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"At that time, Brother Leng was known as a genius in the vertical direction. At that time, although his strength level was not too high, all his brothers were invincible with a quick sword, let alone other disciples. Even most kung fu masters could not escape Brother Leng’s quick sword."

"That sword shocked everyone when he traveled to other mountains for examination. I will never forget it today. The visual impact of that sword is almost extreme, faster than the speed of sound, and Brother Leng has a characteristic that it is always an ordinary iron sword with cabbage price."
"Brother Leng left before Brother Ouyang rose."
"Then do you say Brother Leng is fierce or Brother Ouyang is fierce?"
"Brother Leng has been away for more than ten years. Although Brother Ouyang is also very good, I don’t think he can reach the height of Brother Leng."
"Let’s go and have a look."
Dreadwind Gate, which has been silent for a long time, suddenly started to make waves. Every senior brother boasted that he was well informed, which finally gave you an excuse to be close to your younger sister.
"Sister, if you want to know more about Brother Leng, let’s go to the back of the mountain sometime to have a deeper exchange and discuss the problems of life and strangers."
"The back hill is quiet. Let’s sit there and have some fruit while watching the sunset."
Such invitations come one after another. Because there are too many people to eat, a girl brother has to receive at least four or five such invitations, which makes some simple sisters messy. Why is everyone invited to the back hill?
I don’t know what my new brother is asking for advice modestly, which makes Dreadwind door boil like a pot of boiling water. There are voices talking about it everywhere.
Most of my brothers rushed to the gate of Dreadwind Gate, and because most of them deified Leng Yue as a male brother or a female brother, they were eager to see this cold brother who had disappeared for more than ten years.
Brother wants to wait and see what the cold brother has achieved now, but the new brother can’t suppress his curiosity by listening to the old brother’s rhetoric. He wants to see brother Leng Yue’s style and see if this person is really as good as he said.
In an instant, thousands of younger brothers gathered at the gate of Dreadwind Gate, and even Ouyang Feiyu, Shen Rong, Baiyun and others came to have a look.
However, at this time, Shen Rong’s face is uncharacteristically no longer calm and elegant. Instead, she is somewhat nervous, somewhat eager, and somewhat uneasy. Her heart can’t help but bang and jump, and she is nervous like a little girl clutching her fists.
"Brother Leng Yue is back." I know brother Leng Yue cried and exclaimed. The line of sight has been tightly locked in the Woods ahead.
This is Dreadwind’s Menshan Mountain and the mountain must pass through the road. There are strange array methods in the Woods, but when the mountain travel is approved, Dreadwind’s younger brothers will have free access.
"It’s really handsome and cool. It’s more handsome than Master Ouyang."
"Nonsense, Brother Ouyang Feiyu is the most handsome and cold brother. Although he is also handsome, Brother Ouyang is more handsome and his temperament is more attractive."
"Brother Leng Yue is more handsome."
Before Leng Yue came over, a large group of female brothers had spontaneously divided into two factions.
Cold pie and egg yolk pie. Oh, no, Ouyang pie
The fierce debate between the two factions has a tendency to develop in the direction of actual combat.
"Who is the woman around Brother Yi Leng who is so beautiful? Is there such a beautiful brother in Dreadwind Gate?"
"It’s so beautiful."
The female brother also had a heated debate on the question of’ Leng Yue is more handsome or Ouyang Feiyu is more handsome’. When all the male brothers have been surrounded by the elegant and smart temperament of Brother Leng Yue, they are filled with a suffocating noble and free from vulgarity, just like a woman falling like a mortal fairy, and they are attracted by the sight and can’t move any more.
Without the slightest bit, the little girl is green and full of elegance and noble temperament. She is dressed in a fine gauze dress, which makes her walk with the sun slanting and the edge of the hazel forest. She is as outstanding as a fairy coming out of a painting, and dotted with leaves. This woman makes her look fresh and refined.
"It seems that you are very popular. There are so many people coming to meet you before you arrive." Xia Ying gently pursed her lips. When she spoke, she was easy and showed her little smile, which showed the beauty of mud but not dye and ripple, but not demon.
After ten seasons of hurting spring and sad autumn, and more than three thousand days and nights, the young girl has also become a mature woman.
At this time, her charming temperament is more and more outstanding, and that kind of unappealing, fresh and refined beauty makes her look like the most dazzling and exotic flower among thousands of flowers. Although it is not glamorous, it is not that tacky and colorful, but it can be found in the colorful world at a glance.
Leng Yue gave Xia Ying a noncommittal look and didn’t speak. After ten years of contact, he was still very familiar with each other, but his personality remained unchanged for ten years.
In the past ten years, he accompanied her to all the empires, but he didn’t look for one. He came to the mainland tossing and turning, and he took her back to this sect that cultivated him to become a talent.
I don’t know how long she will have to look for it, but if she wants to keep looking for it, he will always be with her, guarding her. What he calls whether she can get a return and begging her to smile in Zhan Yan. He likes her to smile. When she smiles, she is beautiful, and he smiles.