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Su Wan sobbed at the corner of her mouth and said, "I dreamed that he was being hunted down."

Xiao Huang thinks this dream is really wonderful. "Was he killed?"
The expectant words made Su Wan want to slap him and give him a final look.
"I haven’t done it yet. I was awakened by your clap."
Su Wan said with concern, "Xiao Huang, do you think we did something wrong last night? Will Junli be fine? He was so excited at that time. If Empress Wu Xianfei moves anything, he is afraid that he will be available."
Xiao Huang directly gave Su Wan a contemptuous look. "What can Wu Xianfei do for his mother? Don’t you see that Wu Xianfei loves him very much?"
Su Wan still doesn’t feel at ease, but Xiao Huang has stretched out his hand and put his arm around her and lay down on the bed. At the same time, he said, "Ladies, you can say that he is jealous and I am angry."
Su wan looked at him and thought about it. It seems that it is really not easy to lie next to his own man and think about other men.
Indefensible, she immediately leaned over and kissed Xiao Huang’s lips, which was one of the compensations.
But since I knew that she was pregnant, Xiao Huang was abstinent. She was so close that she immediately provoked Xiao Huang’s body like a fire. Where did he let her go? She kissed her and kissed her.
Kissing and kissing can’t be felt.
Su Wan pushed him and warned him that he couldn’t do it until three months later.
Xiao Huang listened to Su Wan’s face and said, "Why does this hateful little want to slap him so much?"
He said that nature is the little guy in Su Wan’s belly.
After a while, his eyes lit up again and stared at Su Wan and said, "Can we change the way?"
Su wan’s mouth was pumping and she was trying to refuse sternly.
I don’t want footsteps near the door. Someone comes over and reports, "Master Xia Lin asks for an audience."
Xiao Shi’s good deeds were interrupted with a full face of annoyance and asked "What summer winds don’t know?"
Yu Ge is one leng. What’s going on? What’s with the insatiability tone? Think about it. It’s also clear that recently the princess was pregnant. Isn’t insatiability the tone that would be so bad?
Yu Ge laughed unkindly, but he would never let the Lord hear it so as not to be punished.
"Hui Shi Ye Xia Rin is the hand of Wang Dian."
"Duan Wang?"
This time, the reaction was that Su Wan felt uneasy, and her previous worries could not be true. Did something happen to Junli?
"Take Xia Lian to the drawing room at once, and I will go there with Master Shi."
"Shi Fei"
Yu Ge flickered away, Xiao Huang’s face was cloudy, staring at the outside, and then he said, "The ghost will never leave."
When he finished lying on the bed, he stretched out his hand and pulled the thin quilt to sleep, and his face was not going to pay attention to it.
Su Wan couldn’t help leaning over and kissing his face to coax him into saying, "Xiao Huang, something must have happened. Let’s go and have a look."
"Not going"
"Go on, go on."
Su Wan kissed his lips again, so that he rose up and held her with a malicious kiss to bargain with Su Wan. "Then you can help me when this matter is done …"
He looked forward to looking at Su Wan with fiery eyes. Su Wan looked at what was wrong with the sperm brain, but he had no choice but to accept it.
Xiao Huang was in a good mood at once, holding Su Wan and kissing him, and then she was in a good mood to help Su Wan get dressed and go out.
Since they got married, Xiao Huang has been waiting on Su Wan in the room, and by the way, she has been waiting on herself.