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The dream emperor secretly scolded for his income, but he was not dissatisfied with Xuanteng’s demon spirit. He was closely intertwined with Changliu’s cause and effect, so his income was doomed to be small.

What’s more, this is the feedback of purifying resentment. Although the demon spirit is the main one, those two are the main ones in the follow-up big project.
Seeing the dream emperor’s eyes white and smiling, I gave him a beautiful eye and a dirty look, so I will rub it hard!
This kind of benefit to Shenzhou is the great merit of the heavens and the earth, and it is earned at all.
After all, it is difficult for ordinary immortals not to plant immortals or escape their lives if they are leaked out.
Yu Qingwei and Yu Shu are obviously not listed as "ordinary immortals"
And the feedback did not stop after the arrival of merit!
In the form … And!
Chapter five hundred and nine Chaos is everything.
In the virtual, the clouds are scattered, but there are still lofty Taoist rhymes lingering here
After attending the magic spirit and resenting things, everyone feels that the mind is like being wiped away by the road hand, and the law of clearing the road in the world seems to be more real than before.
Inexplicably, Yu Shu, Chang Liu, and Qing Xuan Emperor all fell into an epiphany in their envious eyes!
Although Qing Wei still stays in the golden hole, Tao Yun can’t come to the abode of fairies and immortals, which makes him sit on the floating futon and he is immersed in epiphany earlier.
And the performance is that the idea that the faint arrival is here directly dissipates.
In Taixiao’s eyes, there seems to be several thunder patterns, and the sight of the gods flashing thunder has not been broken for a long time. He also took the opportunity to realize some cultivation problems, and the fairy will take a small step in the later stage.
Bai Zhen, Meng Huang, and the nether world also gained something, but obviously they didn’t fall into an epiphany.
The dream emperor looked at the owner of Changliu Mountain, but he was known for being sour, but he also took the initiative to protect his good brothers.
"Ah, you always complain that the strength of Xuanteng is not as strong as the strength of the emperor’s feet, but your luck has never been bad. Otherwise, how can you bump into the fusion of Xianshan’s nascent mountain spirit? I can still have an epiphany now! "
At this moment, I saw a crack in the virtual space, in which a half-penetrated vine flew out towards the Lord of Changliu Mountain and two "Daoguo" naturally disappeared.
Vines are vines. No fruit!
The dream emperor nodded at the sea of sorrow, but he didn’t know the details and realized that it was just arranged before.
The dream emperor raised his hand and touched it to confirm the mistake, then he put the vine into the long-term body.
Chief Lei Ling and Nan Meng are envious, but they also come to watch the excitement.
Crane is so low-key in gathering things in Yingzhou, and it seems very low-key to help feathers from time to time, but it is also an almost breakthrough fairy.
I don’t know how long it took for the three of them to wake up one after another, but the floating Lipu Tuan Qing Wei was still in the "epiphany" of forcibly extending it.
The breath of the master of Changliu Mountain is more heavy, and he stays behind him for a long time. In a flash, he said to the dream emperor with joy, "Thank you!"
The dream emperor waved his hand at will, and the tone was not bad. "Although you are not lucky, our practice will be much smoother after a while. This is a feedback."
A wave of merits, a wave of road manifestation, and a wave of spiritual bottleneck reduction have nothing to lose on this trip!
Jade Shu is in an unprecedented state, and it is also very rewarding to look at it. Emperor Qing Xuan can’t help but feel in his heart that "the emperor has treated me well!"
With the resentment completely removed, the dream emperor and the long-staying two people can feel that their body and mind are relaxed too much and seem to get rid of something. This is not the feedback from heaven and earth, but the benefits they get after their own evil obstacles are eliminated.
Yingzhou dream world has been put away by the dream emperor, which can be regarded as a complete disappearance.
Since then, many creatures in Yingzhou have stopped worrying about being involved in disasters because of riots in dreams.
Over the past 50 years, the distance between Yingzhou and the ten continents has naturally been greatly shortened, but even if the dream world disappears, it has not made this continent directly return to Shenzhou.
According to the dream emperor and Changliu, it is likely that a considerable part of the chaotic hidden rattan of Archaeosaurus will be integrated into Yingzhou for the following reasons.