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Christie cast a glance at ZhuoJiang in amazement and said, "What’s the matter with you? Not really so tired? "

"I am not tired! Not tired! " Zhuojiang is almost whining to say
"That’s good. If you are too tired, let Chuchu give you some big supplements to make up for you!" Christie looked at ZhuoJiang pale face very carefully and said
Zhuo Qiang called to you in his heart, don’t do it again last night. You are going to scare your prospective husband to death!
"Last night!" Christie said leisurely, "I tampered with that surveillance last night!" "
Holding the back of the chair, Zhuo Qiang felt so relaxed for the first time. It seems that Christie is not really stupid!
But wait, how could she move the Long Yun device? The captain of the Long Yun is outstanding! According to reason, there is no such limit for others.
I was exhausted last night.
I was so tired last night that I robbed the national treasury.
Christy knew that Zhuo Qiang was not too white, so he explained to him, "When you were in distress in the Arctic Ocean, I became the temporary captain of the Dongfeng Pirate Corps. That’s when I got the second-class command limit novel. Please remember that otherwise, you can sail around the sea without the captain Long Yun?"
Zhuo Qiang still asked doubtfully, "I was still the temporary captain of Liu Xiaolei or Zeng Guomin. How did they become the temporary captain?"
"Theoretically speaking, it is impossible for a robot to be a captain, but only a real human can be a captain," Christie replied.
"Isn’t the captain of Long Yun II and Longyun III alone?" Zhuo Qiang said suspiciously
Christie said with a smile, "Those two warships are part of the fleet, and the highest commander of the fleet must be borne by real humans."
Zhuo Qiang realized that the supreme leader of Dongfeng Pirate Corps must be borne by real human beings or other intelligent creatures, and robots cannot be allowed to grow to the highest height.
"So besides me, you can also command the Dongfeng Pirates?" Zhuo Qiang never knew that Christie was a commander besides himself.
"It’s my commander-in-chief. Actually, I’m your deputy, that is, the deputy commander." Christie pointed out the essence of the problem
Seeing Zhuo Qiang’s face is not very good, Christie said, "You don’t have to worry. Although I can command these warships, I can’t do anything bad for you. That is to say, I can’t use these warships to deal with you. What are you afraid of?"
After listening to Christie’s words, Zhuo Qiangxin was a little upset, not because he didn’t want Christie to act as his deputy commander, but because Christie was altruistic and convenient to come to Liu Xiaolei and Ye Chuchu to join hands to do some small moves behind his back.
Until now, he still doesn’t know what Christie is doing with Liu Xiaolei and Ye Chuchu.
He also knew that Christie and the three of them would definitely not do anything bad, but this feeling of being kept in the dark made him very uncomfortable.
"Come on, since you don’t want to tell the truth, I won’t force you, but you’d better not do too much, or you’ll see how I finally tidy up you." Although Zhuo Qiang was kind to Christie’s one-night husband and wife, Liu Xiaolei and Ye Chuchu were able to use some means to scare them or punish them hard.
Christie’s threat to Zhuo Qiang naturally won’t rest assured, while Liu Xiaolei and Ye Chuchu are callous and seem to turn a blind eye to Zhuo Qiang’s warning.
"Do what you should do. Will you and I harm you?" Christie is very narrow-minded about Zhuo Jiang.
ZhuoJiang nose light hum a also no longer take a reason them a few, he can’t believe it even if spell don’t sleep at night, can’t you find out the story?
In the evening, after dinner, Zhuo Qiang stayed in the command room and just didn’t go to sleep. He had to wait and see what the hell Christie and Liu Xiaolei were doing.
Christie is not as good as he is. He went back to his room to sleep early in the morning. Liu Xiaolei and Ye Chuchu stayed up as usual in Zhuoqiang’s operation room. Anyway, they wouldn’t be sleepy if they didn’t sleep, even if they didn’t sleep for a month with Zhuoqiang.
Until two o’clock in the middle of the night, Zhuo Qiang saw Liu Xiaolei, and they still stayed in the operation room with great enthusiasm, playing games, and he also played hard and continued to spend time with them.
"I said clearly that if I force you to answer my question, will you tell me exactly what you are doing?" Zhuojiang tried to ask
Ye Chuchu said very hard, "Boss, this matter is very important to me and Xiaolei. It may be a bad thing or a good thing for your boss. You’d better not ask again."
Listen to Zhai Ye Chuchu, Zhuo Qiang thinks that what she said is equal to not saying, frowning and turning back to the place to continue watching him smell.
Wait until it’s almost dawn. Liu Xiaolei and Ye Chuchu are still playing games with great interest. Zhuo Qiangshi can’t make it through and has to go back to his room to sleep with a yawn.
Zhuo Qiang didn’t get up until noon the next day. After he got up, he went directly to the operation room and checked the silver in the warehouse, and found that it was actually reduced by about one ton.
When he pulled up the surveillance, it was naturally a long white inside.
"Christie, what do you want?" Zhuo Qiang shouted at the mahjong table.
No wonder Christie went back to her room early last night. It turned out that she had already expected that she was going to stay up late to reveal the truth. When he was so sleepy that he went to bed, she got up again and secretly engaged in ulterior motives with Liu Xiaolei and others.
"Wan" Christie threw a mahjong into the circle and then turned back to Zhuo Qiang and said, "I said, what are you doing with all this luxury? It’s really not too big for you. What good will it do if you know? "
Zhuo Qiang is going crazy by them. Ye Chuchu said that what they are doing may be good or bad for him, while Christie said that it has nothing to do with him. What the hell is going on?
Although the silver is not as valuable as gold, it is also a lot of money. He gave the ten tons of silver to Liu Xiaolei and Ye Chuchu, but in the end he didn’t even know what Liu Xiaolei was doing with the silver. He was really the most failed leader.
"I don’t believe this. Can you keep it from me?" Zhuo Qiang was cruel this time.
Zhuo stayed up all night hard that night until seven o’clock in the morning, but Liu Xiaolei and Ye Chuchu still did nothing.
When he ate Ye Chuchu’s breakfast for him, he couldn’t bear to go back to sleep. When he slept, he found that there was a ton less silver in the warehouse. Of course, there was still nothing in the monitoring.
He took two trips to put silver in the warehouse and found that there was a lot of metal dust in it, but Liu Xiaolei and they also carefully gathered all the metal dust together and cleaned it carefully. However, because the warehouse was too clean, Liu Xiaolei and they still left a lot of dust in it anyway.
"You guys are playing hide-and-seek with me." Zhuo Qiang secretly lamented at losing his heart.
In the next few days, whether Zhuo Qiang goes to bed early or late, Christie and Liu Xiaolei always move when he falls asleep, and the silver in the warehouse is getting less and less.
When there were three tons of silver left, Zhuo Qiang really panicked. He didn’t sleep for a whole week, but he still didn’t get any information. He was completely angry