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Growing pulled Yang night arm "eldest brother, how can you be so impulsive? Would he still scream if it were him? "

When Yang Ye heard this, he hurriedly put the doctor in and patted his collar flat, saying, "I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so excited."
The doctor said with a respectful smile, "No, I understand."
At this time, suddenly there was a flurry of footsteps outside the bedroom door, accompanied by footsteps and Yang Xu shouting, "What’s wrong?" Dad! Dad! What’s the matter! "
The bedroom door was pushed, and Yang Xu and Cheng Bo stared at the door and looked at the bedroom. It was naturally a bright red mess.
"Oh, my God!"
This cry was made by Yang Xu and Cheng Bo at the same time.
After shouting, Cheng Bo immediately closed his eyes and fainted in situ without saying anything. Yang Xuze stared at several non-blood people in front of him and froze for a moment. A horse turned and ran away screaming.
Yang Yema turned to look at Qiu Manager "Qiu Manager looks like Bo"
Manager Qiu nodded and ran to Chengbo. He was still surprised and completely recovered. He felt that the gentleman was incredible now! Yang’s family’s personal doctors are world-class, and they are all helpless about Yang Zhenkui’s illness. The gentleman just holds the master’s hand, and then the master sprays blood all over his head, and then he will be fine? !
Those private doctors also ran towards Chengbo. Yang Ye suddenly stopped the doctor who had been pricked with needles and asked, "How did you get stuck in such a thing?"
"Gentleman! I really don’t know! " Yang Ye, the doctor, also suspected that he was scared and hurriedly excused himself. "Come back when I’m fine, sir … When he finished spraying blood, I accidentally touched my arm and it hurt. I didn’t notice that … that thing!"
Yang Ye stared at the doctor’s eyes and slowly nodded and said, "Well, you should also go and see him."
If the doctor was granted amnesty, he bowed and walked quickly to the bedroom door.
Yang night watching growing hand holding a pin narrowing her eyes thinking to himself and said, "spray blood? Is it when you spray blood? "
After hearing this, she looked up at the position of Yang Zhen’s bed. Yang Ye took one look at it, and her meaning became clear. Then she found the land where just a few private doctors didn’t spill blood. Then she looked at her father’s bed and raised her hand. I turned my head and asked Yang Zhen, "Did my father just spray blood far away?"
She nodded, knowing in her heart that Yang night must have been the result of God’s inattention. So she said, "Yes, Uncle Yang sprayed the excess blood far away and blood came from his nostrils, mouth and ears."
"Ears?" Yang Ye leng always looked at his father’s bed and said in a low voice, "That needle in this position just now must have come out of my father’s ear. The ear direction is towards both sides."
"Ears …" I bowed my head, repeated my slight nod, suddenly looked up and said, "I’m white!"
"What?" Yang night nasty asked
It may be that this sentence is too loud. Yang Zhen-kui also heard it and said to the side, "What’s wrong with Xiao Ye Er’s growing?" Come and talk to me. "
Yang night and looked at each other and walked past together.
Yang Ye smiled and walked to his father’s bed and held his father’s shoulder, but he picked up his hand. Hey, hey, smiled and said, "Dad, look at us. What can we do when we are all clean?"
Yang Zhen looked puzzled at Yang Ye and looked down at himself and nodded.
Yang night smiled and looked up at Yang Shan and turned to look at her. Suddenly, she saw that she was holding the pin carefully and frowned.
"What happened to Big Brother?" One side saw that Yang Ye was wrong and asked
Yang Ye didn’t speak, turned and walked quickly to the bedroom door. He turned his head with both hands and looked at the manager Qiu and the private doctors with a cold face. "Did you hear that my father is still seriously ill now?"
Hill manager and several private doctors looked at each other and shook their heads together.
"My father is still seriously ill. If anyone leaks the news that my father is well, I will kill you!" Yang Ye said maliciously and looked at the manager Qiu. "The manager Qiu includes you!"
"What?" Qiu manager was puzzled and asked, "It’s a good thing! Yang’s family is worth celebrating, young master! What’s worse, you cured the master. It’s just … "
Yang Ye gave Manager Qiu a hard look and interrupted him. "It’s good for our Yang family, but it’s bad news for some people. Manager Qiu told me to keep it a secret!"
Manager Qiu seems to understand some slowly nodded mobile phone access. ① [6]
Yang night at the high manager gherardini and looked at that a few private doctors "well take ChengBo out he is scared dizzy? It should be all right for you to go and wash. When people ask, Master Yang suddenly bled out, you just got into this situation. "Talking, Yang Ye paused and his eyes became more fierce." In addition, the insurance wronged you guys. During this period, the Yang family is not allowed to stay half a step away from Yang Zhai and is not allowed to have contact with the outside world! "
Several private doctors have been frightened by the fierce expression of Mr. Yang, and they are pale and nodding their heads in the game.
Yang night and said to the high manager, "All right, high manager, take them out. Please arrange one and don’t let one leave." Then he turned and walked to his father Yang Zhenkui’s bedside.
Manager Qiu was also frightened. He had never seen a gentleman look so fierce. He vaguely realized that something seemed to have happened, so he took several private doctors out of the bedroom and went out.
Go to the bed Yang Zhenkui looked up at Yang night and asked, "Little late son, what are you doing? Don’t be so mean to others. I always tell you to be friendly to others! "
"Friendly to people? But what if others are not friendly to you? " Yang Ye sneered and leaned over his father and said, "Dad, you may not remember it, but you suddenly became seriously ill and dying. I suspect someone is trying to hurt you."
Yang Zhenkui bowed their heads and wanted to think low said "no? I don’t think so. I don’t have any enemies. Besides, who would feel this way about my hand in the middle of the night? "
Yang Ye smiled. "Dad, I will discuss it with you slowly. Now I have to take a shower. I’m covered in your blood. Hey, hey."
Yang night covered in blood when they returned to the bedroom, they changed their clothes, dressed like Yan Yan and waited for him together. Xiao Xiao was frightened. Yang night didn’t have the patience to explain so much, simply said a few words about his father’s bleeding rescue, and then took off his clothes and took a bath in the bath pool in the bedroom.
I didn’t shy away from undressing, but I blushed when I was alone with Yang night, but I felt uncomfortable when I was not familiar with Xiao Yan.
After washing, I changed my clothes. Yang Ye said sorry to Ruyan, saying that there was something to deal with at home. If you don’t understand anything or need something else, just ask Xiaoxiao’s sister for help.
Ruyan has developed a good impression on Xiaoxiao, and she is considerate. From Xiaoxiao, she already knows that Yang Ye’s father is equally important. It seems that some little mother has also disappeared. She smiled and said that there is nothing to comfort Yang Ye. Don’t worry, let alone worry about her side.
Xiaoxiao also said that he would take good care of Ruyan’s sister and advised the gentleman not to worry too much.
Yang night was touched, grabbed Xiaoxiao and Ruyan, kissed a few times, and then said goodbye to shame. The two confidantes went out of the bedroom to find a room.
Ruyan had long guessed that Yang Ge and Xiaoxiao were extraordinary, and now seeing them kissing didn’t feel too strong. Instead, she felt very lucky to meet Xiaoxiao’s sister, who was so kind and didn’t give her a look or disdain because she was a newcomer, but took care of her so well and considerate.
Xiaoxiao, the girl brought back by the white gentleman long ago, must be extraordinary. Now seeing them kissing, she doesn’t feel too strongly. Instead, she thinks that Ruyan is very good. She doesn’t look down on her because she is a maid, but she is so clever and doesn’t mind the poor status and calling her a sister.