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"Miss Alice, you don’t seem to be very obedient. It’s really a coward to come to you as a big lady."

Fat Joseph was very cunning, so the horse laughed and satirized Alice. Chapter 65 Racing Trick.
Joseph is still a goad. Although he didn’t hear clearly what William and Alice were going to do, he heard it from Alice’s words. William must have suggested to Alice not to race with them, but to kill them directly.
It would be a great disadvantage for them if Alice had not listened to William’s advice, and Joseph still tried his best to win it for himself
"How dare he!"
Alice opened her eyes wide and said, "Joseph, let’s play now. I want you to say something in advance. If you lose, get out of San Francisco. If you are caught by me in San Francisco, I will kill you. Don’t. You are a 3k gang. It’s just an old thing. If it weren’t for my father, he would have met the ungrateful guy Yan. Now he thinks of hitting us and helping the site pay attention. No wonder it’s karma to give birth to a soft egg!"
"You dare to scold us’ leopard ye? "
Alice satirized the 3k gang leader’s obesity, and several people behind Joseph became angry and rushed out to fight with Alice.
Joseph, on the other hand, is cunning and knows that it is not cheap to have a conflict with Alice at this time. His horse stretched out his hand and stopped several hands, saying, "I will dispute with them after the race."
Joseph’s gang seemed to have a high prestige. As soon as he said this, his men who were about to rush out withdrew.
"Alice, I mean what I say. If you lose, don’t blame me for not giving you a face-to-face. I’m going to settle this San Francisco. After that, there will be no more flying guys in San Francisco!" Joseph said coldly to Alice, "Now tell me about the rules of racing here. After all, do as the Romans do."
"Our motorcycle race here is not a circular line, but a one-way line. The lane is 500 meters long and the race is 5 thousand meters. Whoever runs 5 thousand meters first by bike wins. It’s fair. Do you have any opinions?"
Alice replied that she was very confident about racing, otherwise she wouldn’t have challenged Qian Siqi.
"According to your rules, we will let you lose your heart, but this is the prelude to our 3k gang entering San Francisco."
Joseph replied with great confidence.
Zhouyi and Chen Hu are still sitting quietly.
Zhouyi visited the racetrack lanes and found that the lanes were all marked with white lines. The lanes were about two meters wide and the horizontal distance between the two lanes was about five meters.
According to Alice’s regulations, it is 500 meters from the starting point to the finish line, and one round trip is 1000 meters. Whoever runs 5000 meters first on a motorcycle wins.
Zhouyi came out at a glance. This competition is not only about speed, but also about motorcycle control skills. Because running 500 meters will reach the end, motorcycles and horses will turn around and return. If this turn-back movement is delayed more, even if you run faster, you will lose.
"Well, I’ll let you know that our racing car will help you get out of San Francisco."
Alice nodded and the group came to the starting point of the motorcycle lane.
"Joseph, you’ve all come by bike. The motorcycle will have its first race. Who are you coming?" Alice asked Joseph
"The first game is Remy on our side."
Joseph said that a tall and thin guy around him came out, and Zhouyi and Chen Hu noticed that this’ Remy’ was good. Previously, the defense coasters attacked and overturned three coasters, but they didn’t know how good his motorcycle was.
"Qian Siqi, you can win this game and don’t lose."
Alice shouted to Qian Siqi, who had been riding a motorcycle, and said with a threatening tone.
"Haha, your name is Qian Siqi, but the logo equipment is also good. You sound like a professional racing driver, but you will lose badly."
Joseph’s eyes swept Qian Siqi’s towering breasts and said to Qian Siqi
Qian Siqi didn’t look very good, but she didn’t say much. She simply said, after all, she knows that she can’t afford to be taunted by these people. She wants to get out of this dangerous place after the race.
"Wait for the scattered drivers to prepare!"
Alice came out with a tall referee in charge of racing. He blew a whistle and waved a small flag. So Qian Siqi and 3k helped Remy ride motorcycles to the starting point of the driveway to get ready.
Qian Siqi and Remy have buckled their helmets and are ready to go!
"This Alice is still a little young, a little childish and not decisive."
Zhouyi couldn’t help sighing when he came to this scene. It is inevitable that he will come to the 3k gang and turn against the speeding gang. Even if the 3k gang loses the game, it won’t be true that he doesn’t intend to infiltrate San Francisco. It is superfluous for Alice to agree to race with the 3k gang. If he is allowed to deal with such a thing, it must be quick to cut the gordian knot and kill Joseph first.
"Young master, this is a woman, and a woman’s benevolence is Alice’s desire to show off her special skills. If the 3k gang reinforcements arrive, I guess Joseph will definitely turn against the horse and won’t race with the speeding gang."
Chen Hu also said with a smile
When Chen Hu was talking to Zhouyi, he was in charge of presiding over the racing referee. As soon as the whistle blew and the flag waved, he shouted. Suddenly, Chinese beauty racing champion Qian Siqi and 3k gang Remy rushed out from the starting point of the driveway on motorcycles.
When the race officially started, motorcycles roared through the whole circuit, but this time it was different. Although there were many people in the circuit, they all seemed to be quiet. There was still wild rock music playing in the top stereo.
If some people would scream and whistle in the usual race, but now some people who come to watch the race know that this is the race between the speed gang and the 3k gang. If it is not possible, they will have to fight with each other. They dare not tell whether they are watching the race far away from the driveway for fear of attracting any disaster. Even the speed gang are silently watching the race. No one is noisy. The 3k gang is the largest gang in the United States. It is the first time that they have confronted the 3k gang, and they are not sure of winning.