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The power is increased by a quarter, and Yang Xiu can make a voxel launch ten times every two points.

This is the same as night assimilation to master the third order.
With this time, the assimilation of the night has increased by three meters and thirty-six meters!
The night cursed the promotion to the fourth rank, which would be difficult. Yang Xiu ended the promotion and breathed a sigh of relief.
Look at yourself, that realm has become an extraordinary quadruple!
Nightmare quadruple night assimilation sixth-order night curse third-order 36 meters range
He looked at Yang Xiuqing and said, "Thank you, big brother."
Yang Xiuqing smiled and said, "What nonsense does your brother say?"
"Come on, I’ll take you to kill some wannabe. You can absorb a lot of yuan. Don’t listen to what they say. The foundation is unstable and the state is unstable.
I was lucky enough to meet two strangers outside the city, fighting each other and mutually assured destruction.
I absorbed them, and I was able to advance to the quadruple fire in one breath. I am today in dzogchen directly. "
Say that finish Yang Xiuqing led Yang Xiu massacre.
All this way, what devil, dog, iron sheet and cunning, and only that crying well and cunning can kill one.
Want Yang Xiuqing to see there suddenly a sea of fire burned to death
Fire, fire, sea of fire, sunrise, heaven and earth are happy, sea of fire, ghosts and gods, look.
He’s the one who did it. Those weird things left behind are all burned to ashes.
Every time I burn it strangely, the fly ash is swallowed by Yang Xiu.
Killed seven weird Yang Xiuqing and said, "Come on, it’s a little too much tonight. We can’t violate the rules. Let’s go back."
Yang Xiu didn’t care about not breaking the rules. What do you mean, he absorbed too much yuan tonight. Fortunately, Zhang Yue helped him digest it.
Half a step away from the nightmare, Yang Xiu is very happy to go home with his eldest brother.
Yang Xiu didn’t go straight to the black market when he got up early the next morning.
When I got there, Xiao Yueer happened to be there today.
Yang xiu took out the money and harvested the deception last night.
"Xiao Yueer, I buy deception hunting!"
Xiao Yueer immediately became very happy when he saw Yang Xiu’s money.
"Okay, no problem!"
Soon, a false evidence came to hand, and it was also a jade box. After hitting it, it seemed that a bloody one-eyed person was still blinking.
In addition to this Xiao Yueer, he also gave Yang Xiu 1300 yuan.
Yang xiu is very happy to sell something Xiao yueer seems to be awake and asked
"Don’t you change your job? What is this trick hunting for? "
"I bought it for my brother and he kept it!"