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Stepped into the era of Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu

At that time, Tokugawa Ieyasu, the temple of Shenneng, was in full swing today because the Ministry of Shimada Hanzo protected him from heavy siege and pursuit.
All kinds of warriors and ninjas in Shimada Hanzo, who have fled for thousands of miles, have never been defeated.
He will never have a chance to fail, because he will not only die, but also Tokugawa Ieyasu will die.
It’s amazing that you can survive a thousand miles of chasing.
He was also called "magic Shimada Hanzo" by ninjas and samurai, and he was afraid of being called "ghost Shimada Hanzo" by the enemy.
Although Bu Shimada Hanzo is proficient in all ninja secrets all his life, he is more like a samurai and prefers to play fair and square with his opponents.
This antique of the Kazuo and Iga ninja families seems to be very eccentric, but they are accused of Shimada Hanzo’s strength and prestige.
On this day, Shimada Hanzo left home early in the morning.
The family knew that he was going out, but they didn’t know that he was going everywhere. Shimada Hanzo said,’ If he hasn’t come back before noon, go to Mount Fuji to collect his body.’
They all felt the dignified atmosphere when Shimada Hanzo said this, but no one disobeyed him.
Because the family members have been with him for decades, they all know that he is very proud.
There is no snowflake in Mount Fuji at the moment, but there are cherry blossoms.
More poignant and moving than enemy blood.
Crimson clouds float across Mount Fuji from north to south to see the heavens and the earth. The mountain is towering into the clouds, and the top of the mountain is snowy. It looks like a hanging upside-down fan.
Mount Fuji is also the sacred mountain in the heart of Fusang people. It is the starting point of the mountain by the lake of Banzangshan.
He thought to himself that if he could die, Mount Fuji would not waste his life.
He is a very confident person. Without self-confidence, he could not have survived the thousands of miles of pursuit and changed from it.
But this time he is not sure.
Chapter 40 Flowing water
Shimada Hanzo has never seen a’ Sakura Guest’ but someone has.
Although no one has been able to live from the cherry blossom guest so far, and no one has been able to make the cherry blossom guest do more tricks, there are still many people watching.
When the cherry blossom visitors met with Yagyu, the patriarch of Yagyu, and Sonny Chiba, the one-knife rogue, they were all seen by others, and there were also warriors and ronin who had a good foundation in martial arts.
However, those people can tell that cherry blossom customers make the first move every time, but after that, the outcome is decided in an instant.
Bu Shimada Hanzo knows that this is a new field in martial arts. It is neither a "static braking and pre-emptive" nor a pre-emptive strike, but an indescribable new world of martial arts.
In the face of such a strong opponent, he had to be deep
There are many miles from the mountain to the top of Mount Fuji. Shimada Hanzo has set himself an expectation. He hopes that his 3,600-step time is just the most suitable time to cut the cherry blossoms.
Shimada Hanzo departs from Hongye Terrace and passes through sea of trees. Every step is just a breath. It is just a cycle to start breathing, breathe down, absorb turbid gas and discharge it.
Force is becoming more and more essence and endless in this cycle.
The sky is still the same, but what he sees is wider
The land is still like that, but he seems to hear the sound of earthworms turning the land.
Lin Chan’s singing of insects dragged his thoughts to a distant world.
The green lake is getting farther and farther, and the snow is getting closer and closer.
Cherry blossoms rise with the wind and fall in pieces.
Some fall into the lake, some fall into the soil.
Like love, like love, like love.
The toes crossed the wet shore, the soil crushed the cherry blossoms, the grass overflowed the knees and finally landed in the soft and cold snow.
At step 3,500, Shimada Hanzo finally saw the cherry blossom visitor who smelled it.
He is not tall, but he seems to be indomitable.
He is not strong, but he seems to be able to carry mountains and carry mountains.
It feels as if he meant that the Chinese warrior finally met the demon king after going through all kinds of hardships.
But is he the real hero?
The demon king will be hit by warriors, but the demon king has already killed several warriors before.
Can he be the luckiest protagonist?
In the past, he never felt despair after the thousands of miles of killing in his heart, and he was always calm and confident.
But this time his confidence is not so good.
There are still a hundred steps to go, and he won’t even be afraid of ghosts and gods, and then his momentum will be full to the extreme.
The knife will be full of energy, and finally I can’t help but burst through the body and destroy everything in front of me.
To complete these 100 steps, he will enter an unprecedented realm of martial arts, and he may even become the first person in the history of Fusang martial arts.
Not the first day, but the first person through the ages.
But he can walk the hundred steps?
At the moment, the hesitation in my heart is broken by the knife in my heart, and the weakness no longer appears.
His eyes grew cold, as cold as ice and snow on his feet.
Two steps
Three steps