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"hmm!" Zhou Jia raises eyebrows

"They are … the living?"
Everyone in the floor is full of vitality. Although he is extremely weak, he is suspected to be alive.
And they are busy with their own work, and they don’t seem to know the changes outside.
This is very strange!
Jicheng has been shrouded in fog for months. It is impossible for anyone not to know, even if they don’t know where their business comes from.
There’s a lot of chaos out there. There can’t be any business
"Now is"
Alles took out a disc full of mechanical feeling and glanced around.
"This should be a circular place."
"Circularly?" Lateral head of perinail
"What do you mean?"
"It has always been a unique phenomenon". Alles looked up and tried to make an answer.
"Some are similar to what your world says. When a black hole intercepts a period, it causes this period to keep circulating."
"here, here, everything repeats what happened at a specific time."
Zhou Jia’s complexion change
This is waiting for him, not to mention meeting him, even if he has never heard of it.
"Don’t worry," Alles said.
"This cycle is very fragile. If you exceed a certain limit, the power will break. It is not a big problem for you."
"Where are they?" Zhou Jia looked at the busy office area.
"Sometimes the circulation does not stop flowing" Alles mouth.
"When the cycle breaks, their bodies will fill up in an instant, and this place will fall into some kind of collapse."
"Always …"
"If the time cycle is not broken, they are a group of unknown puppets. If it is broken, people here will die."
"I’ve seen people in some complete circles enjoy themselves, and some of them can keep their consciousness intact and do whatever they want because of this."
"What are you talking about?" Have been observing the two men dressed up, the man frowned and showed displeasure at this time, and waved away.
"God talks about guri’s eccentricities."
"Ah …"
Alles light ah at the same time put his hand gently throw a finger pinch tactic points out several rice grain size halo emerge from it.
The black iron realm can clearly see that the halo the size of rice grains is actually extremely complicated runes.
These runes are very different. Yu Hongze has never seen them before.
Although I can’t understand the meaning of the rune, I can feel that the surrounding environment is gradually changing as more and more halos emerge.
A kind of coercion quietly comes to mind.
It’s like being pointed at by several sharp swords, and even the slightest movement may be pierced.
Dzogchen’s five-thunder axe method can easily inspire the vast source of heaven and earth, but it also loses its effect
Tiandi yuanli
Seems to be imprisoned by a kind of physical force.
Only Alles can manipulate others, and they can stand up to each other in this place.
Hundreds of millions of runes are scattered in all directions, and it is even more difficult for Zhou Jia to walk and breathe.
This means is appalling!
Alles didn’t stop manual until now.
"There will be an active crystal vein in the face. You can knock it at will, but don’t stay too long to draw it out."