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Yang Yexin comforted himself when he lifted the tiles one by one. This is the need of work, and it is to save lives! The crime of voyeurism …

Tiles finally revealed a hole that can be stuffed into the size of the head, and the light also came out. Yang night leaned over the probe and watched the palace. Sure enough, there were a number of ladies-in-waiting, and each of them held a tray in their hands. There were messy things in the tray, clothes, Chinese chestnuts, perspective scarves and silk shirts …
What does this mean? Yang Yezheng suddenly smelled a strong aroma, which was divided into floral fragrance and natural and fresh flower fragrance, so Yang Yezheng couldn’t smell any flowers, but this kind of kiss was really charming and provocative, and Yang Yezheng soon felt a little restless and excited.
Shit! What flowers smell worse than aphrodisiacs?
Yang Ye is hesitating about the crisp and crisp water in the palace, and there is a nice woman singing, "Red lotus root intertwined with jade, autumn and light solution. Who sent brocade to the wild goose in the cloud? When the moon is full, the flowers in the west wing will drift away from the water. A kind of lovesickness and two worries can be eliminated, only eyebrows and hearts …"
Yang night leng moment intoxicated! It’s rare to hear such a good song. A little attachment in the children’s voice is much better than those big-name singers who can’t read music and those packaged female singers with drake voice and five-tone voice! It’s such a pity that women don’t go to "Super Girl"!
Along the sound Yang night is almost forced not to look into the probe, but the head has been put into the hole and I can’t see the true face of the woman-I saw a few curtains of green gauze hanging high and blocking the place next to the water, like guarding and accompanying some important people.
Come and see those maids-in-waiting, Yang Ye, almost ready to close their eyes and go home. The maids-in-waiting in the Tang Dynasty are really hectares of land. Don’t say that just looking at this size and weight is definitely enough. It is said that the Tang Dynasty was fat and beautiful, but it was not full of Shen Dianxia and Han Hongliu, right? So it seems that the harem beauty 3 thousand …
But when I heard the water and saw the green gauze hanging, I guessed that someone was taking a bath in my heart! And look at this battle, it is at least the level of empress and princess. Who usually takes a shower and will be served by so many people?
But I can’t see anyone when I dig this hole. Just listening to the female voice and smelling the fragrance of flowers that is similar to body fragrance has already made Yang night in high spirits, just like when I was a child, whenever I heard sesame paste selling, he couldn’t sit still anymore …
So Yang Ye carefully moved a suit to calculate the orientation and distance. The position in the green gauze curtain in the room was carefully lifted again, and the tile was still small in his mouth, muttering, "One piece, two pieces, three pieces, four pieces, five pieces, six pieces, seven pieces, nine pieces, ten pieces and eleven pieces can be seen after being lifted!"
The tiles were uncovered one by one and finally showed spring.
Yang night pulled his face into a candle light and saw a white body half immersed in a white marble-like smooth carving pool. In the pool, a pool of clear water was lightly braved with waves of white air and several petals were floating on it.
Yang night bent down just to see the round shoulders and slender necks on the top of the female head in the pool. It’s not true that there are two snow-white thighs left in the pool. Occasionally, the temptation of beautiful feet is lifted and the full breasts are clearly or vaguely presented by Yang Jianyi.
This posture, this woman’s line of sight is just facing the roof, and she suddenly saw a big hole in the roof with her eyes open! And vaguely there is a head sneaking into it to peep!
Yang night at this time just to look at the past directly the woman looked at each other, this is a perfect saw the female appearance in the pool and the front naked in the faint immersion.
Although I can’t say that Xi Shi and Zheng Dan are so beautiful, the charming face with the * * plump white body is simply a stunning erotic picture processed by PS! Small, pure, charming and sultry face with full body, unrestrained chest, fleshy waist and legs. This is simply a complete jealousy of voyeurism, which makes Yang Ye’s patience wear out little by little. It is said that it takes a lot of time and effort for women to take a bath. I don’t know where there are so many washable places, and the ink seems to be washed one by one. Today Yang Ye is seen.
That woman in front of you is not taking a bath. It’s like playing with water! Raise your arm and splash it, then wipe it down your neck one millimeter at a time, and occasionally raise your leg to make a few coquettish gestures. I don’t know who to show it to, but that arm is thick enough. It seems that this Tang Dynasty is really fat, but it is also fat and plump!
Yang night bouts of paranoia have been scratching the hole in the roof to look at the eyes staring at the white * * and haven’t seen the face of the * * owner, but also to extrapolate the strange female body is always very attractive. Yang night devotedly peeped at the song. How to sing it? I’m never tired of peeking at you a thousand times. It feels like spring.
Just then, a curtain was lifted in the green gauze curtain around the woman who was bathing. A maid-in-waiting came in respectfully with a tray with a porcelain bowl on it.
Maid-in-waiting went to the pool with a tray and said softly, "Empress, your fresh milk and honey shower gel."
Let it go. The female voice in the pool is soft, but there are also some arrogant and lazy feelings.
Yang Ye nodded on the roof. Haha, it was an empress. It was a harem beauty of Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty! This appearance, this style, this skin, this thigh … Taking a bath can kill people. It must be an empress if it’s not an empress!
But after just ecstatic for a second, Yang Ye’s attention was gradually attracted by the maid-in-waiting who just came in with a tray.
Just now, a large number of maids were waiting outside the green gauze curtain. This maid-in-waiting is quite symmetrical, wearing the sky-blue fine cloth cover like those maids, but she can show her figure. It should be greatly small, thick and fine. From the perspective of the night view, it seems that the comparison of those maids is a world of difference. It really is safflower and needs green leaves!
Good home! Not all women are so fertile, but they are slim and well-proportioned. On the face of it, they do have some beauty!
Yang Ye secretly thought about peeping at the maid-in-waiting with the tray, but slowly Yang Ye wondered how the maid-in-waiting looked more familiar. It seems that I have seen it before, and my speech, movement and posture are all so familiar. The only thing that looks strange is her passive Nuo Nuo’s cautious attitude.
Yang night finally found the angle and saw the face of the maid-in-waiting. After studying it carefully for a long time, she repeatedly confirmed that she must be a stepmother! Isn’t that even Xin!
It’s really sweet! Although wearing the Tang Dynasty court clothes, my head was twisted in a high bun like a fake headgear, but it was impossible to forget that face. It was a beautiful face that scared me awake in several nightmares!
In what a didn’t recognize is because even xin completely different with the tray like a bird frightened by a shotgun "Kui fear to help Yang night before have never seen the south rong family big miss had such a passive Nuo Nuo respectfully sample is totally different!
But how did Eun-shin get here? How did you become a maid of honor?
Yang night felt a limp and numb black domain master in my mind! Even Xin was taken away by the Lord of the Black Domain, and now it appears here, which shows the historical changes of the Tang Dynasty. The news of the demise of the Tang Dynasty is all conspired by the Lord of the Black Domain! Damn it, the black Lord turned my wife into a maid-in-waiting to serve others!
It’s … It’s good deeds! Ha ha! It’s absolutely instructive for Yun Xin to know what it’s like to be a maid and what it’s like to be bossed around by others!