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"Well," Feng Shao barely squeezed out a smile and was somewhat erratic. "I hope so."

If it’s an ordinary assassination, they’ll be fine
Calm a mood phoenix shallow to want to ask Long Wei and jun cold night thing how, but at this time the baby crying signs sounded Long Wei and phoenix shallow are all face a phoenix shallow almost rushed into the cold son and warm room.
"Bang" pushed the door and saw two wet nurses fall to the ground and-hit the window.
Avoid the palace guards and solve the surrounding dark guards unnoticed.
Phoenix’s pale face suddenly turned pale, and there was a flash of emotion in his eyes. Chapter 797 The Emperor took me back to the palace together.
Huamanlou wing
"Yu Fanghua, are you really unwilling to say anything?"
Zhang Jin looked at the shadow month and raised the sword. A woman could not be afraid, but she was stiff and forced to calm down at the same time.
"What can I say? If I really have something to say, I won’t say it if I am so intimidated? "
Zhang Jin thinks that she is not telling the truth. "Don’t you think that many things worth maintaining are worth it, young girls?" Will the effectiveness of a group of rogue ministers and thieves make you swear forever, and don’t take advantage of the present to abandon the dark vote? "
Yu Fanghua didn’t answer, bending his lip corner meaningly. "Can the emperor let them all go out and let my daughter talk to you alone?"
Jun Moying frowned. Before he made a decision, three people in the same trade stopped him at the same time.
"Brother, no!"
"The emperor can’t!"
It’s a moment’s meditation, and you don’t hesitate. Mo Ying waved at them and let them go out.
Then the line of sight falls before the female body thin lips gently lift tone light tunnel "have something you say"
His attitude is as if it doesn’t matter to him whether she says it or not.
Yu Fanghua lowered his eyes and chuckled. This man will always be like this. It seems that nothing can make his mood fluctuate.
"I can tell the emperor everything I know …"
Yu Fanghua leng one can’t help but want to talk to Cong people wryly, so he doesn’t need any effort.
"The emperor took me back to the palace."
Her eyes looked straight at him, and there seemed to be a different emotion in his stoic black eyes, similar to obsession. "If I tell everything, they will not let me go, and now the only place I can trust Ann is around the emperor."
"What else?" Jun ink shadow still light no expression "should not be so simple back to the palace? Do you still want to give you a birthright? "
Yu Fanghua’s face changed slightly, but she quickly hid it and laughed. "Sure enough, everything can’t be hidden from the emperor’s eyes. I really like the emperor as early as the first time I saw him."
Who can’t help but look at such a good man and be so affectionate?
But she didn’t have a chance at that time.
He just drove her back to Jiangnan and didn’t give her a chance. At that time, although he regretted it, he didn’t think too much. After all, an ordinary commoner was even favored in the draft. Where is he qualified to be with him?
Until I returned to Jiangnan until my family was busy, until those people looked for her, until I was reduced to a brothel …
I don’t know what to think when I see him hanging his eyes. Yu Fanghua quickly added, "If the emperor thinks I’m not clean, I can tell the emperor that I’m still innocent. When the time comes, the emperor will give me an identity and I will be a clean girl."
Jun Mo Ying gave her a slight squint between the eyebrows and gave her a gentle look.
"Do you think you know those will be worth a birthright?" His eyes are very indifferent. "Or do you think I hesitated just now because I thought about you? Chapter 798 is that I never wanted her to let me."
Yu Fanghua probably didn’t expect him to say that. Although his face was stunned, it passed, but he still fell in the eyes of the opposite man. Jun Moying coldly thought about that kind of fall in price thing. How could he do it?
Although Yu Fanghua’s face was a little ugly, she quickly adjusted. "Does the emperor mean that even if I don’t say anything?"
"Are you threatening me?"
"No," Yu Fanghua lowered his eyes and smiled lightly. "I like the emperor. Anyway, there are so many women around him. Can you just give me a birthright?"
She doesn’t want much, so she can stay with him justifiably. She believes that one day she can approach his heart.
That woman, but there’s no reason why she can’t do it.
Jun Moying smiled a few times and listened to Yu Fanghua’s ear, which was full of irony. But before she could speak, he refused her without any negotiation. "Will she be unhappy that there will be no more other women in my harem?"
How can we allow more women to go in if we have to completely remove those who have come?
Although it is precisely because of this that it is nothing to bring this woman back, and then she will be dismissed together, but he doesn’t want to make his woman unhappy at all because of this kind of thing