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Xia Yibing sat down and had other ideas in his head.

Soon after the wind Jerry Liau came in and walked to the front of Xia Yibing to spoil and said, "Girl, do you want me to take you to a place? Come back in a few days. "
"eh? I can’t think of it. I have to take care of my grandmother, "said Xia Yibing, refusing directly.
"Well, I’ll take you there again that time." Feng Jerry Liau stroked Xia Yibing’s hair and raised a smile.
"Girl, take good care of yourself. See you when you come back." Feng Jerry Liau told me and left Xia Yibing’s house.
After going out, I picked up my mobile phone and dialed a number. After waiting for a few seconds, the wind picked up over there. Jerry Liau just threw a "Prepare to fly back to the United States" with a straight face.
Just hang up the phone and put it in your pocket after you finish. It’s also very handsome.
About 8 hours later, Jerry Liau returned to the United States. At this time, the United States was China. It was already past 5 o’clock when Jerry Liau looked at the wind that day.
"The wind, you’re back, and you miss mommy so much." A young woman, without makeup and noble temperament, walked up to Feng Jerry Liau and said in a missing tone.
The wind Jerry Liau is away from this gust of wind. Mom really misses her son, but she doesn’t want to come home.
"The wind China still used to it? Will life be unaccustomed? "
"Mommy, I’m China. Everything is fine. Don’t worry about me." Feng Jerry Liau’s tone changed to another one. There is no cold tone, no spoil, gentle and affectionate tone, and there is affection.
"Well, that’s good," said Mother Feng at ease.
"Everything is fine in China, so do you want to talk about your marriage with Ina?" A serious stereo got up and looked at the past. A middle-aged man sat on the sofa with a serious expression and looked at the wind. Jerry Liau.
"Husband, the wind has just come back. Let the wind have a rest. He just got off the plane and is tired. It’s ok to talk about things when he has a rest." Mother Feng said with a little accusation.
Deah63 Two fathers are in trouble.
Maybe Feng Jerry Liau hates her since she was a child.
"Marriage is what you order, not what I order. I have my own happiness path, not what you decide for me." Feng Jerry Liau was angry and pushed back.
"You are an unfilial person who gave birth to you, and you don’t want to think about who taught you to walk since childhood, who raised you since childhood … This marriage is not up to you, and your future is my hand," Feng said angrily.
Mother Feng looks at this scene. Does she have to quarrel every time the wind comes back? Does this feel like home? Father’s feelings are not good. When it comes to marriage, he will quarrel. It is also because of the wind of marriage that he left home for China.
Mother Feng is also very resistant to persuading Father Feng many times, but Father Feng will promise to take it so seriously and will never break his word and cancel this marriage.
Mother Feng wants to help, but if she has this heart, she doesn’t have this life.
"It was my mother who conceived me in October and gave birth to me. She taught me to walk and raise me so much. Everything is important to my mother. What have you given me?" The wind Jerry Liau roared up.
This father is just a figurehead, and it’s not just that he and Mommy created him. It functions as a mommy.
Dad is just a father who controls his life.
"Come on, husband, don’t let your two fathers quarrel as soon as they meet." Mother Feng looked at the two fathers and didn’t let anyone quarrel badly. She hurried out to persuade them.
"No matter how the wind says, he is also your father. You know that he values commitment, and your father is also angry now. Why don’t you go to rest first and let Mommy talk to your father?"
"You are tired from flying, aren’t you? Go to rest. Mommy will cook your favorite food for you tomorrow." Feng’s mother advised Feng Jerry Liau to say.
I hope to persuade my son to leave before persuading my husband.
Wind Jerry Liau nodded to Mommy and walked to his room.
"Husband, don’t you want to make trouble every time?" The wind mother walked beside him and sat down and asked.
She really doesn’t want to see her family become like my father.
"That’s what he asked for." Father Feng is still very angry now.
"Husband, the wind has grown up. Maybe he really doesn’t like Ina. Maybe he also wants to be happy. Maybe he already has someone he likes? Husband, can you see if the marriage between Fenger and Ina can be dissolved? " The wind mother asked prying.
Every time I asked, but every time I gave it to Feng, my father refused, and Feng’s mother believed that the effort would always be recovered.
"No feelings can be cultivated slowly. Now there is no feelings. After getting married, stick together every day. Without feelings, there will be feelings."
Father Feng has a stubborn temper. If you want to believe that you have promised something, you must do it. He regards commitment as more important than his own life.
"Husband, why are you so stubborn to help once?" Mother Feng didn’t expect to be rejected again. She was a little angry and accused Father Feng, then got up and went straight back to her room.
Deah63 Xie Yina is sensible
"Husband is really what I said so many times and didn’t listen once. Poor me. The wind doesn’t like Ina but is forced to be with her." Mother Feng said lovingly.
Feng Jerry Liau came out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel and exposed with two pieces of big abdominal muscles and wheat yellow skin, which showed his figure perfectly
Wind Jerry Liau went to the bed and picked up a photo frame when she went back to her room just now. There was a photo in it. It was Xia Yibing. Her rooftop skirt danced and her hair fluttered with the wind. She looked up and smiled and enjoyed herself.
The wind Jerry Liau looked at the photos with a faint happiness in his heart.
"Girl, if you come back to America with me this time, it would be great. I will introduce you to Mommy, and she will definitely like you."
If the girl is willing to go back to the United States with him, he will definitely tell his father to dissolve his marriage with Xie Yina. He wants to marry Xia Yibing’s wife, but the weather is not fair. Xia Yibing will stay in China to take care of her grandmother and won’t come.
"Girl, what are you doing now? What do you think in your heart? "
Wind Jerry Liau missed Xia Yibing very much in his heart. Although it didn’t take long, this kind of miss was really strong. He couldn’t wait to go back to China to see her now.