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"Call me Jingwu and I will promise." He supported her weight with one hand.

"JingWu? Big brother, let me have a bite! No, just try it. "
She tried to move all over but found that her bones seemed to fall apart!
It hurts! It hurts!
"Don’t move, you ugly little thing. Lie down and bite whatever you want."
"Jingwu hurts so much!" Tears kept squeezing out of her eyes and her lips were pale.
"Uncle, call the doctor and wait for him." He rushed out.
In just a few minutes, the whole hospital doctor has been called over.
"Help her check!" He commands like an emperor, as if he were a born king.
"It would be nice to have a good self-cultivation. Don’t worry too much about her right hand …"
"Does the kitten live in the uncle’s house?" He paid no attention to the doctor’s grasping his beloved girl’s little hand tightly.
"The big brother will let me have a taste? Just tasted a little soft and delicious! " She looked forward to it. How could he refuse?
"Just don’t bite the big ye’s mouth." He picked her up carefully and carried her to his car.
Lay a multi-layer cashmere blanket
Just gently put her on her forehead and kiss her.
"The kitten will go back to the uncle and let you bite it and have a good rest."
"well! Hook, don’t lie to me! " She bit her finger again.
"Grandpa won’t do such an ugly thing as cheating!"
"How about a piece of cake in advance now?" She blinked her eyes again.
"Good uncle feeds you personally" scooped up a bite of cake and put it on her mouth, watching her stutter the cake.
"Still JingWu mouth delicious back must let me eat! I’m sleeping, Jingwu. Don’t wake me up or I’ll hit you pp! " She closed her eyes with satisfaction, but didn’t find that there were many black lines on his head …
"You ugly kitten!"
Chapter III Jingwu Bad Guy
She quietly leaned over him and he looked at her silently.
Until the limousine stopped, he gently picked up his petite body and went straight to his room.
She opened her eyes playfully and licked her mouth.
qu; Jingwu is here. Oh? Let me bite qu; She held back her pain and put her arms around his neck.
Slowly, slowly, they are getting closer …
"You are not gorgeous little thing! Bite the uncle’s mouth swollen! "
"I’m … sorry! I think it’s delicious. I just accidentally … I accidentally … "
Her voice is getting lower and lower, and her eyes are full of tears.
"The big ye give you a break! To recover, "he walked out with long legs.
"wow! Wow! Nothing to bite! Big bad guy, come back! " She Nunu’s mouth looked angry and bitter.
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She didn’t have it after tea!
She needs to recuperate and go out to find food!
"Young lady asked me to send it." The maid respectfully pushed a cart of desserts recently.
"I don’t eat Jingwu things!"
Snow, the kitten, reluctantly gave up what she wanted and looked at the car full of food.
"Yes!" The maid pushed a load of things out again and conveniently closed the door.
"Miss Young Master said she wouldn’t eat your food." The maid blushed and looked at their young master.
"Grandpa, see when she can stand it!" He loves her, but he is too proud to abandon her!
One minute …
Three minutes …
What haven’t you eaten yet?