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"…" Zine didn’t know what to say, so they confronted each other for a while.

"What do you want? Don’t give it back to me! " Zine wants to take back the moon hand, but if she can’t get it, she will jump all the time, and she will be taller than her. Now she is raising Zine, of course, she can’t get it.
Yue suddenly felt cute when she looked at Zine, but at the sight of her body and face, her horse sank.
He put the photo in his pocket and put it directly on his shoulder.
"hey! What are you doing? ? Let me go! " Zine fist slaps on the back of the moon. Zine has great strength, and the moon hurts a little. When I get up, I frown, and then I think about what evil spirits evoke the corners of my mouth.
"ah! You perverted rascal! Why are you beating my pi shares! " Zine is ashamed and angry, and her struggle is getting worse.
"It’s not so simple to touch again" red @ naked @ naked threat
Zima stopped. God knows what he will do, but it’s definitely not a good thing.
After discovering that Zine stopped, Yue smiled mysteriously and walked out of Sakura Saint Class A carrying Zine.
————————————————— I am the dividing line —————————————
I don’t know if this chapter has disappointed the parents. Hehe, did you find it? Real moon is also very dark and evil.
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Chapter 1 He is gentle.
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161-He is gentle
Moon went to his room carrying azine.
"Hey, didn’t we agree that I wouldn’t help you clean your room if I gave you photos?" Zinta asked on the shoulder
"Did I tell you to clean it?" Say that finish carrying azine and went in.
Zin went in and saw that it was a clean and tidy room, which was completely different from what he usually came here.
"Is your room so clean?" Moon gently put Zin on the bed, then looked at her question and went to get something. Zin ignored her when she saw Moon, and directly lay down in big letters.
"Get up" month soon came back coldly ordered.
Zine reluctantly sat up.
Cold hands
"Why?" Zin hid his hand behind the defense and looked at him.
Yue didn’t bother to say anything. He just pulled his hand out from behind her and put his hand on it before he saw that he was holding a medicine cabinet.
Yue took out ointment from the inside and carefully applied it to her wound.
Looking at the month of wiping his own medicine, Zin was a little lost in thought. I didn’t observe him carefully before. He was quite handsome at first glance, but there were many handsome guys around him who had long been infected, but Zin found that he was attracted by the king’s breath in the first instance.
Yue carefully rubbed the medicine and was very gentle, afraid of hurting her accidentally, but she always wondered why she didn’t know what she meant so much. She was so neat that she would deliberately mess up the room and let her stay longer. She would be flustered and heartbroken when she was injured …
(star-retarded children’s paper)
When Yue was concentrating on rubbing medicine, she put her hand on his forehead.
"What are you doing?" Don’t stand up.
"See if you have a fever, but … it seems no problem." Zin withdrew his other hand and put it on his forehead.
Month was almost vomiting blood by her anger.
Zine pulled back his hands and wanted to scold him more. There was another’ thing’ on his forehead.