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Because Xie Yi was in a coma, the whole Xie Gu atmosphere seemed a little depressed. When I went, I was the housekeeper and thanked the reception.

"My family owner asked me to inform Lord Xie to enter the palace quickly" has always been concise.
Xie suddenly frowned. "I don’t know what Master Chu has to say?"
"No" said and got up to leave.
Xie Yuan wanted to ask again, but he was not a common sense player. He just finished tapping his toes and didn’t leave the gate. He quickly reported the matter to Xie An in Shangxie Yiyuan.
After several days of treatment, due to minor injuries, those people were not his objects at that time. Feng had woken up, but after waking up, he kept Xie Yi’s bed and ignored Xie An and others’ dissuasion.
"What happened in the palace?" Xie An is puzzled.
"The bearer didn’t say," Xie bowed his head and looked puzzled. "But today, it seems that it’s a small family man’s full moon ceremony. When he came back from giving gifts, he said that something unpleasant happened to his family. Now, both Gu Su and Xia Liang princesses have entered the palace. Sir, do you think that Master Chu said that things would happen here?"
Liu Fengyuan’s face was still expressive, and he suddenly raised his head when he heard about family affairs. "What did you say?"
"Uh …" Be stunned Xie suddenly couldn’t say anything.
"Gu family was called into the palace?" Liu Feng’s hands cling to Xie’s shoulder and feel pain but dare not struggle; Although he is also a powerful protector, compared with Liu Feng, it is simply a world of difference. Isn’t his motivation to die? Thought of here, he repeatedly nodded "yes, so to speak"
"Have you heard from Mrs Gu?" Liu Feng swallowed hard.
"Mrs. Gu?" Xie and Xie An are puzzled.
"It’s not certain that something happened." Liu Feng turned to look at Xie Yichao Xie An, who was still in a coma. "Mrs. Gu Su Yi was the missing daughter of Xie Jia, my father and sister!"
Xie An’s eyes suddenly widened. "Are you telling the truth?"
"It’s my master and I who managed to find out that the people who took Miss Fu had just found out that Miss Fu had been hunted down." Liu Feng looked at Xie Yi with his head down. "Master said that someone didn’t want us to find Miss, but …"
"What?" Coming over with a lunch box, Lu’s eyes were wide open and he heard "bang"-"My daughter, my daughter from bad karma". Have they always been at their fingertips?
Xie An but still some can’t believe "evidence? Is there any evidence? "
Liu Feng shook his head. "There’s a letter from the girl who left blood, but it was destroyed when she was fighting."
"Whoa, whoa, whoa" Lu cried like a newborn child, covering her face to prevent others from seeing her tears. "No, I’m going to find my daughter. I’m going to find her."
Xie An swallowed hard. "Well, you go and tidy up our horse and enter the palace."
Since Chu Lingyang will inform them in such a big week, it will not be a simple matter sooner rather than later, although his brain is still a little misty and he turns to look at Liu Feng. "So what didn’t you say when you first woke up?"
"Master master should hope to tell you the news personally" Liu Feng lowered his head.
After so many years, I have worked hard to find Miss Er’s own young master. Now I have found him. I must wish I could call her a sister personally, but now …
"I leave the house to take care of the young master" Liu Feng’s eyes are red and his head is low.
Lushi nodding "chapter 16 Gu Huai we really and leave!
The weather is heavy, but the autumn tiger hasn’t retired, but it’s solemn and solemn. The palace is actually stained with a bleak smell.
The atmosphere in the towering green tile red wall is so stagnant and quiet that it seems that even a pin can be heard falling.
Old Lady Gu cried and grabbed the land, but she failed to stop the blood test. As a result, Song Yuan was taking the blood of Old Lady Gu Huai to visit the palace in a sea bowl full of clean water. Father Du just moved to a large console table with a tray made of pure gold.
Is it or not?
The emperor Xiao Taihou even ladies-in-waiting, eunuchs and others next to them couldn’t help craning their necks. Looking around, Qin Rui actually didn’t know when he had left the cause. After Sioux City was sentenced to death, he had been pleading with Sue’s family and others, who were all staring at the palace at the moment.
Gu Jinxi was supported by Ye Zhenniang and Pinellia, and her eyes were red and her heart was dying. Su Yili looked at her side. Opposite is Mammy Liang and Mammy Liao, holding the old lady Gu’s left hand to face the emperor, while Song Yuan and others are looking straight at the white sea bowl at the moment.
Are two drops of blood melted or not?
"The results have been sent to the emperor for a look."
Looking at the table, after the timing incense has been dyed, Song Yuan is just closing his eyes and taking a deep breath to end the covered tray with his hands disguised to the medicine boy beside him; Father-in-law Du has come along the stairs from the emperor’s side. Naturally, this result should be presented to the emperor at the first time, and only when the emperor has a look can they all see it.
"Father-in-law be careful" medicine boy presents the tray with both hands with a respectful face.
"Thank you!" Du Gonggong has always been a good temper. He was just about to turn around with a tray and suddenly felt as if he had been hit by something, and then he heard a crunchy "bang-"
Father-in-law Du hasn’t come back yet. The tray was hit and the sea bowl was broken. The result is unknown. Suddenly, he turned to look at the rampaging eunuch with a slightly pale face. "Bold! What is so rampaging? "
"The emperor is not good!" The eunuch shivered and knelt down.
Du father-in-law heard that his face sank and raised his hand just to say something but was interrupted.
Both the emperor and Xiao Taihou were disappointed when they saw the eunuch kneeling on the ground. The emperor was very angry. "Do you know what the crime is to break into the imperial house?"
"The emperor forgives the emperor!" Kneeling eunuch shivering.
"Hum" the emperor gave a light hum from his nose.
Xiao Taihou looked at the original pale face and looked at the old lady. It turned out to be a real relief. The bottom of my heart was also a bit more realistic. All the people in this room looked at the little eunuch who kept kowtowing and begging for mercy. Her eyelids drooped. "It is better for the emperor to calm down and listen to what happened first."