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Milian district?

Before Xu retired, he assassinated Akgun in the crater.
This matter ended from the actual combat on Mars, and the Milian District was arguing in Huaxia District. Of course, as Li Zhen said, is it actually a war of words?
Milian District met Akgun, so was it designed to deal with Xu Retreat?
Xu feels that Akgun is not worth the price!
But what if it’s something else?
For example, what about withdrawing research results because of Xu?
Is it possible?
At that time, this discovery made Xu think that his brain ached!
At the same time, several roads are also in front of Xu tui.
The most convenient way is to report this matter to Huaxia District.
Want to Huaxia district will attach great importance to.
Thoroughly investigate!
But it’s hard to say how far it can be found!
If there really is an organization or even a joint area behind it, the clues will definitely be cut off if they find a certain degree.
What if you don’t report it?
What will happen when you return to the moon through the measuring gate?
Anyway, it can’t be gongs and drums and firecrackers!
There is no reason to be a thief for a thousand days.
If this problem is not solved, I am afraid that I will be nervous!
Several coping methods flashed through my mind in a flash.
However, whoever handles this behind-the-scenes organization properly can borrow this thing to severely pit them.
For example, Lian Yi Zhu Lang asked the comprehensive base in Huaxia area of the moon to produce several experts in genetic evolution to meet him. Should he be okay?
When the time comes, we should be able to organize behind the scenes
It is possible to catch anyone alive.
When I went to koopman’s office, I turned a corner and personally found Zhu Lang first.
Didn’t dare to find Li Zhen.
Li Zhen, this guy is too cloudy.
"Zhu Ge ask you something."
"What’s the matter"
"I recently feel that there are a lot of people who are paying attention to me, and I am a little afraid that when I return to the moon base, can you arrange a few strong people in the genetic evolution environment to pick me up?" Xu asked.
"Did you find anything after picking you up?" Zhu lang doubts
"No, I just feel that the outside world has paid more attention to me recently. After all, the research results have been announced," Xu said.
"Well, it should be no problem. I’ll report it now.
You left at two o’clock in the afternoon, right?
Huaxia area approval is no problem, but during your return period, the strong people need to report to the Supreme Gene Committee when they leave the moon base and enter the wild, "Zhu Lang said."
This made Xu retreat. "Can’t you report it?"
"Elite students must be reported and approved during the return period!" Zhu Lang said
"That can meet a secret?" Xu back never give up asked.
If you report to the Supreme Gene Council, you won’t be able to pit people.
"This ….." Zhu waves show difficult expression "secret message may be approved but it takes a long time to prepare.
I’m afraid I can’t come now
Unless you postpone the return. "
"Well, that’s what I said. I’ll go first!" Xu is a little disappointed, but it can be so for the time being.
Even if he has an idea, he needs to improve it
See Xu back from Zhu waves but some nasty.
"Xu back that you really need to meet? Should it be arranged if necessary? And is there something wrong? " Zhu lang asked urgently
"No, it’s just that some people are worried about estimating post-war syndrome.