was bought by those businessmen in Guangdong. Of course, the price of the finale antique has always been very good.
However, it is not surprising that all the last antiques are the best. This gold floating pagoda is gold-plated and its price is not as good as that of pastel porcelain with golden lines.
The thirty-third piece of porcelain is Yongle blue and white. In the end, it was bought by a hardware factory in the river city. It is very bluffing to see that the director of the hardware factory doesn’t treat money as money.
Finally, the director of this hardware factory directly transferred this pagoda to a temple, which is also a better destination for this antique.
The last finale baby was really ingenious. The bottom price of a jade tiger in Xuantong year was 3 million, which was bought by Hong Kong boss Wu at a price of 6 million. This also allowed Hong Kong businessmen to win back a little bit.