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Gu Jinxi’s face has not changed, but it is heavy. If Chunyun wakes up …

"Big Brother, I …" After Liu Manting woke up for a long time, she shivered and hid behind Liu Hao. Even if she couldn’t speak clearly, Qin Nan was disgusted with their brother and sister. At this moment, she even drank lightly. "Get out of here before the palace changed her mind!"
"Yes" LiuManTing repeatedly, and
Liuhao swept Gu Jin sunseeker’s eyes and quickly crossed with a coolness and bowed his head. "It’s a right man."
Looking at Liu Hao and Liu Manting’s brother and sister, I can vaguely hear Liu Hao’s flustered voice and Liu Manting’s explanation; The footsteps are gradually drifting away; Gu Jinxi shook his head and turned to look at Xie Yi. "Xie Gong deserves more wisdom."
"Didn’t Miss Sunseeker guess it long ago?" Xie Yi turned against an army.
"Hum" Gu Jinxi gently hum a.
The doctor came running quickly again with the medicine box. If someone else had been angry, he would have ordered him to be the one who was most likely to be promoted to Dabao, but he dared not be in the mood.
"Show rhyme" Qin Nan took the doctor’s wrist.
"It’s very kind of you to let go. You can’t take a pulse for the princess with such a small hand." The doctor lowered his voice.
"Quick" Qin Nan Li
The doctor was free to take a chunyu rhyme with three fingers on his right hand across the thin brocade handkerchief to reveal the quilt’s wrist for a long time before shaking his head. "The monarch was cold and even frightened, and she couldn’t bear it."
"If the medicine can’t cure the princess palace quickly, are you asking?" Qin Nan gnashed her teeth and narrowed her eyes slightly.
"It’s easy to calm down and cure the princess, but the princess will be in the future …" The doctor took a sip of his lips and looked awkward.
Qin Nan suddenly lost his heart. "What about the future?"
"I’m afraid it will be difficult to conceive in the future when the palace is cold." The doctor sighed heavily.
"What? How did this happen? " Qin Nan’s face suddenly turned pale and the whole person was crumbling.
"It’s not surprising that this female multi-body cold mountain is cooler than the mountain, and the monarch is soaked in cold water all night." The doctor said while prescribing, "The old man’s medical skills are shallow, but I don’t know if there is a way to know the number of talented people in the hospital."
Qin Nan smell speech was better.
"This is a prescription. If you boil three bowls of water into one bowl and drink it once, the princess should wake up." The doctor handed the prescription to Mei Gu next to Zaohou. "If you are old, you should excuse yourself first."
"Damn it!"
Qin Nan really didn’t think that he had arranged well and everything was so smooth; But it happened that people didn’t say that they dared to start work on rhyme, which also caused rhyme …
"No, no, no,no." Vanilla lay beside the soft couch with wide eyes; Looking at Gu Jinxi, there are thousands of doubts in my heart, but I dare not say that she can endure it; Looking at lying in bed since
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The princess of her own bed kept shaking her head when she thought of the doctor talking. "There must be some other way."
"It’s not what everyone wants to happen. According to Jin Sunseeker, the princess just happened. It’s better to keep it from the princess first." Gu Jinxi looked distressed and helpless
Qin Nan nodded sharply is the line of sight swept all "if someone dares to tell the monarch half sentence …"
"handmaiden dare not" they hurriedly kneel down.
"Hum" Qin Nan hummed "vanilla"
"Handmaiden white" vanilla took a deep breath, but she was still confused at the moment.
She and the infanta are well arranged, so it should be with Gu Jin Sunseeker … How can this matter pull the Liu brothers and sisters of Amber Houfu? Did she see through their schemes? Did she do all this? No, it’s impossible
They had inquired about Gu Jinxi carefully, but it was the first time that they came to Danqingshan Royal Pavilion, and it was the first time that they couldn’t even figure out the position and orientation and talked about taking people to Yuxiangzhai, which is far away. However, Liu Manting came to the Royal Pavilion many times. Is it because she is too interested in climbing the position of toffee?
"Ji Yunning Princess has found us. Can we leave?"
Gu Qian doesn’t like Chunyuyun very much. He brought his sister for fun, but all the way, he was bored with these things.
"No, rhyme hasn’t woken up yet, and the truth hasn’t been found out." Qin Nan was very ugly
Gu Qian’s face suddenly darkened, and his dark tail was slightly raised with displeasure. "It’s too interesting to rhyme that all of us can’t leave the Royal Pavilion before the princess wakes up?"
"Uh-huh" Qin Nan didn’t mind them.