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Su Wan looked at him and finally felt better, and then said, "Since Huiwangdian gave me medicine, how can I be him?"

Su Wan beckoned Xiao Huang to come near and muttered something to tell him to take care of Xiao Qing.
It’s the happiest thing to hear Su Wan’s move against Xiao Qing Xiao Huang. I’m especially happy to finally get rid of a rival in love, but Xiao Qing is not a simple character. He will never let ladies suffer in the palace. He must protect her and can’t be careless.
Su Wan and Xiao Huang agreed to calculate Xiao Qing’s affairs. Two people called Nie Li to come in and carefully arranged Nie Li’s affairs, and then they flicker out of the bedroom.
Soon after Nie Li left the bedroom, she muttered to the maid-in-waiting eunuch outside the bedroom, "I don’t know what happened. There seems to be something wrong with Miss Li. The whole person seems to be angry and has a bad temper. I am really worried about driving me out of the bedroom."
From time to time, there seems to be some subtle sound in the dark lights in the bedroom.
The night is getting more and more quiet, and it’s dark all around. Several figures are like ghosts approaching the bedroom, and soon the people outside the bedroom are knocked unconscious. The first person waved a few hands to stay away, and he quietly sneaked into the bedroom and went all the way to the big bed.
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However, the bedroom is particularly quiet, and there is no one there. The person who sneaked into the bedroom can’t help but turn pale and quickly think that it is very uncomfortable to get the news that she has been intoxicated, but there is no one in the bedroom now. If she has been intoxicated, she will go out.
What if I meet another man?
Isn’t that innocent?
Xiao Qing didn’t dare to think, and his face became very ugly. He flashed out of Su Wan’s bedroom and walked all the way down the backyard to the front.
The place in the back garden of Yongshou Palace is not big, but it is not small. Xiao Qingyun tried his best to listen carefully and suddenly heard a groan not far ahead.
It must be wan wan.
Xiao Qing body move straight to the front.
Soon I arrived at a treasure pavilion in the back garden of Yongshou Palace, surrounded by veils flying in the sky. It seems that there is a person who is constantly twisting his body gently, and the posture can’t be said to be sultry.
Xiao Qing thought that it was Su Wan, and she couldn’t help being hot. I really wanted to hug her tightly and make out.
He knows that his move is a bit despicable and insidious, but he wants to marry her in another way, and more importantly, his father doesn’t want Su Wan’s dragon king to fall into Xiao Huang’s hands. He hopes that he can marry Su Wan smoothly. If he can’t marry Su Wan, he will lose his heart.
Isn’t it for nothing that he has worked so hard for so many years?
Xiao Qing made up his mind to look at the people in the pavilion and apologize.
I’m sorry, but I’ll double my pain. I love you, and I’ll double my kindness to you. Even if you can’t have children, I won’t bring children born from other women to you.
After Xiao Qing finished, he flashed into the Baoting Pavilion. It was dark, but it was a little vague because there was far light shining in the pavilion.
Xiao Qing didn’t pay much attention to the situation in the pavilion because of his excitement. He threw himself at the woman who kept twisting in the pavilion and hugged her. Wen said, "Wan, I’m sorry, don’t blame me, I can’t help it."
However, he felt something was wrong when he said a word, because he was very familiar with Su Wan’s small, exquisite, lovely, soft and cute, like a cute bag, but his arms were full of women. The root of this woman was not Su Wan’s face, and Xiao Qing’s face changed almost instantly. He retreated rapidly, but where did the female part in the pavilion make him quit?
In particular, her nose is full of male body fragrance, which is not only good to smell, but also so fresh. When you smell it, you will know that this body fragrance is the kind of clean smell that only men who have no personnel can have.
The woman felt very excited when she smelled this gas. She reached out and hugged Xiao Qing, who was eager to withdraw. Then she hugged Xiao Qing like a claw fish. Xiao Qing kept whispering in her arms, "Want me."
Xiao Qing listened to this man’s confused words and felt surprised and horrified. He was trapped by others.
Not surprisingly, it was Su Wan who trapped them. Xiao Qing felt heartbroken at the thought that Su Wan should do this to him, and he was sure of one thing. Otherwise, this woman wouldn’t be so erotic, and he was lucky that his father gave him an antidote, or he was afraid of being charmed by drugs at the moment and then he became a good thing with this woman. But he was sure that there was something good waiting for him. He couldn’t stay any longer.
Xiao Qing was anxious to go away, but a woman with claws and fish clung to him and let him get away. This woman was so crazy that she clung to his roots and wouldn’t let him leave. He was so anxious to get away from it that he finally had to raise my hand and chop it hard at the woman who clung to him.
The woman was hit by his palm and flew straight into the stone table behind her. Xiao Qing never dared to stop and withdraw quickly. I didn’t want him to just withdraw from the Baoting when he heard a voice outside the pavilion. "Why is there anyone in that pavilion?"
Princess Feng Xiang sounded up and Su Wan knew what had happened, but pretended not to know and chimed in, "Is there someone? Won’t be a thief? "
Xiao Qing couldn’t wait to choke Su Wan in minutes when she heard her words. You even pretended not to know Su Wan. Do you hate me so much?
However, Xiao Qing did not think much about it. He wanted to leave the flicker, but he wanted to leave. Who knows that Su Wan’s voice sounded unhurriedly, "Yan Ge catches thieves."
In the dark, Yan Ge’s body moved straight to Xiao Qing.
Yan Ge’s skill is very powerful. He jumped over and stopped Xiao Qing’s way. Xiao Qing couldn’t get away at the moment.
At this time, his hand was left in the front hall, because he left his hand in the front of his bedroom, so that if someone came to hand, he would wake him up and let him leave. But now Su Wan is not in the bedroom, but in the back garden of Yongshou Palace, so all his hands are left in the front.
They can’t tell him what happened later.