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Male closed face banter color a serious look at the boy light asked.

"You’re a little sister, you little grandfather, but I’m serious!"
The boy almost turned green when he heard the news. He told his little brother to get to some sides, but this little sister can’t hit the pole. How can he be called a little sister if he is a man?
The man smiled and no longer said that it was the woman who looked blushing in her arms.
"Go away, little girl, and go somewhere else to play!"
Nai smiled, and the man no longer cared about the boy holding the woman and flying away in the distance.
"Let that sister go!"
The boy was seen by people, but not by vision. Seeing the man fly up from the bottom of his eyelids and stand up with a sword in his hand, he will chase him.
"Practice well, and you will become a great player in the future!"
Men don’t want the young boy to care about watching him chase after his sword, and then he will be blocked by a seal, and then his body will jump and disappear.
"Damn it, let him get away!"
The teenager was forced back to the original place by India and just wanted to continue chasing only to find that the other party had disappeared, so he couldn’t help stamping his feet and said in disgust
"Hum, you’re lucky this time. The second thing is to make you feel better when I meet you again!"
Is there any justice in that young man’s anger that someone should do such a thing in broad daylight
"Grandpa said that the first thing to do when walking in rivers and lakes is to learn to punish evil and promote goodness. One day I will take you back and let Grandpa teach you a good lesson!"
Although the teenager is not angry, he also knows that he is not the male opponent and wants to find someone to help in the future.
"What’s the little brother doing alone?"
Just then another sound came and a pale figure appeared in front of the young man.
"Damn it, don’t call me little brother again!"
It’s my little brother again. That teenager is almost crazy. Why do you call yourself that today? Are you really that young?
"ah? Grandpa … "
However, when the teenager was ready to hold the sword and the other side was desperate, the scene in front of him froze the old man. Isn’t it that you have been relying on grandpa?
Too bad I was angry with my grandfather just now and now I’m caught red-handed. What should I do? What should we do?
"Ha ha … very good. You remember having me as a grandfather."
The old man smell speech face suddenly revealed a trace of relief consciousness nodded and said
"Grandpa, why are you here?"
See your grandpa didn’t angry young heart just comfortable some busy at the old man ran past a hug immediately smiled to say with smile.
"Alas …"
Old man smell speech is bitter sigh and lost in hesitation.
"What’s the matter? Grandpa, is there anything difficult? "
See the old man a face of sorrow young suddenly a burst of surprise.
"It’s okay. Grandpa is worried about what danger you will encounter when you flow outside alone!"
The old man looked at the young man and slowly raised his hand to caress the young man’s head and then sighed with emotion.
"You don’t have to worry about this grandfather. Who else can hurt me with this swordsman and grandpa’s sword?"
The young man said with a face of conceit
"Really? Why did I see something different from what you said before? "
Old man smell speech face sorrow suddenly dissipated to a face of smile and said
"Oh, grandpa, just now, a bully bullied a sister. I just tried to save that sister, but he stopped me!"