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Because it was hasty to resist Huo Yan’s blood sword, when Du Yun Fang Tian painted halberd touched it, the wind suddenly fell, and Huo Yan bit it, and then he just endured the extraordinary force that Du Yun Fang Tian painted halberd penetrated, and he did not discard the blood sword.

This blood sword is of great significance to Huo Yan. It’s a kind of sword. People die and the sword loses faith. This is because Huo Yan doesn’t put the blood sword away on weekdays, but carries it behind his back. It is possible to see the final battle in Chapter 160 ()
This serial attack on Huo Yan has doubled the pressure. He is bound to bear the powerful force from Du Yun’s painting Ji, and he is also unwilling to let the blood sword get rid of it, which makes everyone feel shocked.
This is a paranoid feeling about one’s own weapon, and the belief that the sword is lost may be spoken by ordinary people, but it may not be possible to do it when it comes to life and death.
But Huo Yan didn’t say anything, but he acted on his own to prove his attachment to the sword. Perhaps this is why he can reach this state at a young age. At this time, most people are sighing in their hearts
The success of genius is not necessarily complete because of natural reasons. His good personality and psychological quality will also affect how high a person can achieve in the future.
Huo Yan spat out a mouthful of blood. This time, he was knocked down by the wind, and this time both of them were injured better than the previous collision. Huo Yan was slightly injured, but this time Du Yun was almost flat.
When Du Yun’s strength was suppressed for a stage, some places compared with Huo Yan’s, but for his special physique, Xuan Tianmai, even if he started playing cards, he might not be able to fight against Huo Yan, the peak of the later period.
Then Huo Yan was distracted by Du Yun’s desperate saburo play, and Du Yun caught that flaw, which led to a serious injury
The master’s engagement is a crisis everywhere. If you are not careful, you may die on the spot. Everyone is white, but when you really see it, you are still a little scared.
"Who says Du Yun can’t beat Huo Yan? I don’t know who wins or loses this posture."
"This Du Yun strength is very strong, but just now Huo Yan should be careless."
"Is Du Yun that desperately tut tut … ordinary people must be afraid of seeing him …"
"It’s not clear which is stronger or weaker when two lone wolves collide …"
Taiwan and all the people looked at the scene and once again confronted Du Yun and Huo Yan. At this time, students who came to Huo Yan to win also showed a little more uncertainty.
Even some elders are secretly sighing that both of them are Tianjiao of Jingwu College, and it is already very great to have one in the past. I didn’t expect that this year was two at the same time.
"If these two little guys don’t fall down in the future, with this talent and mind, they will surely become the top strong one someday." The two vice presidents looked at the children’s vice president of the tower six floors away and sighed.
The warfare in Taichung Du Yun and Huo Yan were separated again and then separated by a distance of more than ten meters, but the tension spread out of the warfare, and the students were all nervous.
"Very well, Du Yun Mercenary Alliance Junjie Festival, with you as a partner, we are sure to shine, but this college is bigger than the champion, I still want to take it!" Huo Yan’s eyes converge into a line, watching Du Yun’s face closely, and his expression becomes indifferent, mixed with seriousness.
With that, the cold color in Huo Yan’s eyes is more intense. His hands suddenly hold the blood sword and it looks more scarlet and harsh. Immediately, a little bit of blood overflows in Huo Yan’s palm, which draws an arc and then forms a character-like pattern to dissipate.
After the seal-like network dissipates, the moment around Huo Yan seems to be filled with a layer of hazy lotus flower, which looks extremely frightening with the monstrous blood gas emitted by his center.
Huo Yan held a blood sword and then pointed it at Du Yun. Suddenly, a scarlet ShaQi appeared in his eyes and then spread. Even the people in Taiwan felt a chill from the soul.
"The name of this recruit is The Hunger’s remonstrance, which is my intention. I once killed three monks in the middle of Duvan in an instant. Even if I use this recruit, it is difficult to completely control the place. Now you give up!" Huo Yan’s face has no emotion, and his cold eyes are shocking.
"The Hunger remonstrance? Gee … This Huo Yan also has a great chance. I didn’t expect that The Hunger, the famous stunt of the strong in Casa Empire, was actually won by Huo Yan. "I heard that Huo Yan said that others didn’t know The Hunger’s world-class lighter, but the two vice presidents did.
However, people all know the horror of Huo Yan’s display of this lighter. Think about it at that time, too. Huo Yan’s lighter was to instantly kill three monks in the middle of the war.
Du Yun’s face became dignified when he heard this, but soon he just gritted his teeth and put away the painting halberd. A sharp color flashed in his eyes. "But I will win this championship!"
At the end of the speech, Du Yunshen suddenly exudes an amazing fluctuation. His mysterious pulse runs to the extreme, and the essence of the spirit comes out through the body through the blessing of the gold and silver cyclone.
At this time, this huge warfare platform was faintly vibrating and buzzing, and a vast and vast swallowing suction suddenly appeared in the center of Du Yun, and the aura of heaven and earth was * *.
Du Yun drank a lot, and the aura of heaven and earth around him suddenly formed a huge whirlpool, and then Du Yun centralized a long queue to converge toward his crown.
The extreme fate of changing the aura of heaven and earth turned out to be the huge warfare field displayed by Du Yun at the moment. This extremely shocking visual aura storm made many people boil.
"This is …"