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He felt it at the moment he was injured in the daytime. Although he had not studied medicine, his sensitivity to poison made him instantly aware of it.

At the moment when he was cut by the sword, his whole hand was paralyzed for a moment and lost his perception. Although he soon recovered as usual, he still felt the change. In addition, although the blood color is still bright red, the red is too rich and has an unusual s-curve. Although most people can’t see it, it is not difficult to see something in combination with the previous speculation.
After the dressing is finished, let Shadow Moon pay the consultation fee and say "Go" to the doctor.
Shadow Moon never questioned the Lord’s command. When he heard that he had thrown an ingot of silver, he gave the doctor a cold look. "Get out!"
Seeing him leaving, he said to the emperor, "Don’t worry, Emperor, we will return to the palace soon. If the quack outside can’t cure the imperial doctor, there must be a way!"
Jun Moying pinched his eyebrows and didn’t know whether to tell a fact lightly or to ridicule "If it’s like the poisoning of the imperial concubine, it won’t be solved by the quacks in the palace!"
Since poison is definitely not a simple poison, it can’t be solved easily.
He can’t put all his hopes on those people who cure too much … Too many experiences have told him not to trust them too much.
"When you return to Beijing, go to South Vietnam yourself. If you see Redjade coming out of the palace, take her back to Donglan and tell her that I have something to ask her for help."
There is no doubt that Redjade will leave, but I don’t know if she has escaped, but … There is probably a woman who is not easy to provoke Nangongche. Since she has broken her heart, if she doesn’t stab her back, Nangongche will be hopeless in this life.
"If you don’t send someone to find her when she is out of the palace, she should be very good at hiding her whereabouts. It depends on you," he added
"Is a white chapter 168 168 don’t need to also let her worry.
Jun Moying nodded his head and suddenly seemed to think of something. "Don’t tell the imperial concubine about my poisoning. If she asks, just say that I’m fine and it’s a minor injury."
She’s sick and worried about the baby. She’s tired enough. A big man like him doesn’t need to worry about it. What if he knows he’s really poisoned?
Shadow month "…" You can spoil her assiduously! Better keep her in a golden cage!
When Jun Moying went back to her room, Feng Shao just climbed out of the bath bucket, slipped and fell back, splashing.
What happened to her? Jun Moying rushed in and saw her face floating awkwardly from the water. The whole face was wet and confused, and the water was full of charm. After just bathing, she fell off her delicate eyebrows and took two shots at the water.
So it seems that there should be no pain.
Yu Qingshui feels like Lotus … Well, he didn’t see it anyway.
"What are you doing there? Come and help me quickly!" Phoenix shallow saw the man there for a long time, but he didn’t want to pull her forward, especially the corners of his mouth were still smiling, and he owed more and more!
Jun Mo Ying picked an eyebrow and smiled deeply. She was going to walk over and help her, but she raised her hand and stopped him in a row. "Stop, stop! Don’t come here! You just changed your medicine when you hurt your hand. If you touch me, you should get wet again. Don’t come over. I can get up by myself! "
"Don’t matter" said to walk towards her again.
Clinker that little thing suddenly slipped into the water and stared at him discontentedly. "If you don’t come over, don’t come over. It’s not good for the wound to touch the water! There is no common sense at all! "
It’s …
Jun Mo’s eyes are dark. "Well, I can’t come over. Get up by yourself."
"Well …" Feng Shao nodded and was about to get up from the inside when he suddenly looked at him strangely. "Then what are you still doing here?"
A man’s face is serious, and he doesn’t have a dreamy expression. Even the deep phoenix eyes are so clean that they are close to koo. "I can only leave if you are all right."
That’s really impressive! Phoenix shallow think if you don’t know him too long and know him too well, you will really be cheated by his appearance!
She sniffed. "Why don’t you go out first and I’ll get up and get dressed?"
"No, I don’t trust him." He shook his head in a tone of no doubt and suddenly narrowed his eyes and stared at her deeply. "I don’t know how many times I have seen your body. If you are shy."
Phoenix shallow by his face, suddenly, a red force took a water.
"Hum!" She got up from inside with a bulging face and full of displeasure.
"Help me with the towel!"
"It’s too small to change together!"
"Bring me my clothes!"
She left, right, left and right deliberately sent him to do things for himself anyway, and the man was not annoyed by her nonsense. Listening to her soft waxy sound, she felt that her heart was softer than soft. Chapter 169 I also want to be shallow.
Staring at her naked for half a day, my mind has produced a lot of pictures that are not very pure, but because of her present situation, Jun Moying slightly moved her line of sight.
Can’t regenerate, whether it’s no longer making her hurt or not … He’s happy!
Phoenix shallow finally put on the clothes and ran to the man holding his bandaged hand for half a day. "Are you all right? What did the doctor say? "
"Of course, how many times have I told you nothing?" Your ink shadow injury is that your left hand gently holds her waist, and the fingertips of your right hand penetrate into her hair. It is not as smooth as before, but the touch and visual impact are unique. I can’t help but bow my head and kiss her lips, which are long, soft and tender.
"Long-winded little thing, how old is this? How can it be like an old woman?"
"Good for you!" Phoenix shallow has just been swept off her feet by his own kiss, and instead, she hit her head with a sap. She is kind and kind-hearted. Does this fellow dare to think she is long-winded?
"It’s only been more than a year and you’ve abandoned me. If you wait for seven years to itch, are you going to cheat on another woman?"
"Seven years itch?" The man’s note is obviously different from her. "Where is it itchy?"
"…" Feng gave him a shallow stare and didn’t good the spirit tunnel "itchy all over!"
The man smiled in a low voice, "I won’t itch when I see others. I won’t worry if I see shallowness. I will be shallow after seven years, even after seventy years."
"This is what you said if you dare to tickle another woman, I will …" Cut you!