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At that time, she was too scared to say anything, but as she grew older, she really protected a certain man, so she never told anyone about it-even though the first emperor had been gone for so many years …

After all these years, the Empress Dowager Li never knew about the strange poison in her body.
This man in front of these knows.
But there is one thing he doesn’t know. Chapter 719 Is he the one who is entangled in his heart?
Even in autumn, the imperial garden is still full of flowers and colorful eyes.
The fallen leaves of big trees fluttered in succession and fell to the ground irrepressibly, making them golden.
Flow if a white squat down carefully to pick up the pieces of fallen leaves and slowly fold your hands.
Gu Quan looked at the past from a distance, and the beauty in white was surrounded by a piece of gold. The picture was as beautiful as a painting.
He didn’t know he would touch her here. If he had known, he wouldn’t have gone this way.
Deliberately not to think of her day has passed for a long time. Gu Quan thinks that she is not a person who can afford it. What’s worse, how long have they known each other? So even if he met again, he could smile and nod a "good".
It’s only now that some things are too simple for him-for example, forgetting her.
I just don’t think of it on purpose. This person has always been in the depths of my mind. After all, it is the first woman who has tempted him for so many years. Where can I forget it?
"Gu Daren?"
It was not until the woman was surprised to call him Gu Quan that she realized that he had unconsciously come to her side.
"What are you doing?" Probably aware that his problem was a little abrupt, he paused and added, "Since when did the palace maids in Longyin Palace do such chores?"
Flow if shook his head and smiled "no, it’s just that I like it"
You frown and like to pick up garbage?
If you look at his expression, you will know that he doesn’t know what he is doing, but many people do, and she is used to it.
"Gu’s adult, this is …" She looked at him doubtfully. "Do you have something to see the emperor?"
Gu Quan suddenly became uncomfortable. Can’t he wander around the palace twice if he’s okay? Do we have to find the emperor?
Although … He did go to the emperor!
"Why do you have something for me to bring to the emperor for you?" His face was heavy compared with the original one, and his tone was not good.
If pity is embarrassing, "no", she cut her skirt, got up and suddenly swayed.
Gu Quan a surprised hurriedly catch her.
"What’s the matter?"
"Xie Gu’s adult, I’m fine." If the flow is better, he gave a grateful smile at him. "Every time I squat for a long time, I will get dizzy and get used to it."
Gu Quan felt that she was probably crazy. Looking at her insipid smile, she suddenly got angry.
Is he the only one who is entangled in his heart?
Has she easily forgotten what he said before?
"You this is anemia! A woman doesn’t know how to take care of herself. I don’t know how you’ve been here for so many years! Eat more blood after, do you hear? " Gu quan serious tunnel with a straight face
If flow loomed nodded "oh …"
The two men were deadlocked for about half a cup of tea, and a yellow attack came into view in the distance.
Flow if blinked "gu adult emperor is coming"
"I saw it!" Gu quan grumpily tunnel
"I see the emperor!"
"handmaiden see the emperor!"
Two people have different opinions.
Jun Moying’s face is very strange, and he strides in, and his figure is in a hurry and cold.
At the moment, he directly posed for Gu Quan in front of two people. "What can I do for you tomorrow? Go home first. Chapter 7 Why don’t you tell me for so many years?
Gu Quan leng leng he also emperor this angry sample is blunt he came-although he doesn’t know what happened, but now it seems that the emperor has something to tell flow if?