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At this time, Sun Shaohu, a bodyguard, immediately blocked Sun Shaohu when he saw this, although he also knew that since Liu Qingqing had identified himself as a policeman at this time, the chances of a gun were slim at this time, but the bodyguard still had to ensure the safety of his employer.

But when Liu Qingqing panicked, Wang Haidong’s arm shook and a shot went off, and the bodyguard’s left leg suddenly bled profusely.
Wang Haidong is no joke. He really dares to shoot a gun. Everyone is dumbfounded. How can he meet such a tough character?
Say hello without a direct shot.
The police are afraid to shoot, but that doesn’t mean that Wang Haidong is really afraid to shoot.
It occurred to everyone at this time that it seems that Wang Haidong said that he also came to eat black, but what black people and the police got mixed up. At this time, the human brain in the hall was a little insufficient, and everything was chaotic.
However, one thing is that Sun Shaohu squatted up with a headshot at this time. Although he was a little unwilling, he was still very clear whether he was careless or his own life was important.
Chapter ninety Success at once
Is lotus this iceberg beauty is also very normal Mr Six squat down, she took her bodyguard to find a corner squatting there.
Furong didn’t want to squat, but the bodyguard said that Wang Haidong was murderous, so Furong obediently obeyed a murderous person, especially when the person still had a gun in his hand.
But hibiscus eyes flashing strange eyes secretly looked at Wang Haidong seems to be to put Wang Haidong this guy black carved into his brain.
Wang Haidong walked over and said, "Notice that the net can be closed over there. We have already done it here."
Liu Qingqing is still a little excited after talking in the past. It’s natural to be so beautiful when the first execution is completed.
Wang Haidong asked Liu Qingqing to put away the bronze tripod and then said, "Brother, I’m also obeying the rules. I want the green sixteen tripod and Yue Wuyang Ya. What’s wrong with this sun? I actually sold all the national treasures to you. You just came to celebrate Mr. Liu’s birthday and were robbed by Yue Wuyang. This sixteen tripod is also what Mr. Liu got in his mind. In a word, you and this bronze tripod are not in harmony with this auction. Now your victims can go. Take your money and go quickly. Mr. Liu, go back and record a message for me."
Seeing that Wang Haidong is not eating black, everyone’s heart is at this time. Jin Pang is the first to jump out and pack up the money and carefully ask, "Wang Zhanggui really let us go?"
Wang Haidong glared at him and said, "What, do you still want me to keep you for dinner?"
Jin Pang and his body were out of proportion and ran out at a high speed without stopping for a moment. Since someone took the lead, the rest of them left one after another at this time.
Sun Shaohu also walked away with his injured bodyguard. It was hibiscus who took his time to sort out his clothes and gave Wang Haidong a hard stare.
Liu Qingqing snorted angrily. "Haidong she stared at you and knew we wouldn’t save them." The little policewoman gnashed her teeth and seemed to want to cuff Lotus back.
Wang Haidong walked over and said, "Women are too narrow-minded to see when you will come."
Liu Qingqing said with a pair of answers, "Don’t worry, the Chu team will ambush people nearby and the horse will arrive."
Indeed as expected ChuTianJi this guy with people in less than two minutes to catch up.
When Yue Wuyang was taken away, Yue Wuyang said angrily, "Why did you arrest me alone? This guy is also illegally carrying guns."
Just as Chu Tianqi was about to say when Wang Haidong pointed his submachine gun at Yue Wuyang and said, "Are you a ghost and qualified to say me?"
As the horse pulled the trigger, a glittering and translucent water shot out from the submachine gun.
This Yue Wuyang regrets that he even regrets his intestines, banging his head against the wall. "I am * * I am * *" This guy is a little insane and was taken away by the police.
It’s a good thing that Yue Wuyang, a hardened recidivist, was cleaned up by someone else’s toy pistol without being fainted by anger.
Chutianji called his hand to pick up things here and take them back to investigate, while sitting next to Wang Haidong and saying, "It’s hard for me to do this. Things are found, but people are almost put away by you. The director knows and doesn’t know how to pick up me."
Wang Haidong snorted. "You’re a typical kiss and tell. If someone is taken away by you, don’t say how much this case will have. I’m still mixed up in the circle. This time, there is a national treasure to do it. Otherwise, don’t mix up in the circle. What can you do with Sun Shaohu and Furong when you bring them back? Do you really have a way to eat people? It’s good to get things back. Don’t come to me for such things, and I won’t go to this muddy water. "
Wang Haidong said and left without looking back. Liu Qingqing leaned in immediately after seeing it and said, "Why did the Chu team Wang Zhanggui leave? I also want to invite him to our celebration party."
It’s quite good to be able to get a national treasure like Sixteen Ding back in this antique case.
What’s more, both families have caught it, which is definitely worth celebrating. Of course, it would be more perfect if Mr. Liu and his gang were arrested for participating in the black market auction, but Chu Tianji also knows that if they are arrested, he may not eat it himself.
Therefore, although he saw those cars that hurriedly fled for their lives by the roadside, it didn’t stop him from walking sometimes, so Chutianji was easier.
Chutianji is also very proud to say at this time, "How can I get there? Of course, I’m angry. Haha, I totally offended this guy. It is estimated that this guy won’t feel relieved for a month or two. Forget it. Check and close the team."
In the evening, Wang Haidong gnashed her teeth and looked at it. The remote control was about to hit the screen, but think about it. I finally held back and didn’t start watching the news. My public security machine bravely cracked a major antique smuggling case and recovered a national treasure-level cultural relic. Anyway, it was me. My public security machine king was domineering and a town was small and be beheaded.
Of course, there is nothing about Wang Haidong. Even Liu Qingqing just swayed in front of the camera. However, the fat deputy director gave an impassioned speech in front of the camera, which was very wonderful.
Of course, this is also a disguised form of protection for Liu Qingqing and Wang Haidong. What’s more, Wang Haidong is not rare for this news.
He did this in the antique market, but he was very taboo. After all, the Sixteen Ding is a national treasure, and it is also a good thing that it can be left behind. There will be less than half a circle of people inside, and people will definitely be here in Wang Haidong.
But it would be a bit inappropriate for Wang Haidong to show off in front of the camera at this time.
None of these Wang Haidong are angry, but one thing is that this Yue Wuyang doesn’t get up at all. It seems that there is no such person as a root. Generally, if this guy Yue Wuyang doesn’t pay attention, will the Sixteen Ding be pulled out?
Now there are no Wuyang in Lian Yue. Is there any problem in this matter?
Chapter ninety-one Kannika nimtragol
Wang Haidong finally couldn’t help but pick up the words and said, "ChuTianJi, what the hell are you doing to me? I had so much trouble and how many brain cells died before I caught you as the culprit in the good news without saying a word."
Chutianji hurriedly explained, "Haidong this time, you just got a toy gun to see how many brain cells are still dead. Who are you fooling?"