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"So, Dong Dong, I’ll wait for Brother Dongyang to come and I’ll go again, okay? I don’t trust you here alone." Song Yuanyuan compromised.

Meng Yudong nodded. Cheng Dongyang came a little late. It was more than four o’clock in the afternoon when he came to Song Yuanyuan to see him coming and followed Geng Qihang away.
Cheng Dongyang never stops figuring out things. First of all, how did Meng Xiaodong appear here and how did a car accident happen? When he saw Dongdong’s forehead wrapped in gauze and his hands tied with bandages, he couldn’t calm down.
"What’s going on in winter and winter?" Cheng Dongyang hugged her. "You don’t know who your sister is, but you still go with her?"
Meng Yudong leaned against his arms. "That’s because she wants to take my mother to meet someone. My mother has always wanted to meet someone, so we will drive her car, but I didn’t expect that a van would rush out halfway and the brakes of the winter car would fail before an accident would happen."
Cheng Dongyang was scared to death by her. Since the reunion, she hasn’t let herself worry. He kissed her forehead. "Have you checked it carefully? What happened to your hand? What did the doctor say about the forehead injury? "
"It doesn’t matter if it’s a minor injury, but Xiaodong doesn’t know when he will wake up?" She felt sorry for her sister again.
Cheng Dongyang doesn’t care what will happen to Meng Xiaodong, but he also knows that it must be unusual. He said, "Your sister may not wake up for a while. I have arranged for special care to take care of her here. Will you come back with me first?"
"But she a person here to wake up? I want to stay here with Xiaodong. "Meng Yudong still doesn’t trust.
"If she wakes up, the hospital will inform us as soon as possible to come back with me. You need to have a rest," Cheng Dongyang said. "It’s just waiting to come back with me."
Meng Yudong also softened her attitude and went to see her sister. After that, she and Cheng Dongyang left.
Dongyang was very calm and asked her, "Why didn’t you pick me up today? Did something happen, Dong Dong? Didn’t we have a good time last night? "
Meng Yudong turned to look at him and thought of what his father said. She said, "My hospital and I didn’t come to answer the phone."
"Even Yuanyuan knows that calling me has happened. Didn’t you think of calling me?" Cheng Dongyang caught her eyes dodge "what happened? Did anyone say anything to you? "
Meng Yudong evaded the question and said, "Dongyang, I’m in a confused mood now. Will you leave me alone?"
Cheng Dongyang also knows that so many things have happened in a day, and besides, she has been injured, and she has suffered enough, so he will no longer force her to concentrate on the car.
Meng Yudong slightly closed his eyes. At first, he was somewhat evasive, and soon he really fell asleep.
Cheng Dongyang was still asleep when he put the car into the yard. He parked the car and bypassed the front of the car. She woke up when the door over there hugged her car.
"Dongyang, I can go by myself." Meng Yudong wanted to be held by him so that she didn’t know much about it.
"Don’t move your other hand? A door "Cheng Dongyang held her more stable and said.
She saw that he didn’t let her come, so she had to go to the door. When she got to the door, Cheng Dongyang slowly let her come to the door and hugged her in.
"You go to sleep for a while, and I’ll make you whatever you want to eat." At this time, there is something in the refrigerator. He went to the kitchen cabinet and took white rice. He was going to cook porridge for her and cook two more dishes.
"Dongyang, shall I come?" She can’t bear to let him be a big man to wash rice.
"How come you hurt your hand?" Cheng Dongyang had to "Go to rest for a while and I’ll call you when the meal is ready."
Meng Yudong was pushed out of the kitchen by him and sent to the room. "Listen to me and have a good sleep. Don’t think about anything. All problems will be solved."
She lay in bed and watched him smile gently at herself. She smiled back and barely closed her eyes.
Cheng Dongyang cooks quickly. Two dishes and one soup are ready soon. He goes to the room to watch the winter and winter. She is fast asleep. He quietly exits the room and begins to talk.
"Remember that the police turned out that the car was really tampered with. When I sent Miss Song to the public security bureau to get some information to talk to her, the investigation there had stopped. I’ll ask her again. The answer is vague. I guess one party has a hard background and has been involved in this case, and the driver has not been found." Geng Qihang reported.
Cheng Dongyang corners of the mouth with a deep smile he chuckled "know you go back to rest!"
Cheng Dongyang was not surprised at all. He made another call, but he said, "Mom, you have to push me so hard, right?" Are you afraid of losing me? "
Xu wen hua received a message with some surprise. She asked, "What did I force you to do in Dongyang?"? What is your attitude? "
"Don’t pretend that mom will have an accident in winter and winter!" Cheng Dongyang didn’t wait for his mother to answer, and he didn’t need her to answer, "Mom, do you think I will listen to you and be controlled by you from now on? Let me tell you something, Mom, if something happens in Dongdong? I won’t forgive you, and you will lose me forever. "
"Cheng Dongyang!" Xu wen hua is really angry "what are you talking about? What did I do to Meng Yudong? Are you with Meng Yudong again? When will you be with her Chapter 18 Dadong Xiaodong
Cheng Dongyang was silent for a few seconds. He said, "Mom, you know everything about me. Who am I with and who am I not with? Shouldn’t you know clearly?"
Xu wen hua was silent for a few seconds and said, "You have to count your mother’s head if something happens to Meng Yudong in Dongyang."
Cheng Dongyang was speechless at the moment, but he couldn’t think of anyone else in this matter. Yuanyuan told him that the van had gone back and forth for Meng Yudong. If it wasn’t Meng Xiaodong who was lying in the hospital now, it might make him shudder to think of it.
"Mom, I ask you very seriously if you did this?" Cheng Dongyang calm asked.
"What do I say is important? Will you believe me if I tell you? " Xu wen hua bitterly sneered, "Dongyang, you are really a good mother who knows how to break my heart."
Just because Cheng Dongyang was silent about his mother doesn’t mean that he doesn’t doubt her. He said, "Mom, I will definitely find out what I said here. I don’t want this to happen again. Meng Yudong, if something happens again, I don’t know what I will do?"
"Dongyang, do you really know what you do?" Xu wen hua asked with anger that she didn’t expect this Meng Yudong to linger after so many years.
Cheng Dongyang is sure that his mother did it now, but he is somewhat suspicious that his mother seems to have no idea that he and Dongdong are reunited.
"Mom, I want to be with Meng Yudong. It’s as simple as that. No one can stop me this time." Cheng Dongyang firmly said to his mother.
Xu wen hua was frightened by this attitude. How did it become like this only a few days ago? That Meng Yudong really underestimated her! "Dongyang, you’re old enough to know what you’re doing. Have you ever thought about Tong Tong when you say these words? How can you do this to Tong Tong? "
"I will definitely have a confession from Ma Tongtong. I hope you won’t hurt Dongdong again. If anything happens to Dongdong again, I won’t forgive you." Then he held down the words.
He took a deep breath and talked to Geng Qihang. "Please check this matter again. I want to know the truth. It is best to find the driver who caused the accident and find the mastermind behind it."
"Yes, Cheng Ji" Geng Ji’s voyage should be answered.
He heard the room exclaim when he finished talking like this. He hurried back to the room and Meng Yudong woke up. She opened her eyes wide and gasped.
Cheng Dongyang sat down on the bed and picked her up. "Dongdong is okay. You have nightmares. It’s okay. I am Dongdong."