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She can’t even fight a child named Star Soul.

This let up to now haven’t get rid of Yin decyl patriarch grandmaster identity Zhu Yuyan if you can endure?
Therefore, after the second time, she forcibly dragged Wan Wan into this reincarnation with three practitioners whose strength is absolutely strong.
Still a failure
Mirage is not as difficult as elite reincarnation, but it is far better than other normal reincarnation.
Later, I changed a group of teammates.
Or failure?
The fourth secret realm has almost collapsed.
It’s not easy for her to save a little reincarnation. I really can’t waste it like this …
Therefore, I repeatedly apologized to her teacher.
Then a person slipped away to attend the Qimai Huiwu.
It’s a pity that Zhu Yuyan is not interested in the so-called seven-pulse meeting Wu Ran.
She is fighting with Princess Yan, the imprisoned Dong Jun in a mirage.
This time, it’s the same as before entering the secret realm, and it’s scattered with those who want to play reincarnation slowly.
Then he went straight to Sakura Prison.
That can intercept ordinary people. The ban has been less than half for Zhu Yuyan.
Her figure moves as fast as an old horse knows the way, and rushes directly into Sakura prison through the shortest distance.
Jiao shouted, "Dongjun Yanfei will come out quickly and I will fight."
Sakura prison end
A long-haired girl with a long blue skirt, fragrant shoulders and a half-exposed look slowly turned back.
See look dignified Zhu Yuyan seems to also can’t help but feel a little trouble.
Frowning, "I should have said that the Yin and Yang school’s achievement method restrains the Mohist school’s achievement method unless you repair the tenth floor of the Mohist school’s universal love. Then you can in turn restrain the Yin and Yang school, but that’s because your former Mohist school has never reached the state, let alone your practice or incomplete Mohist school’s achievement method … but although it is incomplete, I have never seen this achievement method … and so on? Strange that I have seen you? "
Has been cold wave look a bit confused at this moment.
Strange feeling
It’s the first time to meet her, but she has taken some pains.
"Even if restraint is like today’s seat, it is bound to be avenged."
I wish Yuyan held out the monty ribbon, blessed the soft ribbon, but not inferior to the magic weapon, like a sharp arrow hitting the key of Dongjun Yanfei’s chest.
"Hum can repair the Mohist school’s incomplete achievement method in such a situation, but it’s a pity to go the wrong way …"