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"Get out of here."

Zhou Yi kicked Lin Buqun.
Lin Buqun saw Zhou Yi’s face livid, and his expression changed again like a chameleon.
"Zhouyi, where are you from? I’m a prominent figure in Hong Kong, and I don’t want to be planted in your hands like this."
Lin Buqun’s tone changed. He stared at Zhouyi and said that he seemed to have formed a great hatred with Zhouyi.
"You don’t deserve to know who I am," Zhou Yi replied coldly.
"It’s good that the green hills never change. I remember today’s things, and one day you will regret it." Lin Buqun said savagely, as if he was very unwilling about today’s things
"Lin Buqun, you still don’t know how to repent. If you do anything again, ask your father to help you collect the body." Zhou Yi said contemptuously with Lin Buqun.
"Very well, I want who will die early."
Lin Buqun threw a bad word and turned away.
"Brother Zhouyi, is this true?" Officer wan jumped into Zhouyi’s arms and began to cry again.
"Silly girl, what are you crying about? Lin Haonan and Lin Buqun are all excluded. You are the pillar of the company. Your chairman will pack it well. By the way, you can advance some money to pay off your father’s debt first so that you don’t have to worry about anything." Zhou Yi patted Guan Wan on the back. At this moment, she took Guan Wan as her own sister.
"Sister Guan is all right now. You should be happy." Zhang Xuanxuan took out a paper towel and gently wiped away tears for Guan Wan. Lin Buqun was happier than her heart.
"Sister Xuan, this is my heart. I remember when my mother was alive, she told me that good people are rewarded. I met my brother Zhou Yi, who is my idol and my benefactor. I am very happy now."
Guan Wan smiled, but tears could not help flowing out. At an early age, she took on too much. At the age of five, she worked hard to practice the piano. At the age of thirteen, she came out to perform to make money to help her father pay his debts. She was also threatened by garbage like Lin Buqun. She felt really miserable, but today, because of the appearance and help of Zhouyi, all this unhappiness and happiness became the past. All those tears that had been suppressed for a long time immediately flowed out of Chapter 76. Stupid men retaliated.
"Wan’er, don’t cry. No one can bully you with me and my brother."
Li Hao also said to Guan Wan that Zhouyi saved the girl who fell in love with him at first sight in one word. He worships Zhouyi even more at the moment.
When Zhouyi and others were talking to Guan Wan, there was a conflict with Zhouyi earlier, and LAM Raymond also secretly ran out. His backers, Lin Haonan and Lin Buqun, were all excluded, and he knew that it was impossible for him to mix up with the company.
Guan Wan cried for a long time before she dried her tears and stopped crying.
"Thank you so much, Mr. Zhou."
Officer Aoki walked up to Zhouyi with an apology and said that he had previously blamed Zhouyi for making trouble, but he didn’t expect that Zhouyi had finally become a benefactor of him and Guan Wan, and he was also very sorry.
"Uncle Guan, you’re welcome. Call me Zhouyi or Xiao Zhou. You and your sister will go to Hong Kong and get money directly. You should pay off your debt first. I hope you won’t force your sister to do what she doesn’t want to do. She has taken on too much at an early age."
Zhouyi said to the official Aoki
"Thank you so much, Mr. Zhou. I won’t do that to Wan’er after that."
Guan Aoki still insisted on calling Mr. Zhouyi. If Zhouyi had told him that he would go to the company to advance money to pay his debts, he would not have believed it. But now he knew that Zhouyi said that he would never be able to leave, and he would almost be grateful and shed tears. He has been under great pressure to owe a lot of debts these years, and he will soon be old and pay off his debts. Don’t worry about debt collectors looking for him every day and threatening to chop him to death.
They talked for a long time, and it was late, so they were ready to divide.
"Zhou Yi’s brother Xuan Xuan’s sister Li Hao, you must come to Hong Kong to see me." Finally, Guan Wancai reluctantly left with her father.
Lin Buqun returned to the presidential suite of a five-star hotel and was depressed. Soon, his father Lin Haonan also called and scolded him because Lin Haonan also received Kexin Yu dialect and was dismissed by the company.
"Mom zhouyi this small exactly is what position how can have so much energy? I’m really unlucky today! "
Lin Buqun thought while smoking that he was not a kind person. He suffered a big loss in front of Zhouyi this evening, and he won’t let it go!
Lin Buqun smoked a few cigarettes and called in a word, but at this time Lin Buqun didn’t have the heart to answer the words, but he had to answer them several times in a row.
"Who are you?"
Lin Buqun said without a number
"Cousin, it’s me. I’m LAM Raymond," said the caller.
"It’s you. I’m fidgeting. Don’t bother me." Lin Buqun said impatiently.
"Cousin, don’t do this. I’m calling to discuss with you how to deal with Zhouyi and Guan Wan. I had a small fight with Zhouyi earlier, but I suffered a loss. I can’t bear to talk with you about who our brothers were afraid of. We can’t be bullied like this."
LAM Raymond said in the words that this little guy was beaten by Zhouyi and he wanted to unite Lin Buqun to retaliate against Zhouyi.
"Then come to my room, and we’ll plan together in the presidential suite No.3 of the hotel."
Lin Buqun wanted to think and said
Soon LAM Raymond and Lin Buqun, two stupid men with wicked intentions, got together in the presidential suite No.3 of the hotel to plan against Zhouyi Guan Wan.
Lin Buqun’s father, Lin Haonan, is LAM Raymond’s distant cousin, the burly LAM Raymond or Lin Buqun’s cousin, who graduated from Harvard.
It’s Lin Buqun’s self-sustaining identity. Gao Pingri doesn’t like this LAM Raymond very much, but now that they have a common enemy, they will get together immediately, as close as brothers.
"LAM Raymond, why don’t you tell me everything tonight where this Zhouyi came from? I haven’t heard of Guan Wan knowing someone with such a deep background before. My father was fired by the company because of his bloody mildew last night. His words just now gave me a good scolding."
Lin Buqun took out a soft cloth and wiped one of his Phnom Penh glasses and told LAM Raymond that he sounded gentle, solid, dirty and vulgar.
"Cousin, this Zhouyi seems to be hidden deep. I don’t know exactly where he came from. I just met him for the first time tonight."
LAM Raymond pointed to the ground and broke his nose. "This little fight is still very fierce. The hands are very heavy. We are surrounded by several people, but he still can’t do it. Anyway, I have sinned against this small company and I will follow you."
Then LAM Raymond told Lin Buqun in detail about his conflict with Zhouyi.