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When Zhang Tao hesitated, he came behind him to break the wind and was surprised. "Is someone coming?" I feel that there are quite a few people, and there are actually six, which is a huge team.

When I meet such a team, even if I can protect myself, I can’t retreat. Zhang Tao is the first to choose to avoid the edge and jump into the swamp. Nai Zhang Tao is forced to enter the swamp
The trees in the swamp are slightly slippery and very crisp. If you are not careful, they will break. At that time, Zhang Tao will even fall. "Really? So unlucky? " Zhang Tao was just about to hide behind the team, only to find that there was also a team in front, no more, no less and six people.
If it weren’t for the breath behind him, Zhang Tao would have been under the illusion that "there are wolves before and tigers after?" Zhang Tao heart in a surprised suddenly used his quick wits! Think of a story that Master Gong told himself.
A hunter fell into despair when he met a tiger and a wolf, because neither side could defeat him, but the hunter quit slowly and let the wolf and the tiger compete for him safely.
Then, isn’t it possible for you to get well in this way now? Think about it. Zhang Tao immediately fell to the ground and was soon swallowed up by the swamp
Tianshi honour person can twist gas! Naturally, you can also float in the swamp without sinking. Zhang Tao sinks about five meters, and you can hold your breath and keep your body steady. Zhang Tao can persist for several days without breathing now.
After the arrival of the innate condition, heaven and earth can do some special things naturally like the mother, and soon Zhang Tao sensed that the two teams met.
Because of the strict selection rules, it is naturally a fierce battle for the two teams to meet! Most teams don’t fight each other unless there is a huge difference in numbers
Because everyone knows that the strength is similar, if you fight, you can let others sit quietly and enjoy the benefits of fishermen! But then these people who formed the team gradually found that everyone was in groups of three or five, and there was almost no oppression when they were alone, only fighting!
However, they never thought that the fighting swamp had such a heterogeneous Zhang Tao. "Ten meters doesn’t look enough." The true qi pushed Zhang Tao to slowly drift away in the distance. Although the swamp was sticky, it was barely moving forward for Zhang Tao.
"This is?" Moving slowly, Zhang Tao suddenly found that there were many smells around him. These smells were like tarsal gangrene, as if they were going to swallow Zhang Tao.
"No, this is a small animal that lives in groups and swallows the moon!" The snake that devours the moon is a kind of insect-like, strange animals like snakes, which live in strange places like swamps because of their extremely fast speed. There are almost no natural enemies. Even if the saints encounter them, they will stay away, unwilling to kill endless enemies.
And if it is contaminated with the body, it will immediately secrete strong acid, even if the saint is strong, it will be hit hard. If it is possessed, then the saint is strong and even born to die.
At this time, Zhang Tao really has some words to attend such trials by himself. It’s really the first thing that he can do, and he wants to go to the second place. It’s also the responsibility to protect his son and his husband.
However, in terms of their own strength, Zhang Tao can certainly become a survivor, but it seems that Tianhe’s jokes are in trouble and embarrassing situation continuously.
Boom-and-boom fighting makes the snakes around the moon-devouring insects more restless. They have already discovered that Zhang Tao is already stirring. Zhang Taoti’s true qi can’t be concealed from sensitive them. They want to swallow Zhang Tao and melt their energy at this moment.
Bang, once again, the swamp was hit with a huge hole, and I don’t know which unlucky guy was shot into the swamp. He was about to rush out for revenge, but he was frightened and shouted, "It’s a snake that swallowed the moon!" " These animals can’t bear to attack any longer, but Zhang Tao doesn’t want to hide in Misuta’s eyes, and there is a little cold.
"Swallow the moon worm snake?" The fighters found that this scene was in a short period of stagnation, but when they planned to continue fighting, they were afraid to find that the face appeared, which made their souls tremble and cold, and then the whole swamp was frozen into ice.
Ice crystals are constantly visible to the naked eye, freezing the whole swamp as if in an instant, and this place has changed from a deep swamp to a crystal ice palace!
The rotten trees in the face have also become lifelike ice sculptures, and everything seems to be so beautiful that the ice crystals are noble and not stained.
"Cold and cold ice!" Zhang Tao’s eyes seem to be slightly blue, which makes the cold spirit crystal characteristic. Even the unique animals can’t escape bad luck.
"What’s the matter? Someone is there? " A group of people were shocked when they were immortal. Suddenly, there was a crack in the ice. Zhang Tao jumped out and a cold crystal in his hand was beautiful, but such power conan the destroyer made the venerable person shudder.
Slightly blue eyes coldly looking at all Tianshi Zhang Tao ignored and swaggered towards the distance, leaving people with a little overwhelmed.
"Who the hell is he?" There is such a question in everyone’s heart.
Depressed, Zhang Tao has been away for two and a half days again, and Zhang Tao is still unscathed, but on the way, he encountered many Tianshi attacks, but their field was extremely miserable.
The elders of the saints in the periphery all smiled slightly. "There are ten people left."
Chapter 44 Individuals
For more than two days, some people were killed, some quit halfway, and of course, some people lied meanly about quitting reality, but they kept cheating Ningning. All kinds of things are all-encompassing!
However, more than two days is still enough to change many things. The selected places, even the forests and swamps, have suffered great damage. The Tianshi Zun’s peak people fight absolutely extraordinary. How can ordinary places withstand their attacks? But these people don’t go away because they will naturally recover here in a hundred years, but for them, it’s just a moment [/
However, no matter whether you escape or stay, it is known that although Zhang Tao is a second-class Tianshi, his strength is comparable to that of the peak Tianshi and he still has an invincible enemy.
"There are not many people left. It seems that today is the final battle," Zhang Tao thought as he wandered.
I met someone halfway, but the other side didn’t want to fight against Zhang Tao. Obviously, they knew the strength of Zhang Tao and turned around and left at the sight of the second-class Tianshi.
Whether it is true or not, there is no need to take risks. If Zhang Tao really has the strength to kill the top Tianshi, it is meaningless for them to play hardball.
"Someone in the distance" Zhang Tao quietly sneaked in the past
Suddenly found three people breath "there is a man brother"
"Yes, brother, we killed him, and this audition will be over." At this time, Zhang Tao was hiding behind a huge rock, where the clouds in broken ridges and steep cliffs were shrouded in mist, and the billowing sea of clouds was visible in the distance, although thin but clear.
There is a slight crosswind blowing. Zhang Tao is located in the headwind, otherwise it will be easy to be found by others. It is a pair of twin brothers. Two people are wearing black cloaks, and their hands and claws are shining and cold.
This reminds Zhang Tao that it is not uncommon for the Huanglong brothers Dongyue mainland to have a population of over 100 million twins on that day, and it is often powerful for twins to be good at converging attacks on two people’s armed forces.
Like the Wangs and sisters, the two peaks of Tianshi work together, even a week of saints should avoid sharp edges. If others Zhang Tao turned around and left without looking, the brothers and rivals were Zhang Tao who knew Qingyang!
This feeling is extremely subtle. In the eyes of Qingyang, a vast country, a worm can destroy itself with one hand. But after many years, Zhang Tao is 90% sure to defeat Qingyang, and if he stands by now, Qingyang is likely to fall.