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Yuan Hongyu looked at the back of the sea in silence and said, "Your cousin is very strange and gives people a sense of mystery. What does he do? Can you tell me?"

Liu Yunyang smiled casually and said, "He is running the sky."
Yuan Hongyu wondered, "What does it mean to run to heaven?"
Liu Yunyang gave a strange smile and whispered, "You will know when you run for days."
Yuan Hongyu looked straight at Liu Yunyang and asked, "You don’t want to talk?"
Liu Yunyang said indifferently, "As you said, people always have some secrets to keep."
Indifferent nod Yuan Hongyu said, "It’s my big mouth."
Aside Zhang Tianhong grunted, "Redjade, what do these people have to ask? Don’t they just run around and mix names and interests to get ahead?"
Liu Yunyang glanced at him and asked, "What can you do if you can’t walk for days?"
Zhang Tianhong’s conceit said, "I’m a rich and famous person when I’m worried about the road."
Liu Yunyang smiled and said, "Liu is really disrespectful." After saying that, the mind moved, and when they were surprised, the posture of the hundred feet was wonderful and surprising.
Angry hum a tian-hong zhang drink a way "what’s the big deal so love to show off"
Yuan Hongyu sink a way: "It’s not to show off, it’s strength. Don’t look at these two people. It’s really hard to find in the world. I’ve been paying attention to their situation for a long time, but I haven’t gained anything at all. It says that they intend to restrain their breath and don’t want to expose too much."
Zhang Tianhong wondered, "Even so, that’s us."
Yuan Hongyu shook his head with a sigh. "Maybe we should end it." Say that finish, speed up and recover towards this Liuyunyang.
When Zhang Tianhong saw that his face was cold, he immediately changed a smiling face and hurried after Yuan Hongyu’s judo. "Redjade, don’t be angry. If there is anything wrong, I will change it."
Yuan Hongyu’s eyes are indifferent. The so-called way is, "Everything goes with fate. After this proud moon villa, I will return to Cihang Jianzhai to practice meditation and seek a breakthrough in kendo."
Tian-hong zhang face a change some angry way "you mean don’t come to you again after call me? Did you see the willow cloud? Answer me. "
Yuan Hongyu looked at him disappointedly and shook his head and sighed, "Is this who I am in your eyes after getting along for months?"
Zhang Tianhong is a little unwilling. "Since you have been together for several months, why do you suddenly want to break up? You have to give me a reasonable explanation."
Yuan Hongyu looked away and said indifferently, "The number of points and numbers often changes by fate. Fate leaves you because of providence. You must be too persistent. Monks are pure and heartless. You shouldn’t talk about love. Love me, be kind, sail, sword, and Zhai Di."
Zhang Tianhong looked straight at her and saw that there was no emotional fluctuation in her eyes, knowing that everything was over and her heart could not help feeling sad.
Lost a smile, Zhang Tianhong was a little crazy. "Well said, it’s not the kui is a noble disciple who always looks tall. In that case, I won’t force you. I hope you can always be so lofty and keep your sacred appearance forever and never get married."
Like a curse, Zhang Tianhong turned away and disappeared into the distance after venting.
Yuan Hongyu looked at the calm face of the lost figure and suddenly revealed a bitter sigh. She was surrounded by her.
For a moment, Yuan Hongyu put away her painful expression and sped up her progress. Soon, she chased Liu Yunyang from the sea.
Glancing at his back, he smiled at the sea and asked gently, "What’s the matter with so many adults still bickering?"
Yuan Hongyu said frankly, "Nothing. I suddenly feel that his diaphragm is getting bigger and bigger because I don’t want to go on."
Laugh at the sea and look at her admiringly. "The noble disciple of Ci Hang Jian Zhai is really open-minded."
Aside Liu Yunyang whispered, "I’m sorry Miss Yuan broke up with you because of me."
Yuan Hongyu calmly smiled quietly and quietly said, "If you don’t meet you, I will ask him sooner or later."
Laughing at the sea, he said, "If you leave early, you will be in trouble in the future."
Yuan Hongyu looked worried and sighed, "I hope he won’t let his master come to our Cihang Sword Studio to make trouble."
Laughing at the sea, laughing and comforting, "Don’t worry. Cihang Jianzhai is not an easy place to mess with. I think the true gentleman of Jiuqu dare not mess around even if he justifying his faults. Well, hurry on, or the taste will be bad when the sun is shining."
Then the three men chatted while they were on their way and gradually became familiar with each other.
At the end of the afternoon, the three men came to a forest and laughed at the sea. They glanced at the hot sun overhead and suggested, "Let’s go to the forest and rest until it cools down."
Yuan Hongyu Liu Yunyang has no objection to laughing at the sea and going into the forest behind him.
I found a shady place to sit and laugh at the sea and asked, "Miss Yuan should have many experts in the right way when she went to Aoyue Villa this time, right?"
Yuan Hongyu said, "I’m not sure, but if you want to come to my old school, there should be elders to attend, and the experts in the Star Garden will also send people to attend."
Laughing at the sea, he said with a smile, "That’s a great event in the realm of heaven and reality. By the way, I don’t know what day it is?"
Yuan Hongyu said, "It’s the day of the fifteenth moon."
Laughing at the sea, he thought in surprise, "So it’s the day after tomorrow. It’s really fast."
Aside from Liu Yunyang’s expression, his heart was angry.
It’s a full moon, a strange cloud peak, and everything is still vivid. Unexpectedly, the horse is full moon again.
Looking back on the past, hatred there is like a sharp knife thrust into his heart, which makes him deeply hurt whenever he thinks about the past.
A month passed quickly, but what will it be like this time?
Laughing in the forest, Yuan Hongyu chatted from time to time and deliberately set her words.
Beside LiuYunYang silent a person looking at the depths of the grass wait for a while silly.