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See Ye Han didn’t show any embarrassment. Lengling naturally nodded with relief. "Well, if you have anything to do, do it quickly. You must close it at noon tonight!"

After that, Lengling sealed the seal and expelled Ye Hanyuan from his heart. Then he stared at Ye Han from where he stood before and muttered to himself, "Brother Han, I don’t know why I feel this way, but I believe Grandpa won’t lie to me. We definitely have a lot of development!"
With that, Lengling fell into silence, quietly feeling the changes in the environment around Ye Han’s body, and always ready to help him avoid any danger he encountered at some time and could not save himself.
Although the cold ling method is now used to find out what happened to Ye Han, it is still possible to get a glimpse of Ye Han’s situation at the moment. Take good care of Ye Han, and she must always be careful and be careful.
Ye Han doesn’t know the psychological situation, but he also knows that Lengling is always watching his actions and always ready to lend a helping hand when he is in danger.
It turned out that he would still be Lengling, who was monitoring himself, but after today’s incident, Lengling’s self-styled mind was connected to Unicom, and this idea completely disappeared in Ye Han’s mind.
Yuan knowledge returned to the body, and Ye Han could not help but take a long sigh of relief. Soon, the lake was not far away, and the grass got up from now on.
Ye Han, who walked to the grass nearest to the lake, just came to my senses and took a look at the lake again. I saw that there was a reflection of Wan Li sky on the lake, and that round was hotter than the sun near noon!
Seeing that it’s half a day since I closed the event, Ye Han is not in a hurry, but there is a faint worry. I don’t know if I can control my body cold after I close it this time.
If you don’t do this, it’s not a big loss for Ye Han. It’s just to accept a failure, but it’s hard to understand that he consciously shouldn’t.
Therefore, he is full of expectations and worries about this closure, but Ye Han is more grateful for both.
I’ve been spending a lot of time unconsciously since I came back. For a while, he didn’t even know how it was, but what happened these days was completely unexpected.
Originally, he wanted to go back to his home to spend the extra two years, but now everything has changed. His fate of two years has been completely shaken off, but he is facing another test.
In this test, there is love for Ye Rou and affection for parents, but so far, although many things have happened, none of them have really completed these two arduous tests. On the contrary, the real test has just begun.
When he comes here, he will not only solve the gap between his parents, but also find a way to find Ye Rou. More importantly, he will make every effort to solve his own cold heart. What will be the severe test waiting for him? So far, he thinks these are the three things.
Now I am separated from my parents by a catty, but I have almost solved it. I need to find an event to relax and talk with my parents. Finally, I can’t say some words of understanding, so this matter is completed.
The 49th world to bury the hatchet.
However, the latter two things are even more difficult to complete now, even if Ye Rou’s things are revealed by his parents before, but at least so far he doesn’t know anything, and he is worried about whether the clues given by his parents are true!
"Soft elder sister where the hell are you? Are you still waiting for me? " Thought of here, Ye Han couldn’t help mumbling, "Hehe, I think you should be ready for a * * preparation, sister?"
Ye Han’s face suddenly became full of melancholy, and he continued to mutter, "No matter whether Sister Rou will wait for me or not, I will come to you. Wait!"
With that, Ye Han looked at the lake in front of him again for a long time before he sighed and walked slowly in the direction where he came. There was still a calm lake and Ye Han left his footprints until his back disappeared. All this was not broken.
Walking in Xingyuancheng Street, Ye Han suddenly felt a kind of inexplicable sadness. He thought that walking with Ye Rou was so warm at the beginning, but now he can walk alone.
However, this feeling didn’t last long. Ye Han had already returned to the door of Yejia Mansion. Manager Ye Lin is still at the door like a gatekeeper.
The only thing that is different from his guard is that Yelin is looking around at the moment as if he were looking for something. If it weren’t for the big housekeeper of Ye’s family, maybe others would think he had any wild intentions!
When Ye Han came back, Manager Ye Lin stopped looking around but came to Ye Han and smiled at him. "Master Han, you are finally back, and the heads of families are waiting for you to go back to lunch!"
Listen to the words of Ye Lin housekeeper Ye Han suddenly speechless feelings, this leaves home housekeeper has now become a messenger, incredibly hot day just to keep the family gate to find yourself back for lunch.
Yu Ye Han didn’t have his thoughts, and he didn’t think about what the housekeeper YiYe Lin did and who caused it.
Going into the door of Yejia, with Ye Lin leading Ye Han, he soon came to the dining room outside. This is the dining room for the heads of families and families. If there are no special circumstances, then only the heads of families can have this meal.
Of course, in general, this dining room is also the place to eat, and it is usually sent to the family in their own rooms, which also saves some trouble.
However, the chief of the fathers, Ye Hong, has ordered us to regard this place as a long-term food place. If there are no special circumstances, Ye Han and Ye Mu plus Ye Hong themselves will all eat in this dining room.
Ye Han didn’t care about anything, and he came here more than once to enjoy Ye’s mother’s cooking, but today he has a faint feeling that his parents must want to discuss something big and small during this dinner.
After entering the dining room, Ye Lin quietly left, and the scene in the dining room was just as Ye Han thought before. Except Ye Hong and Ye Mu, no one else could be found. Obviously, some important things are inconvenient for outsiders to know.
Ye Han noticed that it was not this, but that this full table of food was all his own favorite, as if this full table of food was prepared by him alone.
"Father and mother, I don’t know what you came to me for?" You are welcome to sit at the table and enjoy a table of food regardless of etiquette. Ye Han just turned towards Ye Hong and Ye Mu and asked them.
See Ye Han so Ye Mu immediately smiled and said, "Let’s talk about something after dinner. Cold son, eat whatever you want. This is mother’s special job. We’ll get down to business after you prepare the food."
Ye Han smell speech and nodded without hesitation to enjoy this full table of food. Although I have already eaten enough, Ye Han still feels very hungry after such a long time!
Therefore, Ye Han feels more deeply about his own cultivation. If he has not lost his cultivation, he will not feel hungry now. At the same time, he can’t help but make up his mind again to practice hard.
He has made this decision before, but now he wants to add another reason to this decision, that is, he should practice hard not to starve himself.
Watching Ye Han slowly wipe out the food on the table, Ye Hong’s face suddenly revealed a comforting smile, while Ye Mu secretly chuckled.
After eating, Ye Han couldn’t help but turn his attention to his parents’ faces, and neither of them came to stop his face and get a panoramic view of their faces
"Ha ha! Well, I’ve already eaten my meal. Is it time to discuss things? What are you looking for me this time? "
Feel like eating seems a bit indecent Ye Han face flashed an embarrassing color secretly calmed an embarrassing Ye Han this just smiled to say with smile.
"Well, that’s true. It’s not a big deal for us to find you this time. Your father and I both know that you will be closed soon. When you are closed, we will tell you the clue to find Rou Er. You must also leave soon to find him!"
Quietly watching Ye Han Ye Mu hesitated for a moment and hesitated for a moment. Then she smiled and told her about Ye Han’s eyes again, and then she was lost in thought.
Ye Han is not in a hurry to interrupt when he knows that Ye Mu has another story. He just looks at Ye Mu quietly and occasionally looks at Ye Hong for a long time without saying anything or hearing Ye Mu’s later story.
"Ha ha, let me tell you the truth. The two of us came to you this time to explain things to you in the past ten years!" See Ye Mu never say the true purpose Ye Hong suddenly sat still, got up and sat beside Ye Han, then smiled and laughed.
Ye Hong was as lost in thought as Ye Mu, which made Ye Han puzzled. According to what his parents had said before, he had vaguely guessed what would happen next, but he didn’t know what his parents were like.
"Father and mother, if you have something to say, you might as well say it directly!" I feel that my parents are not very willing to go to Ye Han, and I don’t want to reluctantly remember that this may be the time to bridge the gap between myself and my parents, so he asked Ye Hong with a blank face