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I don’t know how long it will take for the body to tremble to disappear.

Very significant
Now he has no strength to refine Geng Jin.
After Geng Jin’s verification, Zhou Jia was careful to introduce a wisp of gold to the refined crystal again.
It’s much better than Geng Jin this time.
But it’s still hard
The characteristics of the two are also different. Geng Jin is as sharp as a needle; Crystal refining is calm and profound, which is rare.
"Ah …"
Pack up refined crystal Zhou Jianai shook his head.
Things are good, but obviously not. Now he is blessed.
Turn your eyes and look aside at Xuanwu Shield.
This thing
Just right
Gold swallowing!
As soon as the thought turns, his body is like a crazy whirling vortex, wrapping all the basaltic shields in his hands.
The breath of Xuanwu shield has also been refined a little.
Thanks to the same blood vein of the left arm keel, the refining progress is far faster than expected.
Breathe in and breathe in the keel, and the thick gas hidden in the Xuanwu shield quietly blends into the Zhou Jia body, making his body harder and harder.
Is sharp!
Refining in one day
The entry of terror essence into the body made Zhou Jia’s stature rise by one foot and his strength slightly increased.
After another day of self-cultivation
Being taller and slowly returning to normal.
Repeat as usual
It’s like tempering steel. Every day, the inside information is increased, and the impurities are removed the next day, and his strength is also increasing.
Physical strength gradually becomes horrible.
Although a lot of original medicines have been handed over, all the really good things are handed over in the dry bag because they can’t be released.
Daily medicine repair is also visible to the naked eye.
Shen Huang Ji di
Top wheel!
"Boom …"
Different from other broken top wheels, Zhou Jia’s knowledge of the sea and light earthquakes all over the sky seemed to be getting brighter and brighter at that moment.
After the source star, the broken palace was also slightly revealed.