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"Kill him. Kill him. He’s a stinking beggar."

At this time, the noise of children came from the outside, and then it sounded like a stone hit a thatched cottage.
"Two dogs have no parents to steal bad children! Fight and fight! "
Bang bang bang bang.
The thatched cottage was changed in shape, and the two dogs sat in it with a cold look and said nothing.
"Wang Ergou stinks and fights."
The children kept shouting and making noise.
Sammul He glanced at Wang Ergou and found that his eyes were cold as water, so he couldn’t help sighing. Children always like beautiful things, and sloppy Wang Ergou will naturally be rejected by children.
"ouch!" At this time, the big black teeth grinned from the ground and seemed to be going to rush out.
"Sit down! Big black can’t hurt them. They have the same blood as me! " Wang Ergou drinks a lot.
"woof!" Next to the big black, I was so anxious that I kept screaming.
"Ah, it’s that big black dog!" The child heard that the big black department was scared away, and some brave children would continue to throw one or two stones. When they saw that everyone was gone, they screamed and ran, "Don’t let the dog go!"
Wang Ergou always sat on the ground until it was quiet outside before he went out to climb the roof along the ladder and rearrange the stones one by one. Even the thatched big black climbed along the ladder and ran softly with the straw in his mouth and the stone was thrown to the ground with his head thrown.
One person and one dog cleaned it for about half an hour, and Sammul He kept looking at it without meaning to help.
Half an hour later, Wang Ergou and Dahei returned to the thatched cottage, all of them were lying clean, and the eyes of one person and one dog were so deep and aloof.
"is that why you want to leave Wang Jiacun?" Sammul He finally said.
Wang Ergou doesn’t talk.
"It’s really rejected by everyone here. It’s better to leave a good bed and rest. It’s late at night."
The sound is still floating. Sammul He walked out of the thatched cottage and practiced the local records again. Wushu left two dogs in a daze.
In front of his thatched cottage, he looks like a pine that will never fail.
Soon the sky was a fish-belly grey, and the morning sun gradually rose. When Wang Ergou came out of the thatched cottage with a big black, he passed by Sammul He far away because the strong wind around him roared like a roaring dragon full of power.
It was not until noon that Wang Ergou came back with Dahei. Sammul He opened his eyes and saw the picture of Dahei playing with Wang Ergou. He found that Wang Ergou’s happy time was so simple with Dahei.
"Brother Sammul He, don’t you practice?" Wang Ergou actually took the initiative to talk to him.
"Well, I’m tired and need a rest."
"By the way, Brother Sammul He, I’ve always wanted to ask you a question. Where’s that sissy with you?" Wangergou light mouth
He Tianyi leng then smiled "he went to live somewhere else"
Wang Ergou nodded his head. "I said how I didn’t see Sammul He’s eldest brother all night. You woke up just to have a barbecue with me. Today, the big black hill caught a hare." His eyes at Sammul He were actually different from those at others.
"Do you have something to say to me?" Sammul He guessed each other’s thoughts at a glance.
Wang Ergou gritted his teeth and nodded. "Well, I thought about it last night. I want to ask my eldest brother to take me with me when he goes to the cave seal."
Sammul He eyebrows a wrinkly flatly mouth "no".
"what!" Wang Ergou frowned and looked unwilling.
"Then tell me what you want to go with me?" Sammul He asked.
Wang Ergou thought, "Because I want to create my own future! I also want to help you a little. "
Sammul He’s black eyes have been staring at Wang Ergou’s face. "What else?" His eyes seem to be able to see through his heart.
"What else?" Wang Ergou was stunned by his words.
"Dare not say dare not admit my heart? Well, let me tell you something. You still plan to die even if it doesn’t work out in the end! Is it true that everyone in the village remembers it? " Sammul He’s audio-visual is the king of gods, so you can’t disobey him.
Two dogs a quiver and then a roar loud "yes! If you guys don’t succeed, I’m going to die. Anyway, my life is not fun. If I can’t get out of Wang Jiacun and go to the outside world, my living roots are a tragedy. I need others to agree. I just need this. It’s postponed in the 96th quarter.
Sammul He patted him on the shoulder and sighed. "I know you really want to go outside and look forward to the outside world, but I can’t take you there because I won’t allow you to die and live."