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Seems to be extremely afraid of Brahma’s relief.
"Click …"
As soon as it was crisp, Brahma slowly raised her arm and waved a chain to fly a black iron monk through the spot.
Brahma got up and took the cracked Jin Conei’s sigh and threw a handful of Fang monks through one after another.
A bunch of monks don’t show despair
Even the master of black iron peak is vulnerable in front of this woman.
One of them is yelling.
"Zhao Qingping, even if you go out, you can’t escape from the palm of Buddha!"
Zhao Qingping?
Qingping swordsman?
Qian Xiaoyun heart a surprised suddenly turned to look at the Vatican goddess eyes is full of consternation.
This girl …
It turned out that ten years ago, the royal Zhao family had a white and silvery girl with a green ping. The swordsman said that Zhao Qingping had already died.
Dare to trap princess Zhao and the silver strong?
"Sister Mu!"
One of the daughters has a sad face.
"Xiao Qi is dead"
Although Brahma got out of trouble, she also suffered heavy losses in order to resist the attack of monks.
"…" Sister Jose is the woman who helped Brahma save herself. When she heard that her body trembled and her eyes were sad, she slowly shook her head.
"Life and death can be controlled by anyone."
"Bring that man!"
A woman should be turned and pulled out.
Impressively, it is Jiao Yuhua!
"Jiao Girl" woman looks straight at Jiao Yuhua’s cold mouth.
"How many wrong things have you done over the years? Don’t I say more? Now is the time for you to make amends and lead the way. "
They are the most familiar with the terrain of the Buddha Palace.
Now Xiao Qi can take out the means to catch Jiao Yuhua before he dies.
Jiao Yuhua’s hands were tied behind his back, and his face and this slap in the face were obviously abused.
She timidly swept the daughters in Qian Xiaoyun paused low way
"I … I lead the way, will you leave me alone?"
"Amitabha" Brahma is pale and smells her hands folded.
"If you can truly repent and spare your life, you can’t."
"…" JiaoYuHua she chuckled eyes staring at the brahman’s last heavy nod.
"I believe you!"
"If you want to go out, there are three paths besides the main entrance, two of which must have been sealed, and there is only one accessible culvert."
"Good" Brahma gently coughs.
"Just go there."